Site must see buy website space five years experience talk about

station has been for some years, the initial contact with the program has not remember, just remember the initial establishment of the mind is to give yourself a personal home page, then pop this is static, but also use free space, free domain name, these for you to do a HTML station for in fact, is also good, remember that someone said, free stuff is not used, then see this sentence really said is reasonable, but the experience of small, behind finally had a great experience, 1. free stuff is not stable; 2. things for free advertising, saying the couple now don’t believe at that time, sign up for a free blog program, which ads occupy a computer screen in 70%, it was a happy night didn’t sleep. There was no now UU1001, no 5D6D, no free open source program, the official start of the contact program is driven easy start, when things just program development soon, is attracted by his layout and good interface, because at the time of the site location of these do not understand, now I do not know what is their own doing, seems to be download site, but only a 100M space, don’t laugh, mostly read more

Strong shadow some personal feelings about the development of personal stationmaster

now we all know, the number of domestic webmaster has reached 10 million webmaster team size, the number of small owners still accounted for relatively large, but also including some webmaster friends ready to enter the industry and entered the business owners! I began to contact the site at the end of 07, at the beginning of 08 begin to contact the operation, directly to the 09 year old was able to achieve a profit, which spent a lot of tuition, but also made some minor change, directly to this year to own several garbage station all sold, then all good finishing strategy, all operational track website, the past two years, the money is earned a little bit, but always give yourself spent, because before I open their computer store, later this year because of the expiration of the contract is not done, there is no heart to do Go, wanted to do something in the network, but there has been no full-time do, then this mid time is beginning to realize their own full-time webmaster career, finally understand the webmaster career bitterness, to this day, although he has a fixed monthly income and expenditure on the site, but fortunately enough, in female friends and family support insist on down, think of their fighting alone, think of all aspects of their own shortcomings, individual stationmaster at this time must be for team building, which temporarily did not find like-minded friends together, if you need to please people money, but money is very tight now, so at this stage I look at how personal webmaster do | read more

What should consider about Guilin travel website


webmaster want their tourism web like clouds, so desperately SEO spread everywhere to promote their website, but when our guests really came to the site, are we ready? When the guests come, we need to consider what the tourism website? Here is the Guilin tourism network discussion comments:

Guilin travel network

Dai Bin: the following five points need to be improved,

first: the core products and projects are not prominent, the main navigation bar should be adjusted

second: put tourism products on the important position, travel information and some unimportant sections down, and even independent pages, do not all on the home page, too horizontal, read more

Stationmaster makes a website is to build a stage for the user

had heard "I set up to you." this sentence, for it has been feeling quite, but has no taste the flavor, recently suddenly be enlightened. Words contain profound truth, but also contains a broad mind, as well as the quiet after the noise, in short, this is a very philosophical words.

since mid August, I every Thursday at the A5 forum version of the topic of organization activities, each determining a topic, and invited to have more right to speak on the topic of the forum guests, and the webmaster to share on this topic. Through the forum question and answer form, the webmaster may ask some questions of interest and doubt to the guests here, and find their answer from the guest’s reply. read more

You have to know about the WeChat public transfer and transaction skills

WeChat public number can transfer or modify the name. Pay attention to details.

1 requires non authenticated users. For example, this way,

2 modifies login mail first.

3 re modify the binding micro signal security center – administrator micro signal, set

4, if you can modify the phone number, first modify the phone number, where bound micro signals, there is a connection to modify the phone number

5 revised for enterprise authentication, the other party’s mobile phone verification information. And your company information. At present, temporarily stopped the personal number of enterprise certification, read more

Talking about the experience of designing and bidding for portal websites

We believe that the

has been popular for Kung Fu brand, remember when I was formally established in 05 years that year in the early morning of Shanghai network company was still in the Tianhe Sports West, I thought if it can give me a hand to do Kung Fu received their website is good, not in 06 years one month before the friend said kung fu I need revision, then after a little excited, because I finally have the opportunity, I am responsible for the design of happiness for the official website design investment and engage in real time, then the bidding companies must have bid invitation to attend, I checked a lot of companies to participate in the bidding, including " network; " " " " reciprocity; a " " " Guangzhou province; more than a dozen companies to participate in the bidding, they are top website construction service provider line, to fight down really difficult, But I still insist on a try, so I trust in some of my friends to help me get the bid book, website construction is also on the real time contact person in charge, we arranged the specific interview time, that very nervous, colleagues are very hard to help me do the PPT scheme. read more

Facebook coming into China Station in China why the ill fated

this two days about Facebook into China’s things, but also by the big door fry up, don’t know this is still hearsay or true news. As a famous international, and has a large number of users of the SNS site, Facebook will not give up China this market has numerous potential users and business opportunities in China, sooner or later, just because could not find the opportunity to. This time, China may be eight or nine, ten.

China although the Internet market has great potential, the number of users, but even the famous international station to enter is not easy. Google just quit, this matter has not completely cooled, although just returned to Hongkong, but Google business in China has been affected to varying degrees. Don’t say some time ago Google search is not normal, the two day users of Google are relatively large, from Google flow reduction, Adsense revenue plummeted, even CEO Schmidt said "Google business destructive company four enemies, exit Chinese mainland, Google became less optimistic. In addition to Google to leave, earlier YAHOO withdrew, eBay eBay lost to Taobao and so on, other major international websites in China’s development is not optimistic. read more

Give some advice to the webmaster who is confused

network is a human wonderful product of the network on how we are only a short while ago strange, overnight network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain quickly enter into thousands of households, the network industry has become the fastest growing industry in twenty-first Century, China is the emergence of Baidu, Alibaba, NetEase, Tencent and other Internet giants, these people the network is to grasp the next period of time the others can not be copied, because at that time they are a group of people Chinese explore the earliest, on the Internet is a huge impact on the future of mankind, now many webmaster in the fantasy that one day to be able to share in the Internet industry, also have many webmaster want to be able to feed themselves, to keep the family will meet, but some webmaster can do the kind of results they want, May every webmaster have a "technique", but who can sure this one can "long", what is not you have the technical proficiency in a particular line, you can, if you are not others, it is only the life, as a webmaster should have big dreams, a dream people are respectful, those people are great because of their dreams is that. read more

Do a website how should popularize his website

Suining dream network for you move, this article is a dream network all, summing up the experience of the webmaster and their own practical experience and write, you can freely reprint, but to retain the source.

in fact, in the absence of a good site should be promoted before, do not say well before. Here mainly about how to promote after doing well.

one, do content

1, updated frequently. Everyone knows that Baidu in order to enhance the user’s experience, it is impossible to let you only a few articles, pictures put a few, the content is often updated, in front of. Imagine, if Baidu lets you this kind of website row in front, search person feels in Baidu can not find what he wants, so the user still does not need Google? So content should be updated regularly. read more

E6 whether you can show your site how to solve the compatibility problem


compatibility site templates in the IE browser, mentioned Lanzhou website construction before the impact of the user experience factors, these days is found in the visit some friends in the chain, the same site when some of the same problems, including some of the themes of template WordPress and emblog is also the site, in IE7, 8 the display is normal, but in IE6 there is a problem of error and CSS run like JavaScript script, I think it is necessary to separate.

currently more than 95% of Internet users in China use XP’s system, while XP’s default is IE6’s browser. For the front end developer, IE6 is the most familiar, except for Firefox, opera, Google and other browsers easily adjustable, almost all of the CSS style problems are around the IE browser to test. The same attribute, in IE7, 8 can be normal display, but in IE6 is dislocation running. Familiar people know this is due to the IE6 browser itself defects, an integrated assembly defect most Microsoft XP, almost spent most of the time the style of debugging IE6, so IE6 is the IE browser as a headache. read more

3 main points of community operation user content and mechanism

‘s ability to operate on its own and invigorate a community is also a dream of many operations. Our company is currently engaged in the transformation of the financial community, as an operation, I was fortunate enough to completely participate in the initial stage of the community. Here’s a summary of the community operation plan you’ve made during that time.

The operation plan of

community can not be separated from 3 points:




user profile

gets seed user read more

Did you link nofollow talk about backlinks

when you finish reading this article, it is necessary for you to have a look at your link. Is it nofollow already?. Perhaps some friends ask, what is the nofollow? Is simple, although you Links link with your address, but is invalid, because he gives you Links plus nofollow, plus the nofollow tag Links, search engine is not to recognize, as a mark, tell the search engine, this link is not valid, no income.

first proposed nofollow as a label for the leader’s new creation, with the aim of minimizing the impact of spam on search engines. The meaning of this tag is to tell the search engine that the link is not edited by the author himself, so the link is not a vote of confidence. The search engine sees this tag and may reduce or completely cancel the voting weight of the link. The initial reason was that with the popularity of Web blogs, spam and spam became increasingly widespread, causing Google’s attention and the first of its kind. Google’s approach is to effectively block such spam comments and spam links through a new type of tag. Since then, once Google is found to contain the attribute of hyperlinks ("rel=nofollow"), the link will not be used as the evaluation criterion in the ranking of search results in a site; at the same time the label will not become spam blogs or websites where the negative vote, it is only used to prevent garbage maker blog comments, feedback form or recommendation list the public domain and confuse the public benefit by. Nofollow tags are important to search engines. read more

Grassroots couples hand in hand over the early maintenance of the site of the river

              said that "with the change of time, the brain also needs rapid operation, thinking must update", I thought it was a joke, that has a stable job and a certain ability to work will go to, earn money, so conservative home – units — 2.1 live for several years, until one day, the husband suddenly when the editor for many years and I said, "I have a paper website, the domain name is called the Chinese online, I am staying never try to live, as editor of the husband also began to learn people as a web! And now running well, the momentum is very good! It is so surprised! read more

Ferry Baidu

see the title you must be surprised, why people with Baidu in the name of the website for no title?. I don’t want to touch the light of a famous brand website. My first ferry, the Buddhist said "degree" means, just like the gods to mortals in Wonderland, second Baidu, pointing to our national famous brand search engine Baidu. This means that through my suggestions, Baidu’s service level will be raised to the next level.

produced this idea from the anxiety of our webmaster. What we do is a small website, already had three months more, but the flow that comes from Baidu still is 0. Stationmaster very angry, sent a post, there is such a sentence above: read more

A veteran is a dietary website written text

Hello, not humble about his is also a veteran, in 7, 8 years later, look at themselves like what did not leave. See some post articles every day, I feel I am also "soy sauce"".

site traffic is the most valuable for some webmaster, also tried to cheat, but I feel that the brush flow…… not what you need, have recently done a stop to write a soft Wen, hope group.

this year Chinese New Year gifts, gifts received only…" A classic ad called the gift of "health" read more

ndia health summary of personal Adsense easily fall into several major mistakes

Hello, everyone. My name is Jian jian. Contact the Internet for 10 years, engaged in website development, promotion and so on, there are 5 years, and now their work on the website development and promotion of this aspect, so every day will be exposed to these. Admin5 I’ll see it a lot, but I’ve never published any articles. First, the writing is limited, two is that they do not feel that there are no special methods and techniques to share with you. Today, the weather in Changsha is good, there is nothing important in the office to do, suddenly whim, want to write a few words, but also no experience, just published their own experience. I do a lot of website promotion also had a lot of course, I also have their own website (China customer network, I don’t speak what effective promotion methods what I would like, on the whole just say a few points, said some errors under the current owners have, think of where is written, so it is not very good. Please excuse: read more

Analysis of the latest feasible profit model of local real estate network

many sensitive people are very worried about the current Internet bubble has emerged, but now the Internet can be like at the beginning of this century as serious, many of them are settling down after the first round of the site, if you want to have a bubble is local, such as the current and the current group purchase website, there are also local portal site serious competition, local real estate net but there are still many opportunities, although the competition is also very strong, but because the profit pattern is numerous, and the relative profit is still very impressive! Here is how I of the profit model of read more

Discard free classified information website experience sharing

is now doing more and more classified information stations, and classified information has become an essential part of the local website, or simply around the classified information, but also to build local websites. The classified information procedures are more and more professional, such as man, is a professional marine classification information program is now widely used, a variety of CMS program also has the corresponding information classification module. This has to do classified information webmaster brought convenience. But with the program is just beginning, the operation and profitability of classified information is the key, the following from two aspects of simple analysis. read more

A college student rebate network flash in the pan where did wrong

walking in the campus, from time to time to see a lot of distribute leaflets figure, with fruit, secondary trading, sales, selling clothes and other kinds of leaflets, sometimes into the bedroom to do publicity, make you dazzling, but such a campus at a loss; promotion way, interest rate is how much? Conversion rate? The next new Chen used an example to answer slowly.

remember last month, Chen saw the new campus advertising rebate network in a lot of dormitory building before the blackboard, and then received two consecutive leaflets in the bedroom, leaflets is the use of color painting description, advertisement design is good, let me a glance heart, forced to wait want to open the computer to enter the URL and see; in front of the restaurant, the campus square is also its site promotion site, moved a few tables, hang a few banners, there is beauty in the way of publicity;, sign collar coupons, and complimentary gift; this propaganda way let me so? There is such a scene, they are the three layers of the three layer surrounded by the enthusiasm of the students…… Then? The new Chen linked to the person in charge of their team, there are 6 people, money is we get out of the commodity is joining other brands online, is anchored in a union; half a month after the new Chen know through some data is: the website weight =1, PR=0. The expected traffic rarely, keywords ranking, not to mention the conversion rate, now the site has been closed…… read more

A brief talk on the brand road of local talent network

engaged in human resources for several years, has been thinking of operating in the local brand of talent web site, has been engaged in the newspaper recruitment business I was a target, but also an opportunity. A few years ago, engaged in Internet products, there are some years, the operation of talent networks, brand building, there are some of their own views and relatively agree with the idea: the Internet – sooner rather than done well. The website wants to develop, the premise is that her business idea: website can provide valuable products and valuable function; can provide users with efficiency, save time and help; can create wealth savings for the user and the user experience can do, of course; as the enterprise more and other factors, such as an enterprise the enterprise culture and so on. read more