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first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Comments   Share   Keep the costly contracts? The team won 11 games last season despite numerous key injuries, and there’s a strong and understandable belief that with a healthy squad, the Cardinals can do some serious damage. But that does not mean the team isn’t entering the offseason without some questions. In no particular order, here are five of the biggest: From the moment the clocked ticked down to 0:00 on the Arizona Cardinals’ 27-16 loss to the Carolina Panthers Saturday, attention was turned to the 2015 season. “Normally, when a season comes to an end, I’m ready for a break,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said. “But I can honestly say I can’t wait to start this next one knowing the quality of the people that we have in that room and the team that we can build around them is very excited.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Now That RightToTry Law Is Enacted Even Supporters Are Wondering If They

first_img Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN) said Monday that its newly approved drug Ultomiris achieved the primary goal of a late-stage clinical trial involving patients with a rare type of kidney disease. Based on the successful outcome of the clinical trial, the Boston-based biotech will file a marketing application with regulators to expand the approved diseases covered by the Ultomiris label. (Feuerstein, 1/28) Stat: Alexion’s Newly Approved Rare-Disease Drug Notches A Clinical Trial Win Patients and family members like Frank and Marilyn [Mongiello] — a half dozen of whom spoke to STAT — described making dozens of unreturned calls to drug makers, outlining plans to pitch the companies on how right to try could be good for business, and even trolling Food and Drug Administration Twitter accounts hoping to drum up some help getting access. Their failures so far underscore just how many questions remain: Did the [right-to-try] law change anything, or did it just give patients false hope? Were the detractors who made such critiques right all along? (Florko, 1/29) Now That Right-To-Try Law Is Enacted, Even Supporters Are Wondering If They Were Sold False Hope As conservatives pushed for the right-to-try legislation, opponents of the bill were vocal in saying that it would give desperate patients false hope. Now, that those patients are trying to get experimental drugs from pharmaceutical companies, they face discouraging obstacles and frustrations. In other pharmaceutical news: Medicare Part D discounts; congressional drug price hearings; an expensive cystic fibrosis treatment; and more. Watch pharmaceutical stocks on Tuesday as the new Congress kicks off its first hearings on drug pricing this year. The two meetings, by the House Oversight and Senate Finance committees, will both focus on the impact of rising drug prices, and lawmakers are expected to make their case for more direct government involvement in pricing decisions for Medicare and allowing Americans to import certain drugs from Canada for personal use. (Darie, 1/28) Bloomberg: Pharma Stocks In Focus As Congress Kicks Off Drug Cost Hearings  In what is being called a novel bid to lower medicine costs, a drug maker has agreed to adjust the discounts that a Medicare Part D plan will receive for a treatment based on how patients respond — and the deal automatically lowers out-of-pocket costs for patients, as well. In this instance, the UPMC Health plan will pay less for an AstraZeneca (AZN) blood thinner known as Brilinta, which is given to patients who suffered a heart attack, if it fails to prevent another attack over 12 months. Conversely, the health plan pays more if Brilinta works. At the same time, the patient copay will drop to $10, from around $45, for a month’s supply, bringing the cost closer to a generic version of a rival medicine. (Silverman, 1/28) Stat: Vertex Faces More Pressure Over Pricing, But One Analyst Expects No Movement  center_img Miami Herald: FDA On Carcinogen NDEA In Valsartan, Losartan, Irbesartan Stat: A Year After Trump Touted Right To Try, Patients Still Aren’t Getting Treatment With blood pressure patients on edge after numerous recalls of valsartan, losartan and irbesartan for too much NDEA, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Director Janet Woodcock issued a lengthy joint statement last week. Impurities in NDEA (N-Nitrosodiethylamine) and NDMA (N-Nitrosodimethylamine) have been classified as “probable human carcinogens,” meaning they cause cancer. (Neal, 1/28) This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. As a protracted battle between Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) and the U.K. drags on over pricing for cystic fibrosis drugs, a coalition of families, patient advocates, academics, and physicians from more than a dozen countries are urging the company to lower its prices and widen access to “desperate patients.” In an open letter to Vertex chief executive Jeffrey Leiden, the ad hoc group praised the company for “inspirational science and dedication,” but also chastised the drug maker for not doing more to ensure its medicines reach every potential patient. (Silverman, 1/28) Stat: AstraZeneca Strikes ‘Novel’ Deal With A Medicare Plan To Lower Patient Costs last_img read more

How Driving Style Impacts Jaguar IPace Range

And, about that WLTP range figure…How you drive a battery-powered car affects the range you can achieve. This truism has once again been put to the test by Autocar, who got ahold of a pair of Jaguar I-Pace crossovers with which to experiment. The setup? Drive the two identically-prepared vehicles between identical points A and B — from Feltham, Middlesex to Hinkley Point, the site of existing and future nuclear generating stations, as it happens — but with one being driven in Eco Mode and the other in Normal Mode, with the occasional meander into Dynamic Mode. With the distance to be covered well within the 292-mile WLTP-rated range, it should have been a piece of cake. Turns out, it wasn’t.More Jaguar I-Pace action Tesla Model X Compared To Jaguar I-Pace In Slick New Video To make a long story short, both vehicles managed to finish the 139-mile trip. The “Eco” I-Pace arrived with just 26 percent of a full charge left, with its display indicating it could cover an additional 56 miles. If that reading is accurate, it seems the all-electric crossover would have only managed 195 miles on a full charge, which is a long way from the obviously over-enthusiastic 292-mile WLTP rating and still significantly less the 240 miles the marque’s U.S. website says it will achieve. This is not necessarily a knock against the automaker’s estimate.Typically, range calculations are made using a mix of different driving conditions at different speeds. In this situation, however , there was a lot of highway driving at speeds of up to 70 mph. Yes, it was in Eco mode, which would help by putting more energy back into the battery using the braking regeneration system, but since it was a mostly-highway type of drive, brakes weren’t used very much.The “Normal/Dynamic” I-Pace arrived with only 29 miles worth of range left being indicted by the display. This shows that the difference over the significant distance was relatively minimal —  only 27 miles — but given the state of the charging network in the UK at the moment, it makes sense to use Eco mode if long distances are being covered. “What about the charging network,” you may be wondering?Well, having made the trip and in need of a recharge for the return journey, the Autocar team had something of an adventure finding chargers that worked. And even when they did manage to find one, which they then had to share, the output was only 50 kW, or about half of the Jaguar’s supposed top charging speed (we say “supposed” because it may not live up to that 100 kW billing just yet.)Overall, though, it was an interesting test and if you’re interested in the Jaguar I-Pace, it may be worth your time to read the entire tale, peppered as it is, with other observations of the car and the potential challenges of EV ownership in the UK. The I-Pace, with its handsome looks and high-performance capabilities, (not to mention off-road bona fides) remains a great EV choice. Like any vehicle, you just need to operate it within its limitations.Source: Autocar Motor Trend Pits Tesla Model 3 Performance Against I-Pace, Alfa Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 1, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Jaguar I-PACE Tested At 350 kW Ultra-Fast Charger read more