Judge Paye Gives Light Sentence to 6 JFK Robbers

first_imgThe brains behind the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital syndicate who made away with over L$16 million and US$126,000, were yesterday sentenced by Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice to perform community service for the period of one month.Defendant Rebeah Arnaus was among five other co-defendants who Judge Emery Paye declared guilty before sentencing him for ‘community service’ as opposed to the other co-defendants who the judge sentenced to months and years of imprisonment.For Arnaus and the other co-defendants including Patrick Konuwa, former JFK account officers, Judge Paye adjudged them guilty of the crime of criminal facilitation and sentenced them to perform ‘community service’ for the period of one month. They will serve the service under the supervision of the court Sheriff.The judge did not explain the kind of ‘community service’ Arnaus would do relative to the crime he committed. Instead of turning him over to the Correction Officer of the Ministry of Justice to monitor Arnaus’ community service, the judge authorized the Sheriff to monitor his community service without giving any explanation about his decision.Although, Arnaus and his co-defendants were indicted for multiple crimes that ranged from economic sabotage, theft of property, criminal conspiracy and facilitation, Arnaus was the only defendant the judge convicted of criminal facilitation.For Patrick Konuwa, Judge Paye said he was guilty of economic sabotage, theft of property, criminal conspiracy and facilitation. He was thereafter sentenced to three years in prison at the Monrovia Central Prison.Judge Paye also ordered that Konuwa be held liable to restitute in a year’s time the aggregate amount of US$13,323.91 and L$15,807,906.4 to the hospital administration.The Judge, however, suspended Konuwa’s prison sentence for the period of one year to allow him look for the money; and upon his failure to do so, he would be imprisoned in keeping with the law. No one signed for defendant Konuwa. As for defendant Fahn F. Borbor, Paye found him guilty of the crime of theft of property, criminal conspiracy and facilitation.For that, he was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to restitute the amount of US$55,049.28 and L$1,045,000 in one year.He subsequently suspended the imprisonment to afford the defendant time to restitute the money.For defendant Thomas O. Mezzeh, Judge Paye found him guilty of theft of property and sentenced him to six months imprisonment.“Mezzeh is ordered to restitute the amount of US$8,525 and is to pay back the money within six months,” Judge Paye declared.After he announced defendant Mezzeh guilty, Judge Paye also suspended the defendant from going to jail.For defendants Benjamin W. Dargbeh and Thomas G. Telewoyan, Judge Paye found them guilty of theft of property.He sentenced Dargbeh to one year imprisonment and ordered him to restitute the amount of US$19,218.50 in eight months, while Telewoyan was sentenced to four months in prison until he can restitute the amount of US$3,054.He thereafter suspended their prison sentences pending the payment of the money in a ‘specific period.’Immediately after Judge Paye completed his judgments and subsequently sentenced the defendants, prosecution appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.Before he announced the defendants’ sentences, Judge Paye explained how one of the defendants installed Team Viewer software that provide opportunity for Patrick Konuwa to obtain the password for Quick Book, a financial program used by the hospital to conduct its monetary transactions, to withdraw the funds from the JFK accounts at various banking institutions, including First International Bank (FIB), now GN Bank. Judge Paye said Arnaus installed the Team Viewer on the hospital’s former comptroller’s – Mrs. Serina Gbaba – laptop. “The court held that prosecution established and proved the indictment that Team Viewer can be used to access the quick book program and password to the hospital’s accounts,” Judge Paye explained.He said initially Arnaus denied that it was impossible to use Team Viewer to access the Quick Book program.“But witness Wynston Poure, an IT Electronic Engineer, testified that once you gain access by means of Team Viewer to Quick Book with an alert from the user, there are lots of activities that one can do,” Judge Paye quoted the prosecution expert witness statement.“By that testimony, the court believed that Team Viewer can be used to access Quick Book and carryout transaction in said program once the person seeking to access Quick Book by way of obtaining the permission of the user of Team Viewer,” the criminal court judge stated.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Tain Campus hosts career fair

first_imgThe University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) on Thursday held its annual Career Fair to familiarize secondary school students with available opportunities with the aim of having those students qualify themselves in pursuance of those careers.Students visiting one of the boothsThe event was held on the parking lots of the Tain and Johns campuses under the theme ‘Expanding Your Horizons: Exploring the Possibilities’. It featured some 40 booths from various companies across Guyana.“If you are interested in just being a ‘B’ student or a ‘C’ student and just making it through, don’t come to the University of Guyana; we don’t want students who are interested in mediocrity. If you want to be an excellent student, if you want to be a change agent and want to achieve the high bar, then do well in your primary school and secondary school, so when you come to the university, you would be adequately prepared for excellence,” Professor Griffith expressed.He also warned students against plagiarism, and urged those present to use the opportunity presented by the university through the career day to explore their options and work towards achieving their goals.The UGBC mainly focused on giving its audience — mainly comprised of secondary school students from across Region Six — an idea of what careers are available after completion of their Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC).The event began with Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Guyana, Dr Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, giving brief background details and announcing that those who choose to attend the Berbice Campus after they would have completed their secondary education would benefit from a $50,000 tuition rebate.The university partnered with several agencies, including ExxonMobil, El Dorado Offshore, the Department of Public Information, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, JSL International, Republic Bank, Guyana Forestry Commission, Guyana Water Inc. among many other businesses and organizations.Communications Analyst for ExxonMobil, Nicholas Yearwood, said the company has given out in excess of three hundred recruitment cards with detailed information, and is encouraging persons to submit CVs to be reviewed.“So whenever opportunities arise, we will revisit them to become candidates for the opening.”At the Tain Campus, the focus was on the operations carried out and the job opportunities offered in the different fields.The John’s Campus, on the other hand, mainly focused on natural science, and the students were provided with information which could be useful for them in the chemistry and biology classes.One of the well-received booths was the Guyana Water Inc’s, which showcased its new device that filters and purifies murky water from canals within a few seconds, making it safe for human consumption.last_img read more