Entrepreneurship shop how to find their own projects

in the business boom, more and more people have become rich through entrepreneurship, it also makes a lot of people on the market opportunities for business and investment shop. But what do poineering shop do good project? Entrepreneurship shop how to find the right project? You can choose from the following aspects:

First of all,

shop to find a project to the market to make an assessment, to combine the actual situation of the market, familiar with the market trends, the market is about to make the right judgments; read more

China’s most profitable industry in the next five years

2014 years of marriage frenzy, followed in 2015 is the inevitable result of parenting frenzy. "China’s children’s Clothing Industry Development Research Report" China’s urban residents of children’s clothing consumption in recent years has been on the rise, the annual growth rate of more than 10%. At present, China’s 0 year old -16 years old children population of more than 300 million, more than a year of children’s demand of more than 2 billion, of which 0-10 years old children accounted for about 80%. read more

Gabry cosmetic agent cordial leading brand cosmetics

now, we have entered the era of cosmetics, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose entrepreneurship Gabry cosmetic agent, is very market development space for the project selection. How about Gabry cosmetics? Not only has the very high popularity, and joined the Gabry cosmetics project, is also a very wise decision!

for consumers, good effect of cosmetics and skin care products, of course, choose to buy back, which has been in effect Gabry cosmetics meet the consumers, so favored by modern and popular, so Gabry cosmetics can not only help women bring the perfect image, but also give opportunities to get rich entrepreneurs better, so the business would be good read more

Annual inventory of the five most frustrated technology heavyweights

to the end of the year, there will be a variety of summary, a variety of inventory. In one year, science and technology enterprises and thousands of industry changes, technology heavyweights also have their own sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Today, the introduction of the 2013 series of inventory of the year’s five most frustrated technology heavyweights, these characters encounter to some extent also reflects the changes in the technology industry.

1,   />

2, Chen Yizhou   renren.com CEO read more

Hot pot to join the project guy revolution

why hot pot in China so fire? You can see no matter what food or news, financial news, or social topics have to talk about the economic phenomenon of the Chinese Hot pot. Hot pot is evident. As Hot pot can be said to be a form of food now every family loved, not only love the diners, and many guests also targeting this market, hope that through Hot pot, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. So, who will make the most of the Sichuan hot pot? Look at the guy how to ignite a hot pot in the winter fire, read more

Chengdu global innovation fair official curtain

comply with the needs of the development of the times, respond positively to the call of the state, in the process of economic development, effective innovation and entrepreneurship, and constantly promote the new development of the economy. According to the current social environment of the global trend, Chengdu innovation and entrepreneurship fair officially unveiled, we know the specific.

2016 · Chinese; Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair today (24) days officially launch June 23rd, reporters learned from the organizing committee, from June 24th to June 26th a fair will be held in Chengdu New International Convention Center, international friendship city mayor and representative, Nobel laureates, Chinese academicians and world renowned scientists, international the innovation of institutions, more than 500 well-known enterprises such as the world heavyweight guests. read more

3D printing technology brings hidden business opportunities

3D printing sounds like a very high-end vocabulary, but in fact it is not far away from our lives, many areas have begun to use 3D printing technology. And it was one step ahead, see the 3D print hidden opportunities.

The most intuitive distinction for

with the traditional printing technology: the use of ink is different. Using 3D printing ink is such as powdered metal or plastic can be laminated, to construct the object layer by layer by way of printing.


3D printing advantages: complex manufacturing items do not increase cost, the parts one-time molding, no assembly, print on demand, reduce the cost of logistics, design unlimited space, zero skill manufacturing, space, portable manufacturing, reduce waste products, accurate solid copy. read more

Must open clothing stores before investment conditions

now the government has introduced policies to support, so many young people have embarked on the path of investment entrepreneurs, as in recent years has maintained a good development of the garment industry has been deeply loved by entrepreneurs. Open a clothing chain to join the brand has a big tree for you wind and rain, than their own business to be much easier. A lot of friends who want to open a clothing store do not know how to join the brand clothing conditions. Open clothing franchise chain conditions, come and see if they are suitable for shop.

read more

Open a gift shop tips tips

now more and more people fancy gifts to join the market opportunities, and want to be in this industry project nuggets wealth. But to open a franchise agent products what money? How to open stores? Gift franchise business need to pay attention to what? This is the most important in the face of many novice entrepreneurs in the gift industry, summed up the following skills and I hope to help practitioners.

gift store purchase and store positioning combined

which is also very important, the store location will directly determine the location of the store purchase products, such as the store location is in the low-end users, so at the time of purchase will be dominated by low-end products, will be more suitable for the end of the market sales, these should be thought to store operations. In order to avoid unnecessary backlog of products for the store. read more

What is a Korean restaurant process

Korean tide wind blew China in more than ten years, has now become an indispensable element of life life China people, many people have turned to entrepreneurship Korean market, such as the Korean restaurant. But a Korean restaurant is not so easy, need knowledge to accumulate enough in practice with ease. So how to open a Korean restaurant? Specific steps are as follows:

first, market analysis and positioning. The status quo of Korean food market and competitor analysis, find the market vacancy and competition management weaknesses, so as to determine its own market positioning. read more

Open cosmetics stores to consider these issues

open cosmetics store market prospects are good, but if you do not have a certain skill, it is difficult to do business bigger and stronger. Cosmetics need to consider the actual needs of the union, the need for a correct analysis of the market situation, entrepreneurship need to understand the full, the following is the franchise franchise business skills.

if the shop is to survive, the goods is the most important, it determines the size of sales. Now the experience is more conducive to the development of the cause, so operating cosmetics stores need to strengthen these experiences and knowledge. read more

Ten unique beer brands

brand name if more bizarre, coupled with the quality of products, I am afraid come in after they can get approval, so that the good name is very important for people, for those small fine marketing cost under the brewery is even more important. An eye-catching brand name, itself has a strong communication power, so he came up with a lot of strange beer brand. Let’s take a look at these ten wonderful beer brands.

ten peculiar beer brand 1, violin elbow (Fiddler’s Elbow


The name of read more

What kind of hot pot barbecue shop name is good to remember

a shop with a proper name, not only need to listen to, at the same time, but also has a good record of the characteristics, so it can be invisible to store a better propaganda. However, for a large number of shopkeepers, take such a name will undoubtedly face more problems. So, what kind of hot pot barbecue shop name is good to remember?

Name: Pepper beauty

explains: charming beauty, novel and easy to remember.

Name: Chuan Yue

explained: Sichuan, the most famous hot pot, Sichuan, translated into Sichuan, the novel, a good record. read more

Qingdao to promote the nternet college students entrepreneurial model

now there are more and more college students venture entrepreneurs will look to the Internet industry, now in the Qingdao area, but also create a huge entrepreneurial base, in order to provide some local entrepreneurs to provide positive help entrepreneurs.

"half braised eggplant, half mutton dumplings, sweet and sour peanut, online payment is successful." The information received on the mobile phone, Jiaozhou hongia dumplings waiter Wang Dawei immediately to the kitchen the next single, 15 minutes, 9 minutes after the dishes together, order Cajun building 20 floor customer. Customer sign." After receiving this feedback, Hong Ji dumpling managers and Li Jiaxi breathed a sigh of relief: success. "Rabbit run" Li Jiaxi is founder of the "Internet + campus O2O service platform of college students entrepreneurship training" +, this platform to break the traditional mode of shopping, so that consumers from the mobile phone will be able to quickly find the goods they need, after a single 9 minutes served. read more

Sports items to join the successful entrepreneurial site selection skills

in the pressure of our lives gradually increased today, we yearn for a healthy life, so that we are also very yearning for sporting goods. Undoubtedly, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose entrepreneurship sports project, is a very strong brand to join the project. So, what are you hesitating about?

how much is the cost of sports goods?

before opening the sporting goods store in the analysis of how to choose, it is necessary to find out the location of sporting goods stores affected by those factors. One of the most important factors that affect the location of the sporting goods store is the product category. Different types of products, for the target population is different, store location requirements are not the same. read more

Sha Sha art bathroom market opportunities are unlimited

in our life, the choice of brand bathroom has been very important. Then, the choice of venture capital to join the art of Sha Tan project, is a very good choice! How about art? Worthy of our attention and choice, you are still hesitant what?

The development of the

era, people look and compare the different objects. Run the Shakespeare artistic bathroom changed over time, advancing with the times, create a creative art bathroom " " new category, let the life full of art, colorful nine series shows incomparable artistic charm, no one refused. read more