Love of Shanghai experience and promotion skills

regardless of experience, know that Wikipedia, as long as the webmaster friends can.

3. experience of Chinese and foreign chain. Although love is Shanghai favor their own products, but the link is still not on the experience of the home page, also do not join the steps. The link in that? Don’t forget to have a reference, here is the best place to add links. The purchase method of ixwebhosting virtual host according to the above method after completion of the addition, directly in the 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 link with reference, here can be the reference resources are introduced, but the advertising department to too heavy on the line, the next thing to do is to wait for its review.


experience promotion skills

two, the difference between

1. experience of the title should be brief and clear. Experience is mainly to solve the "how to do", so your best table topic is the solution * * * *, practice. This title for the user experience, to experience the search is to find a way. Don’t order the keywords ranking, the title of too complex, this would backfire. Do some long tail keywords or can.

is to provide accurate information, like a dictionary. Experience is a contributor in practice experience, experience. The Wikipedia entries can be edited by the people with the experience, can only be a contributor to editing experience, once the audit, only the author can be modified to ensure the integrity of the experience.

webmaster friends every day to promote their own websites to worry about, there are different ways to be found every day. The webmaster friends also remember the love on the line near the Shanghai experience? This is the love of Shanghai know another classic, we all know that love Shanghai is focused on their own products, like Shanghai know, love Shanghai love experience, Shanghai space is soon included. Today and share the love experience of Shanghai.

love Shanghai know is to help users solve all kinds of problems, is put forward by a person, then the other person to answer the way. And experience is the focus on "how to do", "how to do". A complete experience including: overview, tools, procedures, notes, references to several parts. Experience in general is to solve the problem in theory, not the human nature, know that it can solve. For example: * * * * address bus route?? these problems are not the answer experience.

, experience and know the difference between


2. experience to specific content. The content of experience in specific steps must write, not less than three, or review. For example: now want to share purchase method of ixwebhosting virtual host, buy steps to a write clearly, some steps to write not clear can try to explain. The user wants to search in time is certainly the specific steps, so it should take into account the user experience.

experience and encyclopedia

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