Shenzhen rail transit model matures

now many cities have entered the era of the subway, the subway has become an important means of transport in the city, to facilitate people’s travel, ease the pressure on urban traffic. Shenzhen in 2004 has entered the era of the subway, to the year 2016 has opened eighth subway lines, so that the 3 million 900 thousand Shenzhen people feel the convenience of rail transportation.

where the subway repair, the city built where." Lin Maode, chairman of Shenzhen Metro Group, said that through the development model, construction model and other innovations, the next 15 years, the Shenzhen subway will remain at the peak of construction, while driving the appearance of Shenzhen city change. read more

Tea shop how to retain customers

tea project as the now popular attention of the project, to get public attention, now invest in tea shops naturally become rich good, now want to open a tea shop to retain customers, you have to bring a better customer business, bring the high quality service, so that you can succeed.

when customers for products or other complaints, which requires us to not delay time, when dealing with customer complaints to shirk responsibility, rapid response, and strive to solve the problem completely in the shortest time, to give guests a satisfactory answer. If it is beyond the scope of capacity, to reflect the higher level, to the customer’s corresponding commitment.

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Open air purifier stores do business more fire

now many families have used the air purifier, air purifier market is now very hot. For air purifier store owner, how to do a larger air purifier business, which is what we are thinking about. How to improve the volume of air purifier store? The following Xiaobian to talk about this technique.

when customers into the air purifier stores, not only see the shopping guide, the key is to see the store’s products, especially now you want the main product, so the product, or the main product should be put in the position of the most eye-catching shops, to attract customers attention. read more

How to let you shop baby first time was found

online shop now is not a new thing, and just look at the scene of the popular Taobao can know how many people do business online. However, how to do a good job of Taobao, how to make your baby quickly found by the buyer, these skills you know?


buyers search keywords in the input words baby baby search bar, everyone with everyone the input keywords are not the same. In order to be able to better allow buyers to search your baby, your keywords must be reflected in the name of the baby, or within the scope of the search engine allows, so the baby name to write the more the better. So no matter what aspects of the buyer from the search baby, your baby is the probability of buyers to search are great. Oh,

A, established with the real value of the baby, read more

How to do a good job of WeChat marketing professional team for you

micro electricity supplier is different from the traditional e-commerce, a new electricity supplier model. China so far has 1 billion mobile customers, there are 600 million WeChat users, there are 180 million active users of WeChat, will bring trillion consumption capacity.

it is not like the traditional electricity supplier over reliance on the platform (such as Taobao / Tmall / Jingdong), but depends on your customers, and you keep in touch with customers. Micro electricity supplier requires you to pay more attention to customer management and long-term development, but also pay more attention to brand building. read more

Entrepreneurs should know some entrepreneurial knowledge

the concept of shopping malls, many entrepreneurs have failed to entrepreneurial success is very few. Now entrepreneurs not only to choose a good investment projects, but also should enrich their knowledge. Here are some suggestions for successful entrepreneurs.

A, establish strategic direction: combing the entire project highlights, namely how the strategic positioning and market positioning. An effective solution to this problem will provide a strategic basis for the financing and integration of the project. For external investors and strategic partners, the more clear the strategic direction of entrepreneurial projects, the more prominent the market highlights, the higher the degree of acceptance. read more

Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning

is the so-called: "a paradise under Jervois" the beauty of Suzhou is as everyone knows, it is human environment, economic environment, every year attracts a large number of people going to Suzhou. This time, Suzhou ushered in the development of major opportunities to start the overall urban planning. In the future, Suzhou will show us a new look, so what is the overall plan?

Suzhou City ushered in a major opportunity for development! The State Council recently approved the "Suzhou city master plan (2011 – 2020)", means that Suzhou city development goals and the path of national level recognition, also outline new roadmap for the development of a new round of city". read more

How to open a grocery store

many operators are often used in the invisible related skills, will make the business of the shop becomes more prosperous. These skills are the hearts of countless investors who aspire to become the foundation of a successful shop. So, how to successfully open a grocery store? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

a, site

location is very important, because the business is general merchandise goods, consumer groups are mainly residents and units, choose to shop in a residential area near the school, large and medium-sized enterprises, the focus is preferred, or near the large flow of people in the market. read more