Poor Social Studies Education Claims

first_imgThe Dean of the William V.S. Tubman Teachers College of the University of Liberia (UL), Euphemia K. Abdullai, has noted with that Social Studies (Sociology) is not taught well in Liberian schools, thereby causing society to face deviant behaviors from young people.She made the observation recently while addressing students on the UL Fendell campus, outside Monrovia. Madam Abdullai stressed that many teachers only read the text in Social Studies books, but cannot clearly explain in details with examples that will make students see themselves in the picture as well as understand the subject.According to her, cultural values and norms should be taught in the way that students will know why it is good to go by them, noting, “It will help them understand who they are and how different they are from others.”She said because Sociology is not properly taught to enlighten students of their culture and norms, they are not appreciative of their culture and do not respect their leaders.“Social Studies helps people to have concern for others around you and to obey certain orders from leaders including parents, but because these things are not properly taught, deviant behaviors have always begun with children that are brought up in the home, society and schools,” she added.She also observed that because Social Science is not taught with deeper understanding about society and its basic constituents, many young people and some adults do not have respect for their leaders, but feel they know more than those who lead them.Dean Abdullai also told the students that there is a difference between education and literacy and that no one should consider older folks who did not go through contemporary academic process to be uneducated.“These people in their own rights are educated, and they use it to settle social matters arising in their respective communities.  You don’t tell them that they are uneducated,” she said.Differentiating education from literacy, Dean Abdullai said, “Education is the process of developing skills to produce goods and services to society, while literacy is the ability to read and write.”By education, the Teachers College Dean stressed that one can make use of his/her skills to produce something beneficial to him/her society, unlike literacy that only prepares one to be able to read and write.Definition provided by the UL Teachers College Dean counters claims by Liberians that they are educated when they enter into the academic process.Since UL resumed academic activities on March 17, the William V.S. Tubman Teachers College Dean is one person who has given hope to students that classes would truly continue.Instructors and deans have been staying away from campus for reasons yet be known, but some insiders have hinted this newspaper that they are yet to be paid by the UL Administration.Regardless of what the situation may be Dean Abdullai has been going from class to class urging students to attach seriousness to their lessons, praying with them for God’s mercy as they continue their educational sojourn.These activities on the part of the Dean led some of the college’s instructors and students to say, “We hope God will add about two more decades to your life to still be with us, Dean.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Tain Campus hosts career fair

first_imgThe University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) on Thursday held its annual Career Fair to familiarize secondary school students with available opportunities with the aim of having those students qualify themselves in pursuance of those careers.Students visiting one of the boothsThe event was held on the parking lots of the Tain and Johns campuses under the theme ‘Expanding Your Horizons: Exploring the Possibilities’. It featured some 40 booths from various companies across Guyana.“If you are interested in just being a ‘B’ student or a ‘C’ student and just making it through, don’t come to the University of Guyana; we don’t want students who are interested in mediocrity. If you want to be an excellent student, if you want to be a change agent and want to achieve the high bar, then do well in your primary school and secondary school, so when you come to the university, you would be adequately prepared for excellence,” Professor Griffith expressed.He also warned students against plagiarism, and urged those present to use the opportunity presented by the university through the career day to explore their options and work towards achieving their goals.The UGBC mainly focused on giving its audience — mainly comprised of secondary school students from across Region Six — an idea of what careers are available after completion of their Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC).The event began with Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Guyana, Dr Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, giving brief background details and announcing that those who choose to attend the Berbice Campus after they would have completed their secondary education would benefit from a $50,000 tuition rebate.The university partnered with several agencies, including ExxonMobil, El Dorado Offshore, the Department of Public Information, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, JSL International, Republic Bank, Guyana Forestry Commission, Guyana Water Inc. among many other businesses and organizations.Communications Analyst for ExxonMobil, Nicholas Yearwood, said the company has given out in excess of three hundred recruitment cards with detailed information, and is encouraging persons to submit CVs to be reviewed.“So whenever opportunities arise, we will revisit them to become candidates for the opening.”At the Tain Campus, the focus was on the operations carried out and the job opportunities offered in the different fields.The John’s Campus, on the other hand, mainly focused on natural science, and the students were provided with information which could be useful for them in the chemistry and biology classes.One of the well-received booths was the Guyana Water Inc’s, which showcased its new device that filters and purifies murky water from canals within a few seconds, making it safe for human consumption.last_img read more