Google launched domain name registration services Google Domains domain name registration domain

A5 webmaster network ( June 24th news, according to the relevant sources said Google launched the domain name registration service Google Domains on Monday, is currently in the small-scale internal testing phase. Because the service is still under development, so only open the Beta version, and the user will need to invite code to trial.

previously, users want to buy domain names will generally choose domain name registration services GoDaddy or NameCheap. Google said on its support page, the company itself does not register or domain names, but it will be recommended to partners. read more

Completion of the new round of the wedding discipline B round of financing will expand the hundred

March 31st morning news, the Internet platform wedding wedding Ji announced today, and has recently completed a B+ round of financing, this round of investment led by Fosun brothers, Jingwei vertex to continue with the vote. Wedding founder Yu Zhe said, B round and B+ round of financing totaling $30 million.

Yu Zhe said that the new round of financing will be mainly used for product upgrades, business expansion, the opening of new cities, business promotion and standardization of the promotion, as well as brand promotion. Yu Zhe revealed that this year will start the wedding discipline hundred city plan is expected by the end of 2016, the wedding ceremony will open one hundred service cities. read more

Atypical viral marketing case

viral marketing effect makes many people envy, viral marketing programs and good practice, often to the outbreak of the shock wave, rapidly expand the visibility and influence in a short period of time.

      case: duhugu contest
      Planners: search engine strategies, SEO forum.
      first, search:

      google: is about 289000 for duhugu query results of
      use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 1620000
      yahoo: about 344000 read more

How to create loaded force productivity Will not miss the trend of consumer upgrades

businesses to sell goods, content producers to eat, social operators should be realized, the marriage of COSOCO historic is the only system of power to represent the general trend, in order to promote the completion of the upgrading, not just the fire died, this is the logic of consumption in the next ten years.

one, consumption upgrade Carnival

live, net red, content entrepreneurship, IP…… Review of the first half of the year, a variety of new hot words have emerged, is too busy to attend to all. And behind the concept of bombing, a dark line is very clear: in the economic downturn, the winter capital of the moment, that a set of Internet business of the original play has a dead end, which belongs to the grass root free economy is turning, emphasizes the transformation and gross profit, make the rich (even if only a little money) money started to become the main theme of entrepreneurship, the upgrading of consumption era. read more

see the interest rebate marketing model

On 2012

billion yuan Ma and Wang Jianlin was about to set off a a great disturbance in ten years, Ma predicted that e-commerce will replace offline retailers. We do not want to mention the results, but this bet is sufficient to illustrate the speed of the development of e-commerce amazing. In the economic background of this transformation, a special marketing mode as a rebate network also appears in public. Everything has its two sides, the rebate network is no exception.

The marketing model of read more

The four quadrants of the profit model of nternet Entrepreneurship

      often need to move slow, difficult and easy to know, entrepreneurship is so, before many things do not think clearly, perhaps equal to white, or perhaps do different, come to a DOA.

      today in Lujiazui, chatting with a poly angel investor network, talk about enterprise’s profit model, he gave away the secret: AXB= income, where A is the customer, B is the price, product or service price, as Yin and Yang, this shift, entrepreneurs should the pursuit of profit maximization, the thinking mode of making money may be very simple. read more

Light early promotion of people family

wrote an article making process of the North drift family website, this article said the early promotion of the North drift family website.

Beijing forum is I do first up, do a good job after the address to a few good friends, I made some posts, then let this a few good friends to the forum registration account, post, then I said to them directly, the contents of the forum is filled by you, the a friend is enough, every day will post. The forum after it after 4, 5 days, GOOGLE included, Baidu not included. The master is not the forum, after it had half a month to host, and the forum, GOOGLE first collected, Baidu only included a home page before I hang, nothing, is a notice: website construction. read more

How to build your blog

1 how to build your own blog

"blog" is a transliteration of the word Blog English. Blog is the abbreviation of Weblog, Chinese means "web log". People usually write the Blog called Blogger, also translated as "blog". Therefore, the "blog" can refer to the writing of the network log this behavior, can also refer to the person who wrote the network log.

2. how many people can see my blog?

blog that everyone can see, but to attract more people to look at your blog, a content must be innovative, if we are concerned about the topic of love, or the contents of the two will continue to be updated, the best every day with new contents. read more

All the 104 questions how to build your own website

letter of project settlement back Taiwan Library 103:M decoration company

problem: the boss of M, not much culture, he had a staff of more than and 20 people, engaged in the decoration of small business in Beijing, Shandong area has been, in recent years, M company’s business is good, big live live small, often the project is not completed, the project again, a a push to tight, the original project down to the first to do the project budget, such as Beijing or Shandong according to the settlement price, how the law will be clear clear down to the construction, but this year any tight, and both sides are acquaintances, the so-called turnip wash mud, as long as both a clapper the project budget, do too late, they started. read more

Don’t fiddle with design thinking to spread

According to

Nene: last weekend we invited social creative well-known Mongolia doctor Zhao Ning, chief content officer to do an evolutionary experiment on design thinking of sharing.

In the eyes of

, who claims to be "not a designer," how does it spread, how to think about how to make a successful social advertisement?. The following is the share consolidation within the part of dry cargo.

from the difference between traditional advertising and social advertising

> > > > 1, the content is: the traditional advertising information, social advertising is read more