Zhaoban candidates for voluntary reporting to provide reasonable reminder

At present, the province in 2013 college entrance examination in advance of a separate admission batch work has been basically completed, a batch of college enrollment has begun. In order to help on-line candidates comprehensive understanding of enrollment information, serious voluntary reporting, the provincial admissions 6 reminder, and published in Xining City District Zhaoban address.

province Zhaoban reminder:

syndrome: one or two batches of college volunteer Toudang voluntary enrollment plan is not completed (Toudang not full institutions and professional), once again, completing the volunteer (only for the same batch of on-line slide candidates, namely "the freedom to vote state candidates). read more

Qinghai saves the family to check the platform to run at the end

The reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, Qinghai provincial bailout family economic status checking information platform operation training pilot areas recently in Xining City Civil Affairs Bureau held the relevant staff in Xining City, Ledu City, East Sea area and safe area of the first batch of pilot units participated in the training, check the platform is expected to start a comprehensive operation in the province before the end of the year that marks the bailout family economic status checking work to check into the information era. read more

Qinghai Central European class starting soon

reporter recently saw at the scene, Qinghai Himalaya Home Furnishing Co. Ltd., Qinghai zangyang carpet Group Co., Ltd. and Qinghai source Ling organic agricultural science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. in the warehouse, with nearly 50 "central trains" unified brand logo of the special railway container is loaded and carpet – Xining – Antwerp wolfberry Belgium’s first trip central Europe trains plan September 8th heading from Xining to belgium.

it is understood that the work for the successful completion of the goods train assembly, customs clearance of goods, goods and transport equipment inspection and quarantine, transport organization, logistics services, led by the Provincial Department of Commerce, Xining customs, Qinghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, China Railway Container Transport limited liability company subsidiary, Tibet the Qinghai Tibet railway company, Qinghai Himalaya Furniture Co. Ltd. and other relevant units and enterprises, all in accordance with the overall plan of actively preparing for the train. In order to simplify the procedures, the relevant import and export enterprises and we signed a "paperless customs clearance" agreement, means the export enterprise can through the electronic reporting way to complete all customs clearance operations, the relevant enterprises to complete the declaration, and accept the inspection by customs in Xining, equivalent to complete the customs clearance formalities most." Xining customs staff said. read more

September 1st to October 31st the elderly the elderly card

August 27th, the reporter learned from the Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd., Xining elderly bus IC card and student bus IC card, will be examined from September 1st to October 31st. The elderly public transport IC card annual review period for the period August 26, 2007 to August 31, 2012 for the elderly bus IC card, during the annual review of the old bus IC card, the card can be used for annual inspection.

annual inspection procedures and time required

holds the elderly bus IC card of the elderly, I need to bring the original booklet, ID card, 2011 insurance receipt and the elderly bus IC card, to the Republic of Xining South Road, No. 8 Hospital bus company limited. Daily from 9 pm to 17:30, can go to review Saturday and Sunday rest. read more

Xining a number of bus lines for new cars

reporter from Xining city public transport limited liability company, the end of May, there will be more than and 600 new buses on the road "service" for the public service, when all the driving period more than 8 years old, I will be out of the bus".

in March 28th, in the city public transport limited liability company the three branch of the repair shop, a new round of increase repair skill skill competition began, unlike in the past, this ability is no longer to repair the main, but in the maintenance, the company official said, from the beginning of last year, the city’s largest replacement the new bus began, 1 road, 3 Road, 4 road, 6 road, 15 road, 17 Road, 20 road, 23 road, 25 Road, 13 lines are put on a new car. In order to make these new cars better for the public travel services, they put forward more requirements for the repairman, not only to repair the car, but also to do a good job of vehicle maintenance. The person in charge also introduced, following last year’s bus big exchange, after this year, the city will have more than and 600 new car posts, when the road, 19, road, road, road, road, road, road, 28, the bus will be completed to replace the replacement of the 18, and so on, the road will be replaced by the new road, the road will be replaced by a new car, the road will be replaced by a new car, the road will be completed. The replacement of the new bus will improve the environment for people to travel by car, ease of waiting and other issues. (author: Rong Lijun)
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Provincial governance institutions to eat empty rates

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that, in accordance with the national requirements on institutions "eat empty rates" centralized management problems, from the beginning of this year in early January, I carry out a comprehensive "eat empty rates special governance issues in various organs and institutions.

, according to the requirements of governance, to find out eating empty rates units and personal problems, must be strictly dealt with clean up. The organs and institutions accounted for "eat empty rates, recovery of eating empty rates funds, subtract the appropriate preparation, budget and funds; to eat empty rates when the staff, according to the actual situation were given repaying and termination of human relations, the relationship between wage verification processing units and personnel in"; eating empty rates issue the work of governance, concealing, discipline violations, do things carelessly resort to deceit, to strictly pursue the responsibility, and depending on the circumstances to be informed; to cause "leaders eat empty rates and responsible personnel responsible for Party discipline, government responsibility, suspected of illegal crime, should be promptly transferred the judicial organ.
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Xining nextrecord set pollution hard task to accept the public full supervision

  in order to make the city ambient air quality continues to improve, Xining city in accordance with the provincial government and municipal requirements, with strict control, strengthen responsibility, strict accountability asked a series of initiatives as the starting point, take measures to promote the completion of hard hard task. In September 29th, the municipal government issued "on the implementation of the city’s comprehensive pollution control measures focus on the division of responsibility" to the construction scheme, site management, road dust control, regional key pollution concentration and control, vehicle exhaust pollution control, pollution source of industrial enterprises governance, accountable and other key measures to effect a refinement of details. "Rules", and to the public, the general public to accept full supervision. read more

Xining Forest Public Security Bureau special action Mopai work significantly

Xining City Forest Public Security Bureau to carry out since mid March to combat illegal acquisition, transportation, management, processing wood destroying forest resources such as illegal and criminal activities of the special action since the coordination of the four district agriculture bureau, three County Forest Public Security Bureau conducted a careful Mopai within the jurisdiction of the timber business, processing and sales of enterprises and individuals

forest in Xining City Public Security Bureau to carry out since mid March to combat illegal acquisition, transportation, management, processing wood destroying forest resources such as illegal and criminal activities of the special action since the coordination of the four district agriculture bureau, three County Forest Public Security Bureau conducted a careful Mopai within the jurisdiction of the timber business, processing and sales of enterprises and individuals. Police were dispatched 120 people (Times), vehicle 30 (Times), the investigation determined Xining area timber processing and sales, registered enterprises and individuals have a total of 187, I found out, wood processing, sales, business problems, to enjoy the Zhai Zhen Tang Cun Wei Hui, Cai Jinshu acquisition of undocumented deforestation case Dong Haiji wood case and Huangyuan county were investigated and dealt with the case of illegal acquisition of cedar, cypress, poplar seized 34 cubic meters to 16 cubic meters. read more

To build an accurate understanding of the people X machine to prevent cadres sick promoted Qinghai

fully implement strictly, strict supervision and management of cadres, strengthen and improve the work of selecting and appointing cadres, effectively prevent cadres sick promoted, recently, Qinghai province "to prevent the opinions of cadres sick promoted" (referred to as the "opinions") Yin Fashi, former forward examination, strengthen checks to further clarify the selection and appointment of cadres of all the main responsibility for the responsibility of cadres to prevent sick promoted set up a "firewall". read more

South Ring Expressway is speeding up the construction of the first day of this year and strive to op

Recently, on the South Ring Road when the traffic has become the focus of attention of all the people of Xining, the network has also appeared on a number of highways around the South Ring Highway time. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Executive Bureau, the South Ring Expressway is currently taking the time to build, and strive to achieve the opening of the last day of this year.

two, the southern beltway highway toll station east of Xining after the completion of highway around Xining will officially enter the era of free. Toll free area for South South Ring Expressway interchange to yanggouwan in Si Ying (DOPA) mainline stations, North G6 Beijing Tibet expressway interchange to the Xiakou Si Ying (DOPA) mainline toll stations. The entire adjustment mileage of 100.39 km.

the region free passage, the station will cancel all relevant charges. When high-speed direction, will cancel the Xiakou toll station and toll station ramp rhyme ieguchi toll station, Chaoyang, Chaoyang North toll station, on the wave of toll stations, toll stations, Sea Lake Toba ramp toll station, Xigang toll station. In order to ensure the normal traffic order of the expressway, will set up a Xining East between caojiabao interworking and interoperability of Xiakou (Northern Line) toll station.

South beltway, free area of the original plan to set up the 7 toll stations will no longer build. But will the establishment of the Xining East (South), caojiabao West, Ping An Xi, Haidong industrial park four toll stations.  
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The first Qinghai Tibet riding micro film release

"Fantasy rambling, riding paradise". The morning of September 19th 10, sponsored by the people’s Government of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Sports Bureau and Shanghai auto culture media Ltd., the first Chinese Tibetan Plateau youth micro film "love riding, all in there" premiere in Dayu folk village landscape Haibei wonderful show. It is understood that the micro film "love," is there in the upcoming series of cultural Haibei Prefecture of the micro film, micro film with cycling culture as the main line, combined with the young people loved travel stories and show simple folk customs of Haibei Prefecture and the scenery beautiful dream. With the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race constantly improve visibility, as part of the event in Haibei Prefecture, with richly endowed by nature geographical advantages, attracting many cycling enthusiasts have come to the unique cultural charm to ride in Haibei prefecture. Micro film actor in Lausanne said the shooting is hoping to attract more film riding enthusiasts to experience riding Haibei culture, let more people understand haibei.   read more

The central business district of the construction project of two wells

concern about the transformation of the old city key project wells Xiang central business district construction project, since May 2012 began, has completed the excavation and earthwork, the No. 1 and No. 4 has 20 layer construction plans completed by the end of the year, the remaining three building plans by the end of 2014 full cap.

it is understood that the project is located in the core area of the city, north of the West Main Street, South to the people’s street, West wells lane, east of the big dipper street. A total investment of 2 billion yuan, covers an area of 46 thousand square meters, with a total construction area of 374 thousand and 900 square meters. The planning and construction of commercial, residential, apartments and five star hotels in one of the central business district, by the end of October 2013, has completed the construction area of about 115 thousand square meters, the output value of 850 million yuan. At present, earthwork excavation has been completed 80%, slope protection works completed by 80%, according to the existing working face, the main project has been completed in the area of 80 thousand square meters, has been part of the backfill. Is expected to fully completed in December 2015, delivered. (author: Xu Jing)
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Xining people to the public transport how more smooth

A part of the

bus as an indispensable daily travel, has been the subject of public concern, and perplexing traffic, "a car difficult, such as car slow" phenomenon have occurred, but from time to time to haunt the majority of people travel. In order to further improve the bus service, convenient public travel, September 25th, Xining city public transportation department will carry out the "bus priority and convenience" as the theme of the public open day activities, let more people to offer suggestions for city bus. read more

Xining 150 thousand tons of local dishes have been listed

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and development, the first half of this year, the vegetable has begun to supply the local market.

yesterday, the reporter saw in the provincial capital of the farmers market, many businesses in the stalls of spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and other vegetables, put on the words "local vegetables" sign. Many people come to buy vegetables, but also more inclined to choose local vegetables. read more

Xining City area for enterprises to solve problems

in order to further implement the national and provincial and municipal policies and measures to support small and micro enterprise development, the city area of careful preparation, meticulous planning, "the smooth development of enterprises, help steady growth, structural adjustment" activities to create conditions.

City area following the July 31st held "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities after mobilization, in order to make aid activities more scientific and systematic, and formulated the "Chengzhong district for the" help enterprises, steady growth and adjust the structure of the "implementation plan", a clear leadership group, Park Group Industrial Group, agriculture and animal husbandry group, third industry groups and other organizations, to refine the activities of procedure and corresponding work mechanism. And from all sectors of the region to deploy 30 high quality business, style excellent staff, led by the district leadership of the 5, to help enterprises to carry out activities. At the same time, in terms of work discipline, assessment mechanism, the staff made strict requirements to ensure the effectiveness of helping activities. read more

n 2016 the province of aquatic wildlife protection science month opened yesterday

on the publicity of laws and regulations, Huang fish knowledge, a protection initiative…… October 13th, organized by the provincial fishery management station held in 2016 aquatic wildlife conservation science month ceremony and promotional activities in Xining Central Plaza opened the curtain. Provincial Department of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of fisheries, fishery management station, the relevant person in charge of law enforcement officers and the city of Xining Nanchuan West high school students on behalf of environmental protection volunteers, more than 150 people attended, and attracts many people. read more

North District Federation of trade unions to carry out warm autumn activities

month lack of full moon and another autumn, every festival. The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, is a time of family reunion, for further care workers, the trade unions in regards to sanitation workers, in the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double approaching, Union North District held the "golden autumn warmth" activities in September 26, 2012 in Chaoyang Square, 460 sanitation workers sent to the area the holiday greetings, let sanitation workers their deep feelings to the party and the government’s care, let them feel the warmth of the trade union organization, to enhance the cohesion of the trade union organizations to gather people, warm hearts, steady heart, promotes the harmony and stability in our region.

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Flood control work is related to thousands of families

June 4th, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Cao Jiansong, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Secretary of municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department Liu Fade line Chengguan deep town Huangyuan County, Dahua town to check flood prevention work carried out, listen to the Huangyuan county government flood control work report, inspected the flood warning system operation, flood control material reserves, Huangshui River the river basin governance, governance River bay. read more

North District Education inspection room to check the Chaoyang control stop learning work

to do a good job "kongchuo Bao Xue", continue to consolidate and improve the quottwo basicsquotis, Chengbei district education supervision department for special supervision and inspection of Chaoyang belonged to the middle school "kongchuo Bao Xue".
check group by listening to the report, check information and discussion, on the area of Chaoyang School and school and "kongchuo Bao" work carried out careful inspection. The inspection group of the area’s "kongchuo Bao" work fully affirmed that the school district is at the joint part of the urban and rural areas, the students scattered kongchuo school work is difficult, but the "kongchuo Bao Xue" attaches great importance to the work, the measures are effective, focused, especially the year remains high the dropout, control at zero, it is not easy, recommendations to increase the area of "kongchuo Bao Xue" efforts in the future, do not miss, do not rebound, continue to consolidate the "two basics" results. read more

North District take measures to promote employment post development

one is to increase the number of channels to promote employment and re employment. Through the creation of daycare, childcare, beauty salons, darning sewing, appliance repair, housekeeping services and other convenience services, actively recruiting a part of culture, high quality good "4050" workers and laid-off workers, helping them to achieve employment. Up to now, the realization of 4050 personnel and laid-off workers and other difficult to re employment of 700 people, all kinds of unemployed re employment of more than 3419 people, to achieve the goal of the task of 114%. Continue to rely on enterprises to promote employment, establish long-term cooperation mechanism to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and employment north, active site service, actively provide fairs, for enterprises and laid-off workers signed the contract and other preferential policies to help achieve employment, by carrying out various re employment assistance activities, has jurisdiction for the unemployed, migrant workers and college graduates held a "employment assistance" and "spring action", "private enterprise recruitment week" special recruitment 7, total entry 163 enterprises, marketing, accounting, computer technology, mechanical technology, drivers and other 5440 jobs, the number of job seekers more than 3100 people, reached employment intentions of 540 people. Continue to organize the implementation of vocational training programs, and actively organize vocational skills training 2778 people, to support the entrepreneurial team of 125, driven by the employment of 437 people. At the same time, 5 city and Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing port (county) people club Department signed a cooperation agreement for human resources, human resources cooperation to establish a regional strategic advantage of resources and jobs, to achieve a win-win situation play a role.
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