Ten Hag: “We have our style and we will try to play it”

first_imgIn Europe you always have to be good to get a good result. I think we have a way of playing and some principles. There are players who are returning from injuries and we are moving forward. If we manage to pass this tie, we will continue to grow until spring. We already play trophies.Will they raise the game to attack?We will try to play from behind and get ahead. You try and sometimes you have to play long balls and sometimes you can play back.Will we see Tadic in the lineup?Tadic we will see if they are in the eleven. They are progressing in recent weeks. They have played in the last days. On Monday we had a good training with them and they could play. We’ll see.He said that Getafe played to the limit.All players think like that. They are players who have experience. Sometimes you have to play aggressive, but you have to be within the parameters. We have seen that there have been actions that have not been correct on their part.Is Blind in good rhythm and can he play?Blind you will see tomorrow if he is at eleven. We’ve missed him, but we can’t be thinking about people who haven’t been. In the last period we have lost very important players.Taking into account the game of Getafe. Will they change anything?We have our way of playing and we trust what we do, we don’t care so much about the rest. We always face different styles.Will Van de Beek leave?I do not know, I do not think so. It has had a great evolution and has drawn attention at the international level. There are players who are in the spotlight and then things change.Is Varela ready to face such a match?His specialty is to stop and his ability to react and withstand the pressure. Tomorrow is our first goalkeeper and hopefully he enters our game well. Stopping is the fundamental thing.After reaching the Champions semifinals. Does the Europa League make you excited?Obviously we will give what is expected of us. Two years ago I would have been very happy to play the Europa League. We want to go as far as possible.Did you know anything about Getafe, any player? How does the team arrive at this time? There are many good players in Getafe. They would have the level to play in Ajax. Cucurella is a very good and famous player, but there are players who are magnificent. He knew something about Getafe, obviously. But at that time I didn’t know much about his way of working. We have delved into Getafe and know everything there is to know.Lisandro: “Getafe is a very aggressive and very aggressive team”Lisandro Martínez, footballer of Ajax, said Wednesday at a press conference that Getafe, his next rival in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League, is a “very strenuous and very aggressive” team. The Argentine player acknowledged that he will face an intense team and that the set led by Erik ten Hag will have to be used thoroughly to get a good result this Thursday at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum.“It’s a very tough team, very aggressive, they handle the pressure very well. They have it very well worked. They have very good players. We have to Make a very smart match. They are very aggressive, but we have be very smart and fight the game, “he said.Questioned why he defines Getafe as “aggressive” he replied that the reasons for adjecting it in this way is because of the “good pressure” that his players make and because they fight each ball with great intensity. “We have to make our game and break the pressure. I think this team has a lot to improve but we are doing things right. We have had the bad luck of having many injured. We are on the right track and we are working very well, “he said.“The Getafe is a team that defends very well. The ten players They fold very well. They press very well. When pressing go to win the ball, they do not give any for loss and go as if it were the last. ” “They can make a lot of difference with the pressure and with the theft of the ball. It’s when we have to show our personality and mentality. We have to demonstrate to any pressure we can impose on any game situation “, concrete.On the words of coach José Bordalás, who stated that the Ajax is the favorite to pass the tie, he said they take the Getafe technician statements as a “compliment”. “It is good that technicians and sometimes players recognize the good work what are we doing. But we focus on what we do “, finished -EFElast_img read more

Now That RightToTry Law Is Enacted Even Supporters Are Wondering If They

first_img Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN) said Monday that its newly approved drug Ultomiris achieved the primary goal of a late-stage clinical trial involving patients with a rare type of kidney disease. Based on the successful outcome of the clinical trial, the Boston-based biotech will file a marketing application with regulators to expand the approved diseases covered by the Ultomiris label. (Feuerstein, 1/28) Stat: Alexion’s Newly Approved Rare-Disease Drug Notches A Clinical Trial Win Patients and family members like Frank and Marilyn [Mongiello] — a half dozen of whom spoke to STAT — described making dozens of unreturned calls to drug makers, outlining plans to pitch the companies on how right to try could be good for business, and even trolling Food and Drug Administration Twitter accounts hoping to drum up some help getting access. Their failures so far underscore just how many questions remain: Did the [right-to-try] law change anything, or did it just give patients false hope? Were the detractors who made such critiques right all along? (Florko, 1/29) Now That Right-To-Try Law Is Enacted, Even Supporters Are Wondering If They Were Sold False Hope As conservatives pushed for the right-to-try legislation, opponents of the bill were vocal in saying that it would give desperate patients false hope. Now, that those patients are trying to get experimental drugs from pharmaceutical companies, they face discouraging obstacles and frustrations. In other pharmaceutical news: Medicare Part D discounts; congressional drug price hearings; an expensive cystic fibrosis treatment; and more. Watch pharmaceutical stocks on Tuesday as the new Congress kicks off its first hearings on drug pricing this year. The two meetings, by the House Oversight and Senate Finance committees, will both focus on the impact of rising drug prices, and lawmakers are expected to make their case for more direct government involvement in pricing decisions for Medicare and allowing Americans to import certain drugs from Canada for personal use. (Darie, 1/28) Bloomberg: Pharma Stocks In Focus As Congress Kicks Off Drug Cost Hearings  In what is being called a novel bid to lower medicine costs, a drug maker has agreed to adjust the discounts that a Medicare Part D plan will receive for a treatment based on how patients respond — and the deal automatically lowers out-of-pocket costs for patients, as well. In this instance, the UPMC Health plan will pay less for an AstraZeneca (AZN) blood thinner known as Brilinta, which is given to patients who suffered a heart attack, if it fails to prevent another attack over 12 months. Conversely, the health plan pays more if Brilinta works. At the same time, the patient copay will drop to $10, from around $45, for a month’s supply, bringing the cost closer to a generic version of a rival medicine. (Silverman, 1/28) Stat: Vertex Faces More Pressure Over Pricing, But One Analyst Expects No Movement  center_img Miami Herald: FDA On Carcinogen NDEA In Valsartan, Losartan, Irbesartan Stat: A Year After Trump Touted Right To Try, Patients Still Aren’t Getting Treatment With blood pressure patients on edge after numerous recalls of valsartan, losartan and irbesartan for too much NDEA, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Director Janet Woodcock issued a lengthy joint statement last week. Impurities in NDEA (N-Nitrosodiethylamine) and NDMA (N-Nitrosodimethylamine) have been classified as “probable human carcinogens,” meaning they cause cancer. (Neal, 1/28) This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. As a protracted battle between Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) and the U.K. drags on over pricing for cystic fibrosis drugs, a coalition of families, patient advocates, academics, and physicians from more than a dozen countries are urging the company to lower its prices and widen access to “desperate patients.” In an open letter to Vertex chief executive Jeffrey Leiden, the ad hoc group praised the company for “inspirational science and dedication,” but also chastised the drug maker for not doing more to ensure its medicines reach every potential patient. (Silverman, 1/28) Stat: AstraZeneca Strikes ‘Novel’ Deal With A Medicare Plan To Lower Patient Costs last_img read more

Are You Keeping Secrets That Can Make You Sick

first_imgby, Tammy MarshallTweetShare29ShareEmail29 SharesDuring the past 20 years, I’ve worked as an executive in aging services, partnering with some of the best presidents and CEOs in the field. For the most part, we all slept soundly at night, the missions were strong, the culture was healthy, and satisfaction scores were good.Despite all of that success, there has been a gnawing inside of me that I can’t seem to shake. If I summarized that feeling into a word it would be hypocrite.A Sick Kind of AddictionHaving been on the speaker’s circuit for several years, each time I give a talk I find myself having to own all of the ways that long-term care (my industry) promotes a youth-addicted culture.In fact, maybe those of us in aging services are the worst when it comes to ageism. My mom used to say, “secrets make you sick.” At the time, that may have been her strategy for hearing all of the shenanigans my siblings and I were up to, but what she really was saying was to be aligned in your words, actions, and deeds so you never need to hold onto a secret.My ConfessionSo, right here and now, I confess: my secret is that I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite and I am ready to change that.It’s no secret that an estimated 1 million people reside in what we call “senior living” (assisted living, independent living, and memory care) in the U.S. These structures are usually not hard to miss—their exteriors typically resemble resorts or high-end apartment complexes with well-groomed landscaping, surrounded by a parking lot and prominently placed signage at the front.Ah yes, the signage, this is where the story begins.The signs proudly announce, typically in just a few words, the following: “older people, some with memory problems, live here.” Even self-proclaimed progressive operators describe their “senior living communities” as follows:55-plusActive AdultIndependent LivingAssisted LivingMemory CareWhat Are We Thinking?Not only are these signs grossly ageist, but they also border on violating a person’s protected health information, or PHI. But hey, we learned from the best, the medical model paradigm—the same culprit that named buildings “psychiatric centers.”In my opinion, these signs should be considered HIPAA violations. Here’s why: PHI is violated when information about a person is shared without their consent. A person’s age is PHI data, and putting up a sign that sign that says, “A 55-plus Community” is a data point breech about everyone living in that community. By that same token, a Senior Living Community sign may also be a breach.The grossest violations are the “Memory Care” signs, and worse yet are those that have “Home for the Memory Impaired” emblazoned on the front of a building for all to see. We have made it very clear, no secret here folks: people diagnosed with memory impairments live there, likely individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Yet another HIPAA violation.Think About It This WayWhat would it be like to drive by your neighbor’s mailbox and instead of it reading “55 Rose Avenue,” it read “47-year-old; slightly overweight female with a sluggish thyroid” drop mail here. Or how about this on the mailbox out front: “children with Autism live here”? We wouldn’t stand for that but for some reason, we all tolerate it when it comes to older adults.Equally as perplexing is the label “Independent Living.” I can think of several million people who live independently, myself included, and there are no signs outside our doors advertising as such. America loves labels, so If we must have them why don’t we put up the rest of the signs for people who don’t live independently. They would simply read, “other people live here too.” Stupid.Are We Blind?While there may be a need for regulators to utilize these terms as nomenclature, this mindset appears to have bled so deeply into the fabric of our society that it violates blindingly obvious PHI—so much so that it has become a way to segregate older adults from society as a whole. The most egregious act of all.The truth is out. Let’s end the obsession with labels, take down our signs, and give back dignity.Originally published on Senior Living Housing ForumRelated Posts#Aging: Establishing A Business For Baby Boomers Calls For A Long-Distance RunWe welcome a new contributor to our ranks, Brenda Becker, an aging-services consultant. Brenda’s consultancy connects seniors with the resources they need. My husband loves to run. It all started, as it frequently does, when the numbers on the scale were a bit higher than he wanted to see. He…The DudeI’ve often said that “aging is a team” sport. It is also true that “changing aging” is a team sport. For the past six years I have enjoyed working with and learning from Kavan Peterson as he has shown me how our message of a new and better old age…Grateful Changemakers: ChangingAgingAll of ChangingAging’s performances, all of our advocacy, all of our innovation is driven at its core by love. Love is the driving force behind combating ageism.TweetShare29ShareEmail29 Shareslast_img read more