The growth of a rookie SEO

for a while, did not write the article. I think I might be too busy in the near future; I have to work during the day and study at night; however, I have to find an excuse for not writing the article. Just now, I opened the seowhy Q & A, once again see the husband and wife to share the experience; for me is also a great benefit.

I also Jingxiaxinlai, share a section on "learning SEO experience" (Note: the text is just superficial, not too much; at the same time, also called dry cargo) in their SEO road to learn those hardships and memories. Also clearly remember that in October last year, just contact SEO, at that time, both curious and excited for SEO. Because the feeling through the SEO can let the site keywords ranking quickly and get the relevant traffic, at the same time, this thing is very attractive. SEO optimization to give me the feeling is that you can not touch, feel, guessing and a magic technology. read more

Small day Jiangnanchun crashed out of the Q card O2O advertising media empire dream come true

I horse review: Q card, had placed outdoor media heavyweights O2O Jiangnanchun advertising media empire dream, he has set up a special company, and all of the resources on the focus, but finally with broken halberds defeat "". The focus is how to treat the people inside the Q card failure? Yuezhanyueyong Jiangnanchun next step will have what to try? Recently, the reporter interviewed the I horse Q card has been involved in the project before the focus of employees, the reduction of the spring in the O2O media empire dream difficult exploration. read more

Pulse DHC trial outfit free of charge to get CPA to promote re on line

with immediate effect, DHC trial outfit free of charge to promote the re launch of the CPA line, the price increased to 6 yuan / success.

certified data returned from the original half a month to return to every Friday.

welcome new and old members to the boot area to get code or contact customer service to get links.

the product CPS promotion at the same time.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 2360256 read more

What kind of station is more appropriate to do Adsense

what kind of station is more appropriate to do Adsense?

I think most webmaster do in Adsense, as an advertising alliance, Adsense reputation and style is very suitable for Chinese webmaster, but we often Adsense because the price is very low, and are often K and headache, so I came to a question, what kind of station is more suitable for Adsense?

I do about Adsense more than 3 years, Adsense has just entered China began to do, until now. According to what I have seen and done, roughly summarized as follows, to start Adsense or relatively cool. read more

The ten nternet classic business case how Jobs two times of success

Jobs since the altar has been all when the idol worship, as one of the two entrepreneurs, he is how continuous success? Today we recommend a text, an excerpt from Zhou Hongyi’s book "the Internet methodology".

TOP10 Baidu early how to impress users

case description: when Baidu’s market share can get so much, really is better than Google search technology is not good, because Baidu has MP3 search. Migrant brothers exchange will certainly not say: I am using a search engine, the use of advanced search technology. They will say: there is a website, above free music, free under the song, you can try. It is such a simple point, moving more and more small white users, only today’s Baidu. read more

Google Adsense new launch products Google Apps

Google Adsense to promote 2 new channels, in particular to the mainland to release the new product of the 2

What are Checkout referrals?

? Google

Google Checkout is a faster, safer and, more convenient way to shop online. Checkout enables users to quickly and easily buy from stores across the web and track all their orders and shipping in one place. You can learn more about the product by visiting the Google Checkout website.

When a user you refer to Google Checkout has an account in good standing and completes a transaction of at least $10 (before tax and shipping within days of) 90 sign-up, we’ll credit your AdSense account with US $1. To ensure new Google Checkout users are in good standing, your earnings may be delayed up to 7 days. read more

Analysis of several matters that have to pay attention to on the road

entrepreneurship, not as simple as we imagine, entrepreneurship is actually a very painful thing. The Internet business, even more so, if you have no firm belief and dogged determination, so it is difficult for you to succeed. Here I want to discuss about several problems as entrepreneurs in the business should pay attention to the road, through the understanding of the several matters needing attention, can accelerate the pace of business success, to avoid unnecessary failure. So next, please listen to me carefully. read more

The opposite way do not take the unusual way website promotion

In competition intense today, financial strength than YAHOO, Google, MSN, Alibaba, etc., and to fight for a world of their own in the network, there are few tricks, tips are difficult to achieve, a surprise move quickly. Today, the more common recruit a way to do the opposite".

the opposite has a lot of knowledge, such as differentiated positioning and so on, theoretical stuff is not detailed talk. Combined with today’s biggest trend, I say a practical.

today network business ideas, so far no one has done, you now to do is NO.1, this idea is called "catch the purchaser" sounds scary, but spoke almost all small and medium-sized enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises generally worry about the truth, what is difficult to sell! Product sales are sluggish! The product can not find buyers, this is my dream, sent a spider man quietly on the Internet and OK walk, look all the purchaser’s whereabouts, and all of them will be brought to justice, and then waiting for looking for their suppliers. I was caught by the buyers, suppliers do not step on the threshold of my strange! This is the opposite of the application of e-commerce website construction. Why is it called "the opposite way"? Because according to our long-term observation, many e-commerce sites in the construction and operation of thinking basically is positive, they saw the supplier difficulties, but did not see the essence of the problem, they know that the supplier is their users, but do not know the supplier is not their marketing object. Just think of a seller’s e-commerce website and how long? And a buyer gathered platform, suppliers and how often do not patronize?

and has been on the site for free, free is actually quite critical, profit model, free website is the source of profit, it should also be act in a diametrically opposite way, if I want my web site to make money, I’m going to maximize my free website, not only free to all users, and also there is reward, someone surprised me so? Oh, a very simple truth, what is the wealth of the site is the user! You should be free to your users, and

read more

YY Li Xueling only meat companies can make money

YY CEO Li Xueling celebrations of the times (right) that only dare to eat meat company to make money (TechWeb pictures)

November 13th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States Forbes website reported on before the celebrations of the times YY listed in the United States. The article reported that the celebrations of the times YY CEO Li Xueling believes that the company is "dare to eat meat because, dare to adventure, to seize the opportunity to quickly achieved success. The following is the full text: read more

Comment Taobao easy to win conversion rate

see a lot of successful Taobao customers, they do not have a good ability to build the site, the site is not particularly proficient in seo. But in the competition for Taobao customers, lack of stand out, every month has a huge Commission income. In fact, everyone is very clear, there are a lot of Taobao customer promotion, one or two in the hard execution can be successful. If you are not a successful Taobao, or are eager to improve their income, you may wish to try the following methods to improve your conversion rate through the commodity review. read more

Two Qihoo spider plan question

Before Gao Xiang wrote a Qihoo more ambition, careful analysis of the Qihoo launched various forums search and spiders’ intention, I recognized the analysis, especially the Internet will be the emergence of the new rules of search engine "this view, a new search engine ranking rules down time key to elaborate, in here only to talk about the Qihoo plan there are two big spider questions.

in spider plan this forum Qihoo, the forum is willing to willing to participate in the plan of Qihoo, is a key to success of the whole plan, although Zhou Hongyi said he would not when others are fools. read more

Clever combination of online money and ground promotion

recently busy working overtime, there are not a few days in the A5 submission, today is to share a while ago I have the operating ways of making money, is actually very simple, because of their work time and they can not stick with it, just tell friends let them go, until now they are still people insist on, here today to share.

you know the hotel reservation is commission can be extracted, I do this Union Commission every book a room and stay is 25 yuan from a night, the Commission is not low because some people will even live for many days, how do we make money? Is very simple, first to register Zhang alliance, the account system will be sent to you own promotion links with Taobao customers like as long as people through this link and hotel occupancy, the Commission is our. And then to do rankings? Time is too long, do too much bidding, to post it?. What are we going to do? Download the program from the alliance and put it on your website so that we have a reliable address. I believe a lot of people can do this step, the key is how we promote. read more

Congregation raised net CEO Sun Hongsheng leave Tencent use all the chips to do a business incuba

recent regulators to raise the public, P2P and other regulatory requirements or forthcoming, and the Commission to raise public regulatory approach is expected to be earlier than the introduction of regulatory policies on P2P. Last week, Xiao Gang, chairman of the Commission has to raise public financing of the two main business content of the Internet financial companies to conduct research, one of which is to raise the public network platform.

in accordance with the overall state currently advocated "to encourage innovation, risk prevention, while avoiding disadvantages, healthy development", we seem to see the positive attitude of the Commission to raise public shareholding, also saw the Internet in the financial sector, to raise public mode of promotion has become a "third party payment", "P2P net loan" after the third wave. Today to listen to the community for many years were removed from the Internet to raise public network CEO Sun Hongsheng is how to explore the congregation "Chinese mode". read more

Several models to make money website

do stand also for several years, a lot of ways to make money, but the main mode on several, this article will discuss with you.

1 ad.

There are many types of

ads. But it is still on the basis of the flow of a certain type of advertising, in order to obtain their income. Get advertising revenue directly from advertisers, only the flow of the site is possible. The majority of the majority of small and medium-sized Adsense or get income from the advertising alliance. We can often see some of the posts in the forum, which is behind the times or some other webmaster often go to say, how much advertising income from their own advertising alliance. Oh, these people are mostly childcare, and these are mostly newly opened advertising alliance. read more

see Wangzhuan Confessions of a part time network to the

will you be able to become president of the United States, with a handsome smile,


, a eight year stay area leaders will be fitted to the court in handcuffs, do you believe?

part-time Wangzhuan two weeks earn a one thousand yuan of mobile phone

, do you believe?

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around the students are complaining about the rising price, when the dining hall paella more expensive, but I have a meal to keep the Indoorsman like life; the holiday is coming, all still struggling to find work to the student, but I have been sitting at home in front of the computer smirks. read more

Discussion on several common ways and methods to deal with the Wangzhuan liar

interest is the eternal theme of humanity, human reason is against each other, in front of the interests, some people become a liar, some people can stick to the gentleman; now Wangzhuan is a focus of many people to compete, many people want to make money through Wangzhuan, and there are a lot of people use this money attitude, hard to deceive the line just near the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice, inside the industry two important forces, here we have to introduce how to see through the trick Wangzhuan and coping methods read more

Learn to do Wangzhuan part time

online to do part-time jobs to make money, also belongs to the category of wangzhuan.

A lot of

Wangzhuan way.


1, personal website to make money

2, rely on technology to make money

3, the sale of services to make money

4, do promotional tasks to make money


Many areas of

almost involved, it can be said, as long as you can, you can make money on the internet.

but a lot of people say that can not find a place to make money, or to do a number of part-time failure, did not make money. So he gave up. Ha-ha。 In fact, this step is more sad. Take some time. Zero return. But if you sum up the experience. Then your efforts will not be wasted. read more

Aggressive death cautious will only burn entrepreneurs bear

Abstract: combining with traditional industry business, we should pay more attention to making money, rather than burn enclosure. The Internet is to dominate the world, this decision is a virtual product characteristics of Internet and traditional industries, will not be able to dominate the world, this is also the product decision. Aggressive death, cautious, will burn entrepreneurs bear


on the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, and a number of entrepreneurs in Qingdao, as well as a senior investor in the Department of investment, Mr. D, together to talk about entrepreneurship and investment, chat with the heart of rock deep feelings. The chat let me hear the true story of a lot of venture capital, verify that I have written many articles on the Internet business point of view, but also further triggered a deeper thinking. read more

Zhu Lin this entrepreneur he did not get financing and employees do not talk about ideals

in this era,

such entrepreneurs can succeed?

sat in front of a middle-aged man named Zhu Lin, mosaic blue (SecIsland) founder. He doesn’t look like an entrepreneur at all, or, unlike the entrepreneurs of this era.

This is the

you can hear the next table and spit flying "O2O" and "sharing economy" in the cafe, crowded subway can meet the next person call "the combination of tens of millions of times". In this era of entrepreneurs, should not be the spirits, dress and shining, you talked about "air" and "value" of young people read more

Out of the public number from the media entrepreneurs unconsciously surge out of the new direction

Internet experience a lot of change, since the media has become a self media, from a "need to know" who is the importance of laying hens.

many years ago, we value quality, the value of valuable content, but seldom care about this on the network output of the "high quality" "hen" who is like the original, we only love free video resources, and seeds…… It never occurred to me that one day I would enter an era of copyright in any field.

"personal brand" has woken up when the "copyright" is enough to feed a person, a team…… Copyright awareness has become an important channel for commercial realization. read more