The website was hacked and then we should be how to do it

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generally speaking this you can, some people say too many files how to see it, no way, not all of the virus file software can check out, especially.

hackers are now getting worse, and now the website program with more vulnerabilities are more and more, so many webmaster site was black experience, a web site is hard to do, be black, if not as soon as possible, it is easy to search engine K off. But the website was hacked and not what is the big thing we must be calm, not out of mind, as long as there is no problem with the server we must not be styled immediately for what the server, can not solve the problem. What will the site right down to the. The website was hacked, as long as the open, will be updated, a short time will not have an impact on our website, as long as we found in a timely manner is to have enough time to deal with. So we talk about the website was hacked after we should do read more

Yang Liang how simple from the web site site is static or dynamic discrimination

static. Their characteristics are usually based on COM,.Htm,.Html,.Shtml and other common forms of suffix, and do not contain "?" and garbled characters.

So how do we The .

from the site on the web site from the website is simple to distinguish static or dynamic

because of Shanghai Longfeng arts are the most optimal origin, so took over in the promotion of Web site operators, and programmers had to communication and cooperation, such as the sea spider spider crawling structure with convenient old people will be revised into a tree form; in order to site domain name weight one, only one in the keywords ranking, it is necessary to address from a domain name to do 301 to two level domain name; in order to enhance the user experience and search engine, web site when a mistake to remind the user back to the home page, you must add a 404 page; for the search engines fast throughout the entire site to add a home from work station map map. These are relatively good communication, because the 301 page, 404 page site map is not an eye can see out, but the site is dynamic or static? This is not a bit so feel shy. If others have their own views, so simple things do not know what to do website promotion optimization. In fact, if you want to know the dynamic or static website is very simple, you can see it through. How simple from the site discrimination website is static or dynamic, we first do a simple analogy to distinguish between what is a static website what is dynamic website. The static page is like a small private bathroom, and dynamic pages like a public bathhouse. The only known from this than static page is a web page on a dynamic page address, and is more than one page may refer to a body. Efficiency of public bath often than private bathroom with high efficiency more. The website also is such, now the station site is to use dynamic construction, which can enhance the effect of increasing functions such as registration, login, investigation, management and so on, only need to easily change the database with a file information can be realized, only HAO123 like this simple navigation network is static website. read more

Everyone can read the concise Shanghai dragon skills

is the site of the space, speed and stability, these are very important, and is the basic thing, so please choose a stable space velocity. But there is an easily overlooked problem, that is IP. Find a safe IP, with IP do not appear illegal websites, this will make the search engine more love you, of course, independent of the IP is the best.

!The first

not to others, listen to the opinions of others, but not blindly. Don’t change your website structure. If your website is generated by Rewrite pseudo static address, please do not arbitrarily change, if change, must keep the previous page to open. This is why many websites launched a new version still retains the old version of "the reason. That is, the search engine included that must remain open, this will increase your website. read more

Chinaz webmaster tools give users a new experience upgrade


fourth: the response time that the speed of opening of the website, the user experience is one of the important! The shorter time to open faster,

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first, in.


after the upgrade

fifth: registration number and the nature of the electronic commerce website to provide a good effect, so that some customers want to buy something to see is one of formal enterprises, if the person’s need to be cautious, so we check every website very clear know website there is no record of read more

Love of Shanghai Site and new changes

is not ugly out both in their statistical tools, the SITE command is a problem, many webmaster very depressed, the first is the love of Shanghai statistics is not perfect, and also Google statistics than it has a lot to add, such as Google included page which can be seen in their station meter, and love Shanghai statistics cannot be seen, such as Google snapshot and statistics can see a spider climb take information in Shanghai love to the result is very vague, and in addition to Google webmaster tools and Google statistics, so if you want to love Shanghai will both be made one, that how much love in Shanghai statistics in read more

Noble baby Panda 3 4 is coming again to update algorithm

              text: 贵族宝贝pt.Org/topic/130.html Shanghai, please indicate the source

if you do not have a clear cognition for the noble baby Panda update, can see the following diagram, or to view original Serchengineland article below (via Says Panda 3.4 Is nobility baby ‘Rolling Out Now’).

is the update called Panda 3.4, is mainly from the noble baby mentioned in twitter information, we simply do not understand the nature of this algorithm update. read more

Analysis of four common misunderstanding of Shanghai Dragon two

error two, love Shanghai weights can query through the webmaster tools.

A lot of people we provide to

the previous chapter, the specific address is: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121020/466625.shtml, now and then we introduce the other four intermittent errors.

is a misunderstanding, do the bidding will improve the keywords ranking.

a lot of people say Shanghai is a reality, Shanghai auction customers found sex natural ranking is relatively good, but once the website stopped having sex Shanghai auction, there is no web site keywords ranking. This is completely groundless statement. Love Shanghai love Shanghai bidding and natural ranking are two different systems, if you love Shanghai in order to attract customers and make the bidding ranking for customers or customers in Shanghai, is obviously unfair, we can think of love, if Shanghai will do the bidding ranking customers and raise these sites it is not in line with the user experience, so love Shanghai will loss his customers, because the user for a search engine is just a finger. I love Shanghai not stupid enough to control natural ranking. Of course, the love of Shanghai will be more committed to the user experience of the site will conform to give good rankings, more committed to maintaining the natural ranking of fairness and impartiality, so as to retain their customers. So love Shanghai bid, there is no theoretical basis to improve the keywords ranking this sentence, if the auction can really bring influence, can only say that will bring some weight to click on our website, how the site may have a role in upgrading. read more

Create long tail keywords optimization quickly improve site conversion rate

present on the network, digging through the long tail keywords on the site, we can put these out long tail keywords for a summary, so we need the optimization of long tail keywords targeted to a certain extent, which mainly consider the long tail keywords can bring traffic and conversion the rate for the web site. These can be strengthened.

second points, highlighting the title and description method

related contentAn article in

, the first mining site long tail keywords

4, the appropriate content in some relevant keywords. read more

Google webmaster tools to help us improve more details of Shanghai Dragon

3, the wrong page would be 404> grab


1, the content of

webmaster friends for many websites, or single page keywords know those words that we wrote in keyword tags inside, this is a kind of understanding form is wrong, this is the subjective understanding of "key words, no search engine from the point of departure to understand, if you install the Google webmaster tools. The analysis of Google spider robot for your web pages you will find, then the content of keywords. Take my rose blog for example, the following contents can be seen in Google keywords analysis site: Shanghai Phoenix, Beijing, website, blog, optimization, good, long, rose, the station ten is the most. These are some words can be found, in addition to the appropriate improvements is on the lower frequency of "good" and "long" words like, increase and Shanghai dragon related words. read more

Fuzhou beauty school for analysis by log rank


at a glance!

site log acquisition process (with Putian Lanyun company as an example: the server operating system is Windows

date date

two, IIS –

download the log with EditPlus open, remove some useless, as shown below, in order, save it as a.Txt document (the document is saved as TXT, to prepare for the next step, because the excel table can only import data is a TXT document and other format does not support

s-sitename service

) )The first step:

time time

cs-method method read more