Love is some experience on K station after recovery by sea

analysis of website is the reason: K

3, the website of the column structure was restored.


, 1 revision caused the page structure adjustment is too large;

Many webmaster in

after his love of Shanghai K station, will consider replacing the domain name, a lot of time to replace the new domain name than to restore an old domain name may cost much less, not to mention my website is also not a few months, but I didn’t want to give up hard to think out of the domain name, although in the eyes of others the domain name is very general.

, the 3 column structure adjustment is too large, the station was K before the love Shanghai spider appeared a lot of code 404 days;

I site keywords is optimized, may cause excessive keyword optimization;

new station on the line, love Shanghai has a certain assessment period of the new station, this site during any big adjustment, are very sensitive to love Shanghai, love Shanghai might think that your site is not stable, will be punished or extend the assessment period of the new station, after all the love of Shanghai to consider the user’s search experience, impulse love Shanghai violated all the taboos.

1, after the revision of the page with the same structure as the results before the revision, only on the style of adjustment;

there is on the back page of the adjustment again, although I’m not sure which one is caused directly by the K station, but to be on the safe side, or on some data recovery.


at the beginning of September is really chenbuzhuqi, start thinking is not the site structure is confusion, which leads to win the favor of Shanghai love. As to the structure of the web site to carry out a large-scale adjustment, at the same time to modify the website and search engine optimization. The effect is very obvious, after the adjustment of the amount collected in Shanghai on the day when the surge, the snapshot is also on the same day is love Shanghai update, then the heart inside is very proud, now think about it, that’s just the start of a tragedy. Third days after the adjustment, the site was completely K, when the heart was cool, and adhere to the power of almost all of the moment is not, there is no hard contact Links.

Then I started

97 is a new network joke on the end of July this year, on-line third days by the love of Shanghai and Google included, just start to feel everything is going smoothly and keep the site every day will update, but until September, Shanghai has been included in the amount of love there is not much increase snapshot update time very long, during this period included the amount of Google has soared.


reduced the keyword density, to prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of keyword stack;


has done a lot of station, has not encountered by the love of Shanghai K station experience, see many webmaster complaining by K website, always feel love of Shanghai K station is far away from me.

At the same time, the 2 Revision of the Anyway,

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