Terrell Owens Cut By Arena League Team

Might not see Terrell Owens in a football uniform again.If Terrell Owens‘ career had not hit rock bottom by playing in the Indoor  Football League, it did Tuesday when he was cut from the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.Worse, the team was chasing a playoff spot and still got rid of the one-time Pro Bowl receiver.But why?Apparently, Owens refused to play in upcoming road games against the Nebraska Danger and Everett (Washington) Raptors. According to a statement from the Wranglers, T.O. got the boot because of typical Terrell Owens nonsense.“The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for Mr. Owens was his no-show to a scheduled appearance at a local children’s hospital with other Wrangler players and coaches,” the statement read.  It is not the desire of the Allen Wranglers’ organization to disappoint fans by having our most notable player miss a scheduled appearance.”Reportedly, as part of being cut, Owens loses his ownership stake in the team — and almost assuredly any chance of a return to the NFL. read more

Vick Throws Support Behind Foles For Starting Position

Howard Smith-USA TODAY SportsPhiladelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who has used two quarterbacks all season, joked that Nick Foles will start at the QB position for this week. The only thing is, the Eagles have a bye this week.Now that QB Michael Vick is healthy enough to play again, Kelly will have to answer a question seriously next week.How can you bench Foles? That is an answer Vick himself wants to know.“In all honesty, in all fairness, how can you take a guy out of the game who’s been playing so well?” Vick told WIP 94, via CSN Philly, on Thursday.“I’ve been in this stage before, and I know what it’s like. I understand the position that this team is in, and the one thing I never want to do is be a distraction or put our team or our coaches in a position where they feel like they’re not doing the right thing or I feel like they’re not doing the right thing. I trust what’s going on, I enjoy being a part of it, I love the game of football in general. So it’s important to me to be there in support and be ready if my name and number is called again.”Philadelphia has won three-straight games and is at the top of the NFC East behind Foles. He also hasn’t thrown an interception all season.“He had an opportunity to learn from me this year and last year and just sit behind me and pick my brain, and he also went out and played the game, and now he’s just taking that and everything is unfolding for him,” Vick said. “He’s going out there and everything he’s worked for and put into his game, he’s putting it to work, and that’s what you’ve seen.“He can potentially be a starter in this league for a long time. It’s just about timing, as of right now. As long as he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’s going to continue to build that case.” read more

10 SportsRelated Jobs Black Children Should Look Into Instead

Audio and Video Equipment SpecialistSports teams rely heavily on being able to review footage of games, individual players, schemes, tendencies, etc. Teams always seek people skilled at editing videos and breaking them down for easy, specific viewing. It also can be an entrée into coaching. Mike Brown, who coached the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers twice and Los Angeles Lakers, started as a video coordinator.Public Address AnnouncerHave an appealing voice, read fluidly and have command of an audience? Working courtside or in the press box as the PA announcer could be for you. It’s a coveted job and an important one that puts you right in the middle of the action. read more

The Paul George And Carmelo Anthony Trades Are Looking Less OneSided

By Geoff Foster, Chris Herring and Kyle Wagner More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Embed Code Welcome to The Lab, FiveThirtyEight’s basketball podcast. On this week’s show (Dec. 13, 2017), FiveThirtyEight sports editor Geoff Foster joins Chris and Kyle to break down the latest NBA news. The Golden State Warriors won six straight road games and then continued their streak with a win at home against the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday. Have the Warriors overcome their early struggles? The group discusses. Next, when the Oklahoma City Thunder padded their team with stars earlier this year, they traded away Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis, Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott. But about a third of the way — and two player of the week awards for Oladipo — into the season, the Thunder’s big moves are suddenly looking less one-sided. The group investigates why the exiles are playing so much better on their new teams. Plus, a small-sample-size segment on the Minnesota Timberwolves.Here are links to what was discussed this week:Keep an eye on our 2017-18 NBA predictions, updated after every game.Despite the Warriors’ recent success, ESPN still ranks the Houston Rockets above Golden State.Victor Oladipo was named Eastern Conference player of the week for the second time this season.Doug McDermott has been proving his value to the New York Knicks. read more

Baseball Is For The Youths

More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed FiveThirtyEight Embed Code This past week brought a series of impressive feats from baseball phenoms. Pete Alonso set a record for home runs hit by a National League rookie. Rookie Aristides Aquino hit his 11th home run in just 17 career games, becoming the first player since at least 1900 to do so. And Yankee infielder Gleyber Torres set a record for the most homers since 1969 against a single team when he hit his 13th home run of the season against the Baltimore Orioles. On the show, we break down this era of unprecedented dominance by the young players of MLB.Looking ahead to the start of the 2019 college football season — which kicks off this weekend — we’ll preview which teams to watch for and make our own championship predictions.To round out this all-youth episode, we dive into the Little League World Series and the players whose names suggest that they are destined for greatness.What we’re looking at this week:Neil’s piece on youths in baseball.Forbes breaks down the college football rankings.The joys of Little League World Series fandom from The Ringer. read more

Nick Foles Is Not Carson Wentz And The Eagles Adjusted Accordingly

Foles did little to suggest otherwise in four mostly lackluster appearances to close the regular season. But he spent the month of January proving himself up to the challenge. With 352 yards (on 26-for-33 passing) and three touchdowns versus Minnesota, he produced one of the greatest QB performances in conference championship history. The game brought back memories of Foles’s 2013 season in Philadelphia, when he posted the third-best single-season passer rating in NFL history. But it was also a testament to the adjustments that Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson made to accommodate the different strengths of Wentz and Foles.Under both Wentz in the regular season and Foles during the playoffs, the Eagles’ offense averaged over 390 yards per game. But those yards were accumulated in different ways. Before Wentz’s injury, Philly was a balanced team whose aerial attack primarily relied on the power of its quarterback’s arm — often assisted by Wentz’s magician-like ability to improvise and buy time in the pocket. One thing it didn’t do, however, was ask receivers to do lots of work after hauling in the football. Through Week 14, Wentz led the league in touchdown passes per attempt and ranked third in air yards per attempt, according to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, but his targets were only 22nd in yards after the catch per reception.Foles connected on three 40-yard passes against the Vikings. But those have been big exceptions to the Eagles’ general approach with Foles at the helm, which has been to throw much shorter. In the playoffs, Foles’s average pass has traveled 7.1 yards through the air. Compare that with Wentz’s average of 9.8 air yards per attempt during the regular season, and you can begin to see how Pederson has shifted his offense’s focus. Forty percent of Wentz’s passes went 10 or more yards downfield, compared with 25 percent for Foles in the playoffs. And Foles has actually thrown a larger share of his passes to players at or behind the line of scrimmage (29 percent) than 10 yards past it. *Playoff games onlySource: ESPN Stats & Information Group Carson Wentz7.74.812.415.5%44.3%40.2% Philly’s passing offense changed in the playoffsDistance traveled through the air — and after the catch — for passes by Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks, 2017 season In today’s NFL, throwing shorter passes isn’t always correlated with better outcomes. But Foles is succeeding in large part because his receivers are taking those short passes and running for big gains after the catch. With Wentz under center, the Eagles’ pass-catchers produced only 98.6 yards after the catch per game (eighth-fewest in football); with Foles in the playoffs, they’ve nearly doubled that output (164.5 YAC/game). In particular, they’re doing a ton of damage on screen passes, which Pederson seldom utilized with Wentz. Running back Jay Ajayi, for instance, went from gaining just 7.4 yards after catch per game with Wentz during the regular season1In the five games immediately after Ajayi was acquired from the Miami Dolphins in late October. to 51.0 yards per game in the postseason, including nearly 30 receiving yards per game on screens alone. Foles is also making smart reads and getting the ball out very quickly. In the playoffs, he’s averaging 2.39 seconds before each pass, a mark that would have been fourth-fastest in the NFL during the regular season. (Wentz, for comparison, was 17th-fastest, at 2.54 seconds.) Foles has used that quick release to lethal effect when conducting the run-pass option — which is more than just a ubiquitous piece of announcer-speak during Eagles broadcasts. The RPO helps freeze defenses with the added threat of handing off to a dangerous runner like Ajayi, and it lends itself to the types of quick passes that Foles has excelled at this postseason. Philly ran plenty of RPOs even before Foles took over, but that section of the playbook has been crucial to Pederson’s resurrection of the Chip Kelly-era version of Foles.Now, it remains to be seen which version will show up for the Super Bowl this Sunday. The conditions have been right for Foles to succeed in the playoffs thus far — Philadelphia hasn’t had to play from behind much and has enjoyed one of the league’s most drastic home-field advantages. But there’s no telling what will happen if things go off script. That’s why the Eagles need to stay out of third-and-long, where the drop-off from Wentz to Foles is really glaring. (On third down with 8 or more yards to go, Wentz was the NFL’s top passer this season according to ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating; only Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers was even remotely close.) They need to keep feeding the ball to Ajayi, who’s averaging roughly the same number of yards from scrimmage in these playoffs (98.5 per game) as he did during his All-Pro season with Miami in 2016. And perhaps most importantly, Foles needs to keep playing mistake-free football: Only 8.2 percent of his passes have been off-target this postseason — a rate that would easily have ranked No. 1 in the league during the regular season.He could do all of that, of course, and still fall short: Tom Brady could always reach into his bag of comeback tricks, and there’s also the small detail of Brady and Bill Belichick’s 15-0 record in the playoffs against teams that they’re facing for the first time in a season. But putting those metaphysical factors aside, the Patriots have their own vulnerabilities. They aren’t exactly a defensive powerhouse, having ranked ninth-worst in the NFL in expected points added during the regular season. And although that number improved as the year went on, they still allowed the league’s fourth-highest QBR on passes that traveled fewer than 10 yards through the air — the kinds of throws they’re likely to see a ton of from Foles and company. If the Eagles can execute their newfound offense and resist Brady’s supercharged comeback powers, there are plenty of reasons to think Foles (of all people) will be the one to deliver Philadelphia its long-awaited Super Bowl parade down Broad Street.Check out our latest NFL predictions. Around Thanksgiving, the idea that the Philadelphia Eagles would make it all the way to Super Bowl LII wouldn’t have surprised many people. Philadelphia started the season 10-1, and quarterback Carson Wentz emerged as the front-runner for league MVP honors. But after Wentz was lost to injury in Week 14, the Eagles’ title chances seemingly disappeared, too. Backups — like Philly’s stopgap, Nick Foles — seldom carry a team to Super Bowl glory. Yards/Completion …% of Passes by Air distance QuarterbackThrough AirAfter CatchTotal<=0 Yds1-10 Yds10+ Yds Nick Foles*5.56.712.228.646.025.4 read more

Kentucky sex offenders contact with student athletes prompts response from Ohio State

A day after the news about the contact between a convicted sex offender Charles Eric Waugh and Ohio State student-athletes, the OSU athletic department released an official statement addressing the matter. “The issue surrounding the individual from Kentucky is being treated by the Department of Athletics as a student-athlete welfare issue,” the OSU athletic department said in a press release late Friday. “When the University became aware that this individual had been seen in pictures-taken in public places-with student-athletes, proactive precautions were taken and the Department of Athletics alerted more than 1,000 OSU student-athletes about this person.” On Thursday, The Lantern obtained an email sent from OSU athletic director for compliance Doug Archie informing Buckeye student-athletes that the university was aware of the contact made between OSU players and Waugh. Listed on Kentucky’s sex offender registry, Waugh, 31, made contact with OSU student-athletes and coaches through social media, using the Twitter handle, @BdubsTriviaGuru. One of the players Waugh made contact with was four-star linebacker recruit Alex Anzalone from OSU’s 2013 class. In a photo circulating around the web, Anzalone is seen with Waugh, fellow 2013 OSU recruit Joey Bosa and Notre Dame verbal-commit Mike Heuerman. On Friday, Anzalone announced his de-commitment from the OSU 2013 class. At this time, it is not clear whether the de-commitment is related to his contact with Waugh. Other OSU student-athletes in contact with Waugh on Twitter include Buckeyes football wide receiver Verlon Reed and former OSU offensive lineman and Cleveland Browns signee, J.B. Shugarts on May 3 and April 28, respectively, In the email sent to OSU student-athletes, Archie warned student athletes of the potential problems that could arise when making contact with a registered sex offender. “The individuals who you associate with on social networking sites (i.e., Twitter, Facebook) can have negative implications on your reputation and the university,” Archie said in the email. “Please remember to choose your ‘social media friends’ carefully!” Archie’s email also included a mugshot of Waugh, as well as links to informational sites about how to block Twitter and Facebook users. Waugh was not made available after The Lantern requested comments from him on Thursday. However, Charlene Waugh, Charles’ Waugh’s mother, told The Lantern she was not aware that the email had been sent to OSU student-athletes, but said that plans were in the works “to clear her son’s name on Tuesday.” In its official statement, the OSU athletic department said Waugh is not associated with OSU in any manner. “He is not a booster. He has not engaged in any activities on behalf of the University,” the athletic department said. “The Department of Athletics will continue to monitor this issue and it will remain proactive in its efforts with regard to precautions for its student-athletes.” read more

Big win honors for Ohio State womens soccer

Ohio State women’s soccer’s season will continue after a big day on and off the pitch. On the field, the No. 21-ranked Buckeyes beat Nebraska, 1-0, in a Big Ten Tournament opening-round match Wednesday to advance to the next round of competition. Off the field, five OSU players received conference honors, the Big Ten announced. OSU, the Big Ten Tournament’s No. 2-seed, got the eventual game-winner from sophomore midfielder Ellyn Gruber just before halftime. Buckeyes freshman goalkeeper Jillian McVicker made one save in the game to help OSU advance. Prior to the game, the Big Ten Conference announced that five OSU players had received honors, including record-setting senior forward Tiffany Cameron. Cameron, along with junior midfielder Danica Wu, was named a first-team All-Big Ten selection to add to her recent success. On Monday, Cameron was named Big Ten Player of the Week for the second consecutive week after scoring twice in a 5-0 win against Indiana to become OSU’s all-time leading goal scorer. After entering the match against the Hoosiers tied with former Buckeyes Lisa Collison and Lara Dickenmann for the all-time goals lead with 35, Cameron grabbed the record herself with two goals in the team’s regular season finale. Wu was a second team All-Big Ten selection last season and earned the first-team honor despite missing four games on international duty with Canada’s U-20 team. OSU senior midfielder/forward Kendyl Reed, McVicker and junior goalkeeper Rachel Middleman were also honored by the conference, according to a Wednesday OSU release. Reed was tabbed a second team All-Big Ten selection after posting one assist in 18 starts for the Buckeyes while McVicker was named to the Big Ten’s All-Freshman Team after allowing just four goals in almost 734 minutes in goal this season. Middleman was the Buckeyes’ sportsmanship honoree. Members of OSU women’s soccer were not immediately made available for The Lantern’s Wednesday request for comment. OSU (14-4-1) will continue Big Ten Conference play Friday against either No. 3-seeded Michigan or No. 6-seeded Wisconsin. Kickoff for the tournament’s semifinal-round game is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. in Bloomington, Ind. read more

Commentary Johnathan Hankins should receive top consideration among defensive linemen

No Ohio State football players were selected in the first round of last year’s draft, but thanks to Johnathan Hankins, the Buckeyes should be represented on the draft’s first day this time around.The junior defensive tackle made an unsurprising decision when he announced Monday he would bypass his senior season and enter the 2013 NFL draft. Hankins, a second-team Associated Press All-American this season, is very likely to be a first-round draft pick.He could even be the first top-10 draft pick from OSU since former defensive lineman Vernon Gholston was selected with the No. 6 overall pick in 2008.Hankins has the measurables and skill set that NFL teams look for in a nose tackle. At a listed weight of 322 pounds, Hankins is a massive man, and with that size comes great strength and power. He supplements that girth with a rare level of quickness and athleticism for a man of his size, which truly makes him a special player and NFL prospect.In order to contain his size and explosive combination of strength and quickness, opposing offensive lines consistently double-teamed Hankins throughout his OSU career.In two full seasons as a starter, Hankins was very productive, picking up 122 tackles and 15 tackles for loss, but much of his impact doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. He is not a great pass-rusher, but by consistently occupying blockers, he frees up lanes for his teammates to make plays.By entering the draft, Hankins enters a class that is highly competitive among defensive tackle prospects. Utah’s Star Lotulelei, Alabama’s Jesse Williams and Georgia’s John Jenkins are all massive but athletic nose tackles like Hankins, and all should be first-round picks. Even with all of that competition to be among the draft’s top picks, it would come as a big surprise if Hankins falls outside of the top 20.Defensive tackles with Hankins’ size, athleticism, ability to impact plays and collegiate productivity don’t come along in every draft class. With the potential to be a top-10 draft choice, it is hard to blame him for choosing to make the jump to the next level. He should have the opportunity to play immediately, and he will get paid for it.By leaving one season early for the NFL, Hankins sacrificed the opportunity to be part of a Buckeyes team expected to make a national championship run in 2013. On the other side of the equation, the Buckeyes lose one of their best defensive players, and will have no returning starters on the defensive line next season.Even with Hankins’ early exit and the graduations of 2012 starters John Simon, Nathan Williams and Garrett Goebel, the Buckeyes should still have a strong defensive line next season. The Buckeyes have done a great job recruiting defensive linemen over the past few years, including sophomore Michael Bennett and freshmen Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington and Tommy Schutt, all of whom played well in limited action this season, and will likely form the Buckeyes’ starting front four next year.Of the four departing linemen, Hankins will be the toughest to replace, as the Buckeyes do not have another player on the roster with Hankins’ combination of size and explosive athleticism. But even with his loss, the Buckeyes have enough talent on defense to be a championship-caliber team in 2013.Hankins has the versatility to excel at the next level in the middle of a three-man defensive front or as one of two defensive tackles in a four-man front. That makes him an attractive option for any team in need of a defensive tackle. Potential teams who could draft Hankins include the Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings.The 2013 NFL draft begins April 25. If not the first defensive tackle selected, Hankins should at least be among the top two or three. read more

Mens Basketball Ohio State stuns No 1 Michigan State with 8064 upset

Redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop drives to the basket in the first half of Ohio State’s 80-64 win against No. 1 Michigan State. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State and its sixth man showed up in the Schottenstein Center Sunday.The crowd of 17,599 was as loud as it has been in years and the players did everything they could to keep the fans energized as the Buckeyes (13-4, 4-0 Big Ten) stunned No. 1 Michigan State (15-2, 3-1 Big Ten) in an 80-64 upset. It was Ohio State’s first win over a top-ranked opponent since Feb. 25, 2007 when it beat No. 1 Wisconsin 49-48. After the game had ended and all the fans who had stormed the court began making their way to the exits, Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann had a moment to reflect on the game that had just unfolded.“Whoa. That was quite an afternoon,” Holtmann said Sunday. “We’ll enjoy this one today here. I can’t say enough about the crowd. The energy was outstanding. Obviously to be expected, we played an incredible team and incredible program, but wow, they really lifted us and lifted our guys.”Buckeye fans celebrate following the game against Michigan State on Jan. 7 in Value City Arena. Ohio State won 80-64. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State ended the first-half on a 16-2 run, capped off by an improbable buzzer-beating 3 from Youngstown on the half-court image by redshirt senior guard Andrew Dakich to take a 41-29 lead, the largest halftime deficit the top-ranked Spartans have faced this season. “That really was a critical stretch. It was all things kind of went in our favor at our point,” Holtmann said Sunday. “All that kind of played into it and it broke open what was a really close game.”The Spartans appeared to seize momentum early with forward Miles Bridges making a mid-range jumpshot and forward Jaren Jackson making a 3 to put them up 5-0 just 36 seconds into the game. About a minute later, Jackson made another athletic layup, spinning while in the air to put his team up 7-2. Bridges finished with 17 points and seven rebounds, while Jackson had 11 points before fouling out with 9:49 left in the game.But Ohio State remained in the game and progressively began to take over momentum. With every make by Ohio State and miss by Michigan State, the Schottenstein Center was brought to life.A mid-range jump shot by Tate to bring the Buckeyes to within two and subsequent make by redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop sent the crowd into a frenzy as the Buckeyes took a 12-11 lead. A 3 by Bates-Diop gave his team some breathing room and extended its lead to 15-11. He led the game in points with a career-high 32 and added seven rebounds.Bates-Diop caught a pass from Dakich in stride as he raced towards the basket, slamming it home for a one-handed dunk to give Ohio State the 31-29 lead with 1:05 left and forcing the Spartans to call a timeout.Tate took over the game for Ohio State in the final minute of the first half, making a layup to put Ohio State up 33-29. He blocked a layup attempt on the other end of the court by Jackson, dished it over to redshirt senior guard Kam Williams back in the Buckeyes’ offensive side of the court who knocked down a 3 to push the team’s lead to 36-29. Bates-Diop then made two free-throws resulting from a technical foul on Michigan State’s bench.The Buckeyes resumed their roll right out of the gate in the second half. Just 11 seconds in, Williams caught a pass from freshman center Kaleb Wesson and threw down a thundering one-handed dunk to put Ohio State up 43-29. After a Spartan possession, Williams knocked down a 3-pointer to go up 46-31. Ohio State junior guard C.J. Jackson made a defender fall to the ground with a crossover to the left and drove to the basket for a short-range jumper in the paint to put the Buckeyes up 65-42 with 12:23. Tate followed that up with a layup to give Ohio State the 67-42 lead, its largest lead over the Spartans.Ohio State junior guard C.J. Jackson (3) brings the ball down the court in the second half in the game against Michigan State on Jan. 7 in Value City Arena. Ohio State won 80-64. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorMichigan State began to regain some momentum, going on a 10-0 run to cut Ohio State’s lead down to just 69-55. But a dunk by Bates-Diop ended the run and shifted momentum back in the Buckeyes’ corner as the team went on a 8-2 run. The run brought back memories for several of the Ohio State players to last season when the team often blew leads late. And those memories proved fuel for the team to try and avoid letting up at the end.“We’ve been in situations where we’ve been up 20 and we’ve lost in the last one minute. It happened multiple times last year,” Tate said. “I think me, Keita and the guys that were here last year just continue to have those flashbacks in our mind. We call it, ‘Don’t fold. Like don’t fold like a lawn chair.’ And that’s all we kept saying was we are not folding today. And we got it done.”The Buckeyes shot 53 percent from the field — 47 percent from the 3 — while Michigan State shot just 39 percent from the field and 28 from beyond the arc. Ohio State outscored Michigan State 30-24 in the paint and 10-4 in points off turnovers despite losing the turnover battle 12-6.Ohio State will celebrate its upset victory today, but the players and coaches both said after the game thoughts will quickly turn to facing Maryland, which comes to the Schottenstein Center Thursday at 7 p.m. read more

Mens Basketball Ohio State routs UNC Pembroke in exhibition 8163

Ohio State started the game on a 13-2 run and never looked back, defeating UNC Pembroke 81-63 in its final exhibition before the start of the regular season.Ohio State used the exhibition game to its advantage, bringing out a variety of lineups, each showing a strong defensive intensity and willingness to move the ball. Every player active on Ohio State’s roster saw time on the court during the exhibition.“A lot to take from this game for us, good and bad, a lot to take from it, so I was glad we got to play a lot of different guys,” head coach Chris Holtmann said. “We’ll move forward, a lot to improve on, we have some significant, significant areas that need improvement, significant areas.”The Buckeyes held the Braves to 32.8 percent shooting, and allowed 20 free throw attempts in the game, 16 of which came in the second half.Among the multiple switches in lineup, freshman guard Luther Muhammad stood out, finishing a plus-32, the highest on the team.Muhammad finished the game with nine points on 3-of-5 shooting to go along with three assists.The freshman guard said he sees his role as mainly a defensive player that can work well with senior guard C.J. Jackson.“I’ve been known for my defense, so that comes first,” Muhammad said. “Be a high-intensity guy and try and set the tone with C.J. and the rest of the three other guys that’s on the floor, and basically just be yourself.”Late in the first half, Muhammad drove to the basket, forced contact, earned the foul and finished the layup while falling to the ground, one of several strong drives to the basket by the Buckeyes throughout the game.The Buckeyes used their size advantage, especially through junior and sophomore forwards Kaleb and Andre Wesson, to gain a massive edge on the boards.UNC Pembroke, a 27-win team and Peach Belt Division II conference champion in 2018, was held to 35 rebounds on the night.“I think it’s a solid defensive team that we have to start the game,” Holtmann said. “We don’t have the versatility that we have with last year’s group in [Jae’Sean Tate] and Keita [Bates-Diop], and that’s significant, we’re gonna have to figure some things out as coaches because we don’t have that versatility.”Kaleb Wesson led the team with 10 rebounds, helping the team total 56 boards, including 21 offensive rebounds. Ohio State went up 42-24 in the first half, led by Muhammad’s nine points. Junior center Micah Potter scored eight on 3-3 shooting in the half, each of the three shots coming with an and-one opportunity.Potter led the team with 13 points, making all four of his attempts. He added a fourth and-one chance in the second half, getting a pass down low and finishing a tough layup before adding the free throw, putting the Buckeyes up 61-31.Even with an 18-point lead halfway through the game, the Buckeyes had nine turnovers and shot 2-10 on its three-point attempts. The second half was more of the same. Ohio State totaled 21 turnovers, and shot 5-of-25 from three on the night.“I’m not as worried about our shooting, because I think some of that is just you’re getting a feel and jitters,” Holtmann said. “But certainly turnovers, certainly, way too careless with the ball today.”Holtmann said he will not play guys extended minutes moving forward that don’t take care of the ball.Ohio State will officially open the season Wednesday when the Buckeyes take on Cincinnati at 6 p.m.Story updated at 10: 28 p.m. to include quotes from postgame interviews. read more

Mother of junior doctors strike leader was nurses firebrand who plotted full

first_imgShe followed in her mother’s footsteps as an enthusiastic union supporter, first becoming ‘active’ in the British Medical Association in 2013, rising to the ranks of deputy chair of the junior doctors’ committee.The committee at the time was led by Johann Malawana, who brokered the deal with Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, that should have led to a truce between junior doctors and Conservative ministers. Sources close to the negotiations in May said that Dr McCourt was instrumental in reaching agreement with Mr Hunt.But when the BMA put the deal to its members, they rejected it, prompting Dr Malawana to quit his post and for Dr McCourt to stand unopposed in his place. Dr McCourt has been an enthusiastic member of the BMACredit:Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Dr Ellen McCourt studied at St Andrews UniversityCredit:Simon Greener/Newcastle Chronicle Junior Doctors to take strike action 12-16 September: full withdrawal of labour 8am-5pm with further dates to be confirmed #junioraction— #hellomynameisEllen (@McCourtEllen) August 31, 2016 The mother of the junior doctors’ leader behind the NHS strikes plotted an all-out stoppage by nurses when she headed its union, The Telegraph can disclose.Professor Kath McCourt, whose daughter Ellen is spearheading the five-day doctors’ strike, was chair of the governing council of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) when it threatened its own industrial action just four years ago.Prof McCourt was at the forefront of the push for a ballot in January 2012 over the Government’s plan to change nurses’ pensions.  Unlike her mother, Ellen McCourt, 32, is determined to press ahead with the junior doctor’s strike. Born into an affluent home in Whitley Bay, the seaside resort in the north east, Dr McCourt has followed an unconventional career path since graduating with a medical sciences degree from St Andrews University in 2006 and a further medical degree from the University of Manchester in 2009.  She completed a year as an orthopaedic registrar in the north east before taking a year out to study for an MSc in global health at Kings College London. The programme included volunteering work in two of Africa’s most dangerous countries – Somaliland and the Democratic Republic of Congo.On returning to the UK, she moved back up north, working in the A&E in hospitals in Hull where she is now an emergency medicine trainee.  Dr Ellen McCourt Dr Ellen McCourt is pressing ahead with the strike Credit:BMA  Dr McCourt is adamant that junior doctors have been left with no choice but to strike.“Genuine efforts to resolve the dispute have been met with an unwillingness to engage, and, at times, deafening silence from the secretary of state,” she complained.On Thursday senior Government sources complained the BMA council had become too political and that members of it had strong labour ties. Dr Ellen McCourt  The RCN members subsequently voted to reject the Government’s deal but the turnout was so low – at just 16 per cent – that the union declined to plough on with industrial action. The RCN has never taken all-out strike action in its history.At the time, Prof McCourt  said that while nurses “would not take an unprecedented step over industrial action lightly”, the union was being pushed towards a ballot by Government intransigence.Six months later, Prof McCourt, who retired earlier this year at the age of 63 as dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Northumbria University, was awarded a CBE for services to the nursing profession. The new proposal for all out strikes – beginning on Sept 12 – has astonished ministers, not least because Dr McCourt had played such an important role in the spring in seemingly bringing an end to hostilities.A source close to the negotiations said: “Ellen McCourt led them and she was in the room every step of the way. Every bit of the new contract she signed off. To then turn around and say we need to deprive patients of live-saving care is astonishing hypocrisy.“So many of the things the BMA asked for, the Government gave to them. They came up with an idea for weekend working and she was heavily involved in that. She basically co-led the negotiations with Johann, the only two BMA negotiators present.” Dr Ellen McCourtlast_img read more

Mad Max bikers cause chaos in Leeds with police forced to close

first_imgI see Leeds has gone all Mad Max on us tonight… #Scenes 🏍— Gavin Wilson (@GavWilson) October 31, 2016 Jack Hurley, who posted footage from the road showing bikers doing wheelies, added: “Bloody hell – it has all gone a bit Mad Max.”Others described the group as a “nuisance” and “scary”. One warned: “About 50 mopeds and quads causing chaos and damage all along Kirkstall Road and surrounding areas. Don’t go out if you don’t have to.” If anyone fancies the fright of their life tonight try driving through the dirt bike carnage currently happening on Kirkstall Road. #hellish— Kerry Ramsay (@kezmatronic) October 31, 2016 Dozens of “Mad Max” bikers caused Halloween chaos in Leeds with police forced to close a major road after a “ride out” was organised on social media.Footage taken by a pedestrian showed off-road bikes and quads racing down Kirkstall Road on Monday night, with some doing U-turns and riding on the pavement.Residents compared the scene to one from post-apocalyptic show Mad Max. One wrote on Twitter: “Apparently part of Kirkstall Rd is now closed due to rampaging biker gangs. #Leeds is dressed up as Mad Max for Halloween, it seems.” A teenager, 16, was arrested near London Bridge on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle while the final person, a 22-year-old man, was arrested for dangerous driving and driving without insurance in the Streatham area.Superintendent Ade Adelekan, from the Met Command and Control, said the riders’ “recklessness” endangered themselves, other road users and pedestrians.He added: “This is totally unacceptable behaviour that tied up significant resources that could have been better employed in emergency situations elsewhere.”  No arrests were made in Leeds.  West Yorkshire Police confirmed the event had been organised on social media. A spokesman said the road was closed as the bikers were riding up and down it causing disruption to traffic.The road is believed to have been closed for 90 minutes before police were able to reopen it. The footage came as the Metropolitan Police announced it had made eight arrests following a ride-out across London on Sunday.Four men, aged between 17 and 32, were arrested in Blackheath for failing to stop, while two others, aged 20 and 28, were arrested near London Bridge for failing to stop and dangerous driving. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Police officer stabbed in Bow east London

first_imgA man has been held on suspicion of attempting to murder a police officer in a knife attack.The male officer was knifed while on duty near a pub in Bow, east London, on Tuesday evening.London Air Ambulance and London Ambulance Service treated the injured officer who was taken to an east London hospital in a non-life-threatening condition. Bow road is blocked too now. Waiting for a press statement from the police. pic.twitter.com/msBgj6ezfT— Valeria Fiore (@oValeriaFioreo) November 22, 2016 Police officer seriously injured on Bow Road E3, please avoid the area #ResponseteamE— Tower Hamlets MPS (@MPSTowerHam) November 22, 2016 Huge police presence at Bow Church DLR. Helicopter above and road completely closed. Best to steer clear.— Liam Young (@liamyoung) November 22, 2016 A man was arrested on suspicion of attempting to murder the officer, who was in plain clothes when he was attacked near the Bows Bell Pub on Bow Road at 9.22pm.Scotland Yard said the incident was not being treated as terrorism related at this stage and a knife was recovered.The road was cordoned off after the incident and locals said a police helicopter was seen overhead. In a statement the force said: “A plain clothes police officer has been stabbed whilst on duty in Bow Rd, E3 near Bows Bell Pub at 21:22hrs on Tuesday, 22 November.”London Air Ambulance and London Ambulance Service have attended and the officer has been taken to an east London hospital in a non-life-threatening condition.”One male has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. A knife has been recovered. Enquiries are ongoing.”At this early stage, this incident is not being treated as terrorist related.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Earn as you learn plan for nurses with new parttime degrees

first_imgBy creating hundreds of new apprentice nurses, we can help healthcare assistants and others reach their potential as a fully trained nurseJeremy Hunt Jeremy Hunt will make the announcement on WednesdayCredit:Stefan Rousseau/PA Nurses will be able to “earn as they learn” under new plans for part-time degrees. The Health Secretary said the new apprenticeships will encourage people from all backgrounds into the profession, with 1000 new places starting next year.The Health Secretary hopes it will offer a new route into nursing for those put off by a full-time degree. They will be able to qualify over four or five years – instead of the usual three.The new scheme will allow teens straight out of school to start working as trainees in hospitals. It will also help older care assistants become nurses. Speaking at the NHS Providers conference in Birmingham, Mr Hunt is expected to say: “Nurses are the lifeblood of our NHS, but the routes to a nursing degree currently shut out some of the most caring, compassionate staff in our country.“I want those who already work with patients to be able to move into the jobs they really want and I know for many, this means becoming a nurse.“Not everyone wants to take time off to study full time at University so by creating hundreds of new apprentice nurses, we can help healthcare assistants and others reach their potential as a fully trained nurse.” Jeremy Hunt  Hospital ward Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Nursing associates were created to ease the burden on qualified nursesCredit:Peter Byrne/PA Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, said thousands can now train as nurses without attending university full-time.She said: “The Nursing Degree Apprenticeship offers a new, exciting route into nursing that is open to more people whether they are working within the NHS already or would like to pursue a career in nursing.”Ministers will also announce plans to regulate so-called “cut-price” nurses, in a separate scheme. The role of “nursing associates” is being been created to ease the burden on qualified nurses. However the plans have triggered controversy, with concern that too much responsibility will be given to to those with just two years’ training. Gail Adams, Unison head of nursing said the new plans would not help nurses if they could not afford to go to university. The Government is abolishing bursaries for nurse training, and introducing student loans for living costs and tuition fees.Ms Adams said: “Nursing degree apprentices need to be properly paid and supported. Or they’ll be unable to balance studying for a degree with the pressures of work.”And nursing associates shouldn’t be a substitute for registered nurses. Jeremy Hunt risks diluting the vital work of nurses in providing compassionate and dignified care to patients.” Nurse associates will be able to administer controlled drugs, which has sparked fears that the role could compromise patient safety. The first 2,000 associates begin training next month with another 1,000 starting later.Mr Hunt will announce new safeguards on the role, saying that the nurse associates will be regulated – meaning they could be struck off over failings.Mr Hunt will say: “Nursing Associates are not there to replace registered nurses  but to support and complement them.”But I have listened carefully to what has been said and agree that, on balance, statutory professional regulation is a necessary and proportionate requirement for this important new role.”last_img read more

Marine A Sgt Alexander Blackman denied bail over Christmas ahead of murder conviction

first_imgMarine A flag outside the High Court Show more Supporters of the imprisoned Royal Marine at Eastcide City Park in BirminghamCredit:John Robertson for The Telegraph Sgt Blackman during a patrol in Afghanistan in which an insurgent was killedCredit:MoD/PA Supporters of Marine A gathered outside the courtCredit:Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph  Sgt Blackman’s wife Claire at a rally in Parliament Square, London, in support of her husbandCredit:Nick Ansell/PA The court heard that the former marine had been offered a job, and that his wife was “a woman of strong character [who] can be relied on to exert control over him”.Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas said Mr Goldberg had emphasised  Blackman’s “otherwise exemplary service, the fact that he was given bail prior to trial, the fact he was allowed to handle weapons with live ammunition while on bail, the strength of his case on appeal, the risk he might have to serve longer in prison than the court orders on the appeal and the exceptional sureties that have agreed to stand for him”. Claire Blackman, the wife of Sergeant Alexander Blackman Giving his first interview, he told Channel 4 News: “Very sadly I feel that at a series of levels above Sgt Blackman that sort of leadership was absent.”Blackman, who was described in court as having been a “model prisoner” during his three years behind bars, was granted an expedited appeal hearing, set for late January, to establish whether military prosecutors will accept new evidence about his mental state when he shot a mortally wounded insurgent at point blank range, in 2011.The court heard that Blackman is appealing against his murder conviction on six grounds, arguing that it should be reduced to a verdict of manslaughter by diminished responsibility because of fresh psychiatric evidence. Marine A A Royal Marine who was jailed for murdering a Taliban captive will spend Christmas behind bars after the Lord Chief Justice refused to grant him bail ahead of an appeal against his conviction.There were cries of “disgrace” from the public gallery as the most senior judge in England and Wales ruled that Alexander Blackman could not be reunited with his wife for Christmas, despite prosecutors failing to raise any objections to granting the former sergeant bail.Claire Blackman, who had said that having her husband home for the festive period would be the “best Christmas ever”, said she was “disappointed” by the decision, which was described as “grossly unfair” by one former senior officer. Jonathan Goldberg, QC, acting for Blackman, also revealed that his claim would include allegations that the former marine’s legal team during his trial, in 2013, were incompetent.He was handed a life sentence of ten years, later cut to eight on appeal. Blackman, who watched proceedings via a videolink from HMP Erlestoke, in Wiltshire, applied for bail last week, but the hearing was adjourned until Wednesday, so prosecutors could consider whether they would challenge new psychiatric evidence. Colonel Richard Kemp, a former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, said the verdict was “very, very unfair” on the couple. He added: “They have been let down. I think it’s just wrong.”The verdict came as Blackman’s former commanding officer, Colonel Oliver Lee, revealed that he had warned senior officers about the behavior of the former marine’s unit.Colonel Lee, who resigned his post over what he called an “extremely bizarre” decision to prevent him from giving evidence at Blackman’s  court martial, said the unit was operating in “extremely challenging” circumstances which required “very strong leadership” to enable “exceptionally disciplined soldiering”. The judge added: “He also emphasises the appellant has been a model prisoner, that he has a job to go to and that his wife, a woman of strong character, can be relied on to exert control over him. He would bear with fortitude a return to prison.”But Lord Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice Sweeney, ruled that there were not “overwhelming circumstances” for allowing the former marine to return home, after prosecutors said they believed the new evidence did not back up claims that his conviction should be reduced to manslaughter, and that they  wished to cross-examine two eminent psychiatrists involved in the case.He also said that even if Blackman’s conviction was reduced to manslaughter, it was not clear that a fresh sentence would “definitely” equate to a prison stretch shorter than the three years the former marine has already served. In a lengthy ruling, Lord Thomas said: “Despite the powerful new psychiatric and other evidence, the question of whether a verdict of diminished responsibility should be substituted or a re-trial ordered is a matter of dispute on the part of the Crown.“In those circumstances the court cannot say that the merits of the appeal are overwhelming, nor can it say that there is any other basis upon which it could take the exceptional course of allowing bail in circumstances where it is able so substantially to expedite the appeal.“The practice of the court is always to expedite appeals, rather than release on bail. The court, despite the unprecedented nature of this case, bearing in mind the seriousness of the crime of murder of which the appellant has been convicted and the lesser, though extremely serious offence, which he seeks to have substituted can see no basis for departing from what is that practice.” Sgt Alexander Blackman Claire Blackman outside the courtCredit:Geoff Pugh for the Telegraph  Claire Blackman outside the court Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Families asked to take over daunting care duties so hospital patients can

first_imgHowever, NHS England has since confirmed that it is looking to expand on the Lincolnshire scheme and push on with plans to recruit 500 doctors from Europe, as part of plans to recruit 5,000 more GPs by 2020.The area has one of the biggest shortfalls in GPs anywhere in England.Earlier this week a report by the NAO  suggested the plans could still leave a shortfall of almost 2,000 doctors.And the Royal College of GPs estimates a shortfall of almost 10,000 doctors, based on recent retirement rates.Last month the head of the RCGP warned that patients were being placed at increasing risk by waits of up to one month to see a GP amid winter pressures.The NAO report  said short opening hours among practices were associated with higher rates of A&E attendances, and higher death rates. In other areas, GPs are being drafted in to help send patients home and free up beds. Doctors said the moves were driven by “panic” and took no account of desperate shortages of GPs.In NHS North Lincolnshire, family doctors are being called in to review patients at Scunthorpe General Hospital amid “unprecedented demand” on services with patients experiencing “extremely long A&E waits.”The area is struggling with a major shortfall of GPs, and is currently recruiting doctors from Lithuania, Poland and Greece in a bid to plug gaps. Dr Andrew Green, chairman of the British Medical Association’s GP committee clinical and prescribing subcommittee, said the request was “incredible”.NHS North Lincolnshire clinical commissioning group (CCG) officials have been trying to relieve pressure on Scunthorpe General Hospital, which they said is “facing unprecedented demand” on services, with patients “experiencing extremely long A&E waits”.One GP, speaking anonymously, said they had “never seen a request like it in over 20 years of practice”.An NHS North Lincolnshire CCG spokesman said: “As is the case with hospitals in many parts of the UK this week, our local acute hospital is currently experiencing significant bed pressures”.The plans come as health officials attempt to  recruit hundreds of GPs  from countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Greece with promises of £90,000 salaries and “generous relocation packages” in a bid to tackle a spiralling NHS crisis.The new scheme run by NHS England will see doctors from across the EU undergoing 12 weeks training in Poland before they start work in Britain.Health officials are trawling EU countries for medical staff in a  bid to plug shortages of family doctors, amid warnings that long waits to see GPs are fuelling the Accident & Emergency (A&E) crisis.Medics from Croatia, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Poland have now been recruited, as part of plans which aim to bring 500 doctors in from the EU ahead of Brexit.Patients groups said the measures were “desperate” and said the NHS had “taken a wrong turn” in failing to attract enough home-grown doctors.On Wednesday a report by the National Audit Office warned that poor access to GPs during the working day could be fuelling Britain’s A&E crisis.The watchdog said almost half of practices had closures during office hours,  with one fifth regularly closing their doors by 3pm.It followed warnings that rising numbers of patients are being forced to wait a month to see a family doctor, with estimates of a shortage of up to 10,000 GPs by 2020.The new scheme, being piloted in Lincolnshire by local medical committees and NHS England,  is being used as a blueprint for national plans to hire 500 GPs from overseas.Doctors will be promised a guaranteed annual salary of £90,000 and a “generous relocation package” to move to England.Health officials are currently advertising 25 posts, around half of which have been filled, Pulse magazine disclosed.NHS England plans to roll out the Lincolnshire scheme more widely to meet the Government’s target of 500 GPs from overseas.Under the scheme, doctors from countries all over Europe will be able to come to Britain after undergoing 12 weeks of paid training at a campus in Poland.The induction programme will provide medics with English language lessons and teach doctors about the culture of the NHS.The first round of recruits are due to start training next week, in order to start work in England from April, with the next wave due to start training within three months.The average family doctor in England earns around £100,000 annually, but the majority of those receiving six-figure earnings are GP partners, with several years’ experience.Joyce Robins, from Patient Concern, said: “These really do sound like desperate measures. It is horrifying to think of all the money we have spent training doctors who have left to work in New Zealand and Australia, only for us to have to trawl abroad to find GPs.” NHS England has promised to recruit 500 GPs from overseas by 2020Credit:PA  ambulance Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A five year forward view by NHS England, which is led by Simon Stevens, promises 5000 more GPs by 2020 Credit:PA  Simon Stevens The idea of supporting recovery may seem daunting at first, but learning these basic techniques, such as administering injections or supporting someone to move from their chair to their bed in the correct way means that your loved one can be discharged earlierDr Nick Wilmott, NHS West Leicestershire CCG clinical lead “Patients need a GP who can chat to them about their concerns, not someone who has just finished an English language course,” she added.“I fid it terrifying that we have reached this crisis point, with so many people flooding into A&E because they can’t see a GP. I do feel the NHS has taken a wrong turn in letting things get so bad.”The plan is an attempt to attract doctors ahead of restrictions that could arise from Brexit.The overseas recruitment drive appears at odds with the Government’s plan for the NHS to become less reliant on foreign doctors and in the long-term “self-sufficient” in producing medical staff. Demand on emergency services is risingCredit:Andrew Fox doctor  Families are being asked to take over “daunting” caring and treatment duties, so hospital patients can be sent home sooner, in a bid to stem overcrowding in Accident & Emergency departments. Health officials have urged relatives to take on tasks such as administering injections and helping move patients amid extreme pressures on hospitals.They said they needed help from families to ensure patients could be discharged from wards more quickly, so beds could be found for A&E patients. Dr Nick Wilmott, NHS West Leicestershire clinical commissioning group clinical lead said: ‘We’re asking people to be prepared to support their loved ones to recover at home wherever possible.”The idea of supporting recovery may seem daunting at first, but learning these basic techniques, such as administering injections or supporting someone to move from their chair to their bed in the correct way means that your loved one can be discharged earlier, and ultimately recover more quickly at home.”Officials said the measures were necessary because the A&E department at Leicester Royal Infirmary was “extremely busy.”last_img read more

Harmful plastic pellets found on three quarters of British beaches

first_imgWe are asking the UK Government to ensure best practice is in place along the full plastic supply chain, and any further nurdle pollution is stoppedMadeleine Berg, Fidra Plastic bottles The largest number recorded in the Great Winter Nurdle Hunt weekend in early February were found at Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, where 33 volunteers from the Widemouth Task Force collected around 127,500 pellets on a 100-metre stretch of beach.Hundreds or even thousands of the tiny pellets were also spotted by volunteers over a short period of time in locations from Porth Neigwl, Wales, to the shoreline in front of the dunes at Seaton, Hartlepool, and after stormy conditions on the Isle of Wight.They are one of the main sources of “primary microplastics” – small pieces of plastic which have not come from larger items broken down into little bits – in European seas and can cause damage to wildlife, such as birds and fish which eat them.Experts warn they can also soak up chemical pollutants from their surroundings and then release the toxins into the creatures that eat them.Overall, more than 600 volunteers took part in the Great Winter Nurdle Hunt organised by Scottish environmental charity Fidra and other organisations.Results from the hunt will be fed into the Government’s consultation on microplastics, looking at ways of tackling the problem. Small plastic pellets that can kill wildlife are being found on nearly three quarters of Britain’s beaches, a new survey has found.Searches of 270 shorelines from Shetland to the Scilly Isles revealed most are being blighted by lentil-sized “nurdles”, which are used as a raw material for building plastic products.Billions of the lightweight objects escape into the environment each year, either spilt into rivers and oceans or getting into drains during their manufacture or transport. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Hundreds of nurdles are used to make a plastic bottleCredit:Telegraph Madeleine Berg, projects officer at Fidra, said: “The information we’ve gathered will be vital to show the UK Government that pellets are found on beaches all around the UK and, importantly, that so many people care about the issue.”Simple precautionary measures can help spillages and ensure nurdles don’t end up in our environment.”We are asking the UK Government to ensure best practice is in place along the full plastic supply chain, and any further nurdle pollution is stopped.”UK factories use 7.3 million tons of plastic each year, most of it made up of tiny pellets between 3mm and 5mm wide and weighing about 20mg each.About 600 nurdles are used to make a small plastic water bottle.Although only a tiny fraction – less than 0.01 per cent – are thought to escape, so many nurdles pass through the UK’s factories that as many as 53 billion are spilled into the wider environment each year, according to the report by the research group Eunomia.That is the equivalent of 35 tanker-loads of pellets weighing more than 1,000 tons.In 2015 study found that nurdles posed a risk to a key puffin colony on the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth.It found the tiny pellets in the stomachs of many of the birds, adding to the array of plastic fragments that have become so prevalent in the oceans that nine out of ten sea birds already have some lodged in their stomachs.Campaigners arguing for tougher action on irresponsible manufacturers have pointed to the dramatic reduction of plastic bags on British beaches in the wake of the introduction of the 5p charge.Reports last year suggested the number of bags being washed up onto the shoreline had halved in the 12 months since the minimum charge was brought in.last_img read more

Duke of Wellingtons 400piece gilt dinner set laid out for first time

first_imgA spectacular dining set given to the Duke of Wellington to celebrate his victory over Napoleon is to go on on display for the first time as it would have been used, laid out in full 200 years on.For the first time visitors to Apsley House, Wellington’s London home, will be able to see part of the collection of 400 gilded pieces set out on the dining room table in the Waterloo Gallery.The new display marks the 200th anniversary of the commissioning of the dinner service in 1817 by King Frederick William III of Prussia as a gift to honour the Duke of Wellington after his victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. They will be displayed in the Waterloo Gallery Some of the 400 pieces of the original set, which took two years to make and is recognised as one of the finest made by the Berlin Porcelain Factory, will be laid out on the table.They include 34 dessert plates, each chronologically depicting a place or event connected to the Duke’s life, beginning with his birthplace of Dublin, through to battles in India, the Peninsular Wars, Waterloo and the opening of Waterloo Bridge.Fruit baskets, wine coolers, ice-cream pails, vases, soup tureens, candelabra and decorative statues will also be on display in the opulent surroundings of the Waterloo Gallery, a room created to host the Duke’s annual Waterloo Banquet. The pieces were commissioned in 1817 by King Frederick William III of Prussia Credit:Geoff Pugh Each commemorates a place or event connected to Wellington’s lifeCredit:Geoff Pugh The pieces were commissioned in 1817 by King Frederick William III of Prussia Each commemorates a place or event connected to Wellington's life They will be displayed in the Waterloo GalleryCredit:Geoff Pugh “The 200th anniversary of its commission is the perfect time to share these historic mementos with the public and transform Apsley from a house to a home.”Visitors will be able to see the dinner service laid out in the Waterloo Gallery at the house, which stands on the corner of Hyde Park and was once known as Number One London, from Saturday April 1. The banquet was an event held to celebrate the final victory over Napoleon with the king and selected guests.Josephine Oxley, English Heritage curator, said: “To display the magnificent Prussian dinner service for the first time as it would have been used by the 1st Duke of Wellington is a great privilege.”These rich and fascinating items tell the remarkable story of a man who made a great impact on the history of Europe and the service exists as the ultimate display of respect and gratitude.last_img read more