Nvidias driverless car learns from observing humans

first_img This might sound like a really terrible idea, but let’s give Nvidia the benefit of the doubt for now. They’re letting their AI-driven car learn solely by watching humans drive.Nvidia calls their prototype vehicle BB8, and while that name might be more befitting, say, a Volkswagen Beetle, it’s actually a Lincoln MKZ. Apparently even AI drivers want to feel like Matthew McConaughey diving backward into a rooftop pool when they’re out cruising around.While you can pick up a Lincoln that’s loaded with near-autonomous driving features, Nvidia shut them all down in their test vehicle. They wanted the car to use its neural network to figure out how to drive.That meant observing human drivers on the road. Sounds like they’re setting the poor AI up to fail, right? Our streets are, after all, teeming with drivers who run red lights, stop in crosswalks, turn without signaling, go left of center, and text the entire time they’re driving.Fortunately, Nvidia had a more sane plan in mind. They mounted cameras to other test vehicles and then took them out on the road. The video footage they recorded was then handed over to BB8 so that the AI could analyze it and figure out how to reproduce the behaviors it observed.Neural action shot showing how BB8 analyzes its surroundings to figure out where to driveThe results are pretty impressive. Sure, BB8 mows down a traffic cone at the start of the video, but it handles plenty of real world situations — including driving on dirt roads and driving in the dark — with ease. Again, it’s doing this all without ever being explicitly told anything like how to identify the edge of the road or what another car looks like. Researchers Teach Autonomous Cars to Predict Pedestrian MovementAutonomous Bar Will Drive Up And Mix You Drinks Stay on targetlast_img read more