Zhaoban candidates for voluntary reporting to provide reasonable reminder

At present, the province in 2013 college entrance examination in advance of a separate admission batch work has been basically completed, a batch of college enrollment has begun. In order to help on-line candidates comprehensive understanding of enrollment information, serious voluntary reporting, the provincial admissions 6 reminder, and published in Xining City District Zhaoban address.

province Zhaoban reminder:

syndrome: one or two batches of college volunteer Toudang voluntary enrollment plan is not completed (Toudang not full institutions and professional), once again, completing the volunteer (only for the same batch of on-line slide candidates, namely "the freedom to vote state candidates).

: complex voluntary admission: adhere to the voluntary Toudang (a volunteer, Er Zhiyuan), still not full colleges from "obedience" voluntary transfers, at least so far.

– complex syndrome, in the "pre admission" or "College in reading" state of the candidates do not participate in the re election of volunteers (in fact, the candidates have been regarded as admission).

– re sign voluntary institutions and professional programs and the number of free to vote state candidates score (1 segments) published in the Qinghai Recruitment Information network. The area also has complex Zhaoban candidates list, please note that each batch of complex time.

– "complex voluntary" in the area for admissions, and according to the prescribed time limit to re sign the voluntary admissions test.

– admission candidates will receive the notice sent by the relevant colleges and universities. Candidates can pass the college entrance examination admission list to verify the admission information of each area and Zhaoban Qinghai Recruitment Information Network ".

Xining city test area Zhaoban address:


West District: 54 West Street District government office building, 5 floor (West of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau 50 meters).

Zhaoban in

District: Jiefang Road children’s palace 4 floor.

: Zhaoban Seongbuk Chaoyang Road 12 bus station end point (Chaoyang School south 100 meters).

: Zhaoban East District of Dongguan Street No. 80 (Dongguan mosque opposite).


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