Love of Shanghai experience and promotion skills

regardless of experience, know that Wikipedia, as long as the webmaster friends can.

3. experience of Chinese and foreign chain. Although love is Shanghai favor their own products, but the link is still not on the experience of the home page, also do not join the steps. The link in that? Don’t forget to have a reference, here is the best place to add links. The purchase method of ixwebhosting virtual host according to the above method after completion of the addition, directly in the 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 link with reference, here can be the reference resources are introduced, but the advertising department to too heavy on the line, the next thing to do is to wait for its review. read more

Jingdong Alibaba Gome battle logistics or for new retail preparationsYang Wenjian how do earn

several major electricity supplier collective work

simple, in accordance with the concept of Ma, the new retail is online, offline and logistics combine to form a new model. This is Ali as a concept, in accordance with the new retail logic to expand the layout, recently announced the opening of intelligent logistics, then in Lianhua supermarket.

, speaking of writing articles, I’d like to mention one of my students, Liu Yaoqing 52341091, who recently wrote articles on A5, which he wrote directly for the teacher to take. As a result, we all ignore him, when you are looking for the teacher’s mind to write, with a low profile to find someone else, naturally many people ignore him. And he sent data to other people to add his , and as a result, a lot of people came for his information, to the data, ignore him. If you want to let others to recognize you and your exchange, should stand on the same platform to communicate with others, with a high profile to enter someone’s perspective, to provide value to your friends, while others recognize your value, also will give you help and exchange. read more

t is the highest state of Shanghai dragon constantly to meet the needs of users

these days look young justice Bao third, which has the highest level a story about medicine is benevolence, the so-called medicine but fur. What is the highest level when I read this story I constantly reflect on Shanghai dragon? This problem has troubled me for several days, until now I finally got a satisfactory answer, that is the title wrote: the highest state of Shanghai dragon is to meet the customers demand. You do Shanghai dragon friends, you do in Shanghai Longfeng is holding time is not to solve user problems and create value in the heart of creating site content for the users? Often hear a word is content is king, but no one to do so. No one from the user’s point of view the content of the website. Should do what is reasonable. read more

Novice webmaster how to operate to enhance the weight of the site makes Shanghai Longfeng stable

at present with a wide range of domestic e-commerce website rise operation optimization friends grow with each passing day many novice webmaster, have been involved in the Shanghai dragon industry also come in a throng, novice friends need to pay attention to those problems early in the station, station early on the content of the website and the connection construction should be how to update and release to enhance the stability of the site weight instead of search engine drop right? These are new friends in the station early to consider and pay attention to the main. The following the author of these details, an exchange with you, I think from the following aspects and to share and discuss the following, we now enter the theme. read more

Thinking about enterprise website promotion Keywords layout point

to express the content of the. We know how to determine the key words, then choose the right keywords is a point, and finally to rely on this.

did enterprise website promotion friends, most of them are clear, a few enterprises, only one product, or even only one product, so this product is not only the key words only one. Whether it is the regional term, domestic or foreign, name, or name, common words are not the same market. For example: my product, I still do not know what is the formal name, just according to the index, more people called stacker. My products from abroad, to China, way too much. Such as: stacker, forklift, elevator, lift truck, hydraulic truck, stacker and so on. This is a product, then the product of our factory is not too much, there are about ten, and so on, I need to consider the promotion of key words is how many read more

Zhu Wenle Google K site restoration included combat tutorial 2

in the article after the release, there are many of my friends asked me "the request to review how to write the contents of the page, English Shanghai Longfeng successful operation over two websites to be collected, the reasons are not the same, but there is a common point to summarize, hope to help:

English Shanghai Longfeng tested the website weight reincluding, draw the following conclusions:

wrote "Google K site restoration included combat tutorial (on)", this is a continuation of the previous article, is also the case operation results, have not seen the suggestion of a friend to see one, easy to understand. After the last operation English Shanghai dragon was going to wait for a week after the time to see the results, did not expect today (July 8th) morning at the time, Google released part of Shanghai dragon blog, because to go to work just looked down and went to sleep, when Google released the 10 ", are in recent days I update articles, but not included. read more

These acts of love Shanghai think you are cheating

behavior! Many

sites are in the process of adjustment love Shanghai algorithm has been affected by large or small, but those who do good site optimization, is still the highest, very stable. You do not know Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have not thought about why? Logically, Shanghai Longfeng work is nothing more than the + chain form, why is it that some master’s website is to be in peak but not

2, each article will link to the page anchor text, this is really about

most of the ER Shanghai dragon has heard the main words in the last paragraph of the article, and the link to the home page is very good, on the other hand, the back chain can improve the weights of the home page to a certain extent, so more and more long standing in the optimization process of deliberate add anchor text links, and each article basically has a link to the home page. read more

The history of the most complete website drop right cause analysis as soon as possible to restore th

, a space problem

because the space access speed is not stable, sometimes slow and sometimes not open, because this is right down the case is a lot. So the author proposed here before their own web site must not covet cheap and buy a cheap space, and to choose the security and speed of the domestic space. Want to know whether your website appeared open under the condition of space in the previous update log, here the author analyzed the common search engine crawling return code.

205 (reset content) server successfully processed the request, but did not return any content. read more

Keywords unstable factors outside chain analysis

"content is king, the chain for emperor", this is the webmaster website optimization standard, website construction began to add high quality content, in order to find the high weight of the chain, is to make the site keywords ranking on the home page, has reached the search engine optimization effect, but often do not always unsatisfactory, keywords ranking so well, this is a lot of reasons of unstable, unstable phenomenon from the chain perspective analysis.

third: the chain increased not lead to unsafe read more

Love is some experience on K station after recovery by sea

analysis of website is the reason: K

3, the website of the column structure was restored.


, 1 revision caused the page structure adjustment is too large;

Many webmaster in

after his love of Shanghai K station, will consider replacing the domain name, a lot of time to replace the new domain name than to restore an old domain name may cost much less, not to mention my website is also not a few months, but I didn’t want to give up hard to think out of the domain name, although in the eyes of others the domain name is very general. read more