Traffic is not representative of successful business model of WeChat as the ice on edge

to enter the mobile Internet on the road, the Tencent WeChat one step ahead, many people think that the Tencent, with its strong user base, it is possible to get success in the mobile Internet business on the road, but to the end of 2013 at the beginning of the year, WeChat did not like the legend that way instead, many news will stride forward singing militant songs. From the Tencent external competitors and WeChat and QQ internal struggle, it can not be said, the Tencent in the mobile Internet business on the road, is careful layout, die pat mall, back before Baidu "have ah" mall failed, who want to rely on a strong flow of success in the the road to the electricity supplier, and the ultimate failure of the lessons that the flow can not be representative of the electricity supplier read more

Electricity providers to explore the blue ocean another way of evolution on the discount site

With the rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet,

ushered in a new development space. The domestic electricity supplier industry, Jingdong and Alibaba of the game, you sing me a great debut posture. Jingdong and the integration of the whole platform to find a way out in the category of resources, value chain; Alibaba to open ecological infrastructure, fast in 2B and 2C business. With the rise of WeChat payment, the electricity supplier website from the original fight traffic, fight price, turned into the current spell logistics, fight hard wide, fight channel. In wide and full electricity supplier industry, further to sale based electricity supplier website. Among them, the beauty said, shopping guide website, discount volume leather mesh to represent the beginning of seek blue ocean in the Red Sea, what is the discount site killer read more

College students online shop how deep knowledge

college students online entrepreneurs, who will hire his staff?

college students online open Taobao shop, like to sell what?

college students online shop, how long before the first business? How long can be profitable?

college students online business, what is the biggest problem encountered?

entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, in the end how important in the minds of students


after depth investigation on 85 universities in 11 provinces in the first half of the year, Hangzhou Normal University Business School exclusive Alibaba issued the first "China students first network Entrepreneurship Research Report" opened, students are not known for online business truth. The report was held in Hangzhou recently in the second session of the network and e-commerce ecosystem Symposium "on an official release, highly appraised by experts. read more

American virtual hosting experience

for English network’s sake, the lifting of the virtual host many US, we have no money, can not afford to buy a server, even VPS also do not expect, only to do with the virtual host of the United States, with more, understand more will, write out and share with everyone, first of all thank you the host from the detective, have learned a lot from their forum got a lot of help, at the beginning, I even do not know what is the virtual host, now I can give you some purchase experience, ha ha, can achieve this point, I can pay a lot of sweat. I hope that my experience can make the latecomers less detours. read more

We plan to hire Master offbeat free

A few days ago

VANCL launched a community marketing platform "where Master" do not know how much to understand. From the threshold, did no threshold operation, as long as the registration of VANCL’s membership opened the shop can be. I had a simple operation, relatively speaking, the process of adding goods is relatively simple, however, how drying out the results is not easy.

release of goods, need to show your collocation, the key here, you show collocation is mandatory, there must be a VANCL commodity. Hey hey, it’s all right here. Although said that the shop is no threshold, but if you want to show their collocation must have, where the customer’s goods, where the customer is not possible to send the samples to you the pictures. read more

Two times a week veteran online shopping cheated half a year savings for naught

Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Tingting Jing ran 26 year old Hu Chunjuan very depressed. Online shopping experience for up to 7 years, in just a week, even suffered a series of deception, has been cheated nearly 50 thousand times nearly $two.

Hu Chunjuan lives in Yubei District, 26 years old, she likes to shop online. In May 28th, Hu Chunjuan at a friend’s introduction, buy high imitation in a micro shop luxury handbags. Micro shops offer a Alipay account, the same day, Hu Chunjuan took 600 yuan of money to the seller through Alipay. read more

Electricity supplier website to follow a single product strategy will be optimized to buy their own

September 11th morning news, following the millet single product where customers will introduce the idea of the electricity supplier industry, BELLE’s website and purchase to follow this strategy: own brand of high-end sports shoes will push this month, the main air cushion technology, and plans to subvert the existing sports shoes market price system.

is reported that the best buy in the first half of this year launched its own brand sports shoes project, has entered the finishing work. Expected in late September will be released on the whole network. read more

Mother Baidu GG small owners how to choose a situation of tripartite confrontation

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currently on the market several mainstream advertising alliance, Ali mother, Baidu, Google

Ali mother:

good, is a small webmaster good choice, and unlike some website revenue to 100 yuan to give money, he is to use Alipay to pay, really good.

but there is a drawback: 15% of the technical service fee is a bit high, and some of the owners can not eat.


Baidu bidding and theme promotion two. Baidu over the threshold of the station is not the first choice of small adsense. If your site is good, you can consider. read more

Tmall responded Jingdong report chicken duck said duck monopoly Lake

[Abstract] Jingdong report said the Alibaba in " double eleven " promotion stress one of two businesses, this is a typical diandaqike.

Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) November 4th news, the domestic electricity supplier business Jingdong said last night that the real estate industry and commerce administration has been reported to disrupt Alibaba e-commerce market order. Jingdong announcement pointed out that the Alibaba group in " double eleven " promotional activities in the coercion of merchant " select a " two;. This is a typical diandaqike behavior, makes shopping in other business platform on the customer can enjoy fair promotions, harm the interests of consumers; their behavior interferes with the brand business in the marketing and promotion of other business platform, damage the business interests. read more

nventory 2016 impact of cross border electricity supplier export ten events

2016 has come to an end, the export of electricity providers will also be the end of the promotion season, dull or wave sellers will export to the next stop. So, this year the export of electricity supplier what experienced ups and downs? Billion state power network to sort out the 2016 export electricity supplier ten big events, hoping to help practitioners in the overall review of the export of electricity supplier trend this year.

[event 1] there is a tree listed three new board: the first electricity supplier to cover the import and export read more