Share my experience in the A5 website trading platform to sell the station

according to some investigation report data show that China personal webmaster has reached four million, while the amount of Lou personal website is far more than thirty million in the four million personal webmaster, can make money from the web site is not to the twenty, but unfortunately I was one of the seventy or eighty per cent do not make money in one time, because there is no way to make money from the site, the thinking on the websites of the end of this time, but in the A5 forums in the unexpected discovery of this forum site transactions, also at that time that website can be sold, can also change the read more

How did the founder of the company get paid for his own career

lead: to team members salary in order to keep him, and you take much salary in your company’s financial condition. Life is fine, but don’t act like a king.

founder of the company on track how to pay for their own?

yes, the company is yours, along with the risks, benefits, reputation, status are your. But specifically, how do you decide on your own salary, especially when the company is going through a period of life and death, and is starting to grow faster?

12 Silicon Valley founders share their own experience: read more

Satisfaction January 2008 Commission settlement is completed please note that check

dear affiliate member!


In January 2008 the Commission has

settlement is completed, please note that check member! There is a problem please contact our staff.

satisfied with advertising


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more

More than 17 million 500 thousand blog users in China for more than 70% sleep

More than 70% of the sleep blog, a huge waste of network resources

from the active blog of the year registered a point of view, since 2002, the scale of 2 to blog every year to 3 times the speed of rapid growth, the current size of more than in 2002 increased by 30 times. Survey report shows that the current blog readers in more than 75 million, of which active blog reader is 54 million 700 thousand.

According to the

read more

s it GG Ad Chinese service personnel have been embezzled the money in the account


announced the " Street Advertising Forum; stop account may also receive income before " news, many were released and stop account contact Google AdSense team to get its deserved income. Of course, there are some publishers because of invalid clicks and other cheating can not continue to receive the account balance, there are also other situations, such as the service team told publishers can receive income, but the income has been removed.

is the publisher of the advertising Street forum user (idummy), a publisher from Hubei, Jingzhou. His Google AdSense account was discontinued in June 2008, he contacted the service team and that can be obtained before June revenue and service team told him in May revenue has been received, for the time is July 17th. The strange thing is the publisher in August from the advertising forum that stop street still have the opportunity to receive account income before email, but before the account is unable to log on nature cannot obtain the monitoring code will not receive income to the west. read more

mage T2C Tai Chi advertising alliance Jun Jun wonderful speech

information channel July 26th, Ai Ruixin annual marketing conference held in Beijing Century Hotel, Jin Yuan, held in 2007. Focus Media chairman Jason Jiang, iResearch consulting group president Yang Weiqing and good advertising CEO Zhu Hailong and other industry insiders have attended and delivered a speech on the future of new media in the field of advertising, communication and other business is discussed.

T2C Tai Chi advertising alliance general manager Dan Jun

      single Jun: Thank you, this is the third time I have stood on the top of the podium, I feel that in this meeting will be very careful, do a year than a year. In fact, today I am talking about the content is very stylish, I said a lot of Guan Jian words in the morning meeting and the guests said repeatedly cited. read more

Exclusive analysis of Ali’s mother Taobao

Taobao off, as the name suggests is to help Taobao to buy things, according to the volume to get commission. Through the past few days of its research, a little feeling.

Taobao guest, first of all, is not so simple, as I often say, see what others do what make money, he is going to do, but not necessarily very ideal, in fact Taobao master skills and skills are not off, but everyone has his own way, when you to do, according to your own ideas of success, this will become your skills! And the master will not easily revealed he is how to do promotion. read more

Personal Adsense professional real estate website how to do 300 thousand

is now the most heat is what? What is the future can continue to heat it? Of course is the real estate, with the city China process more and more quickly, more and more widely, the real estate industry at present and in the future for a long period of time will be in the national economy most of us one of the big concern.

but as a real estate portal of emerging media, along with the development of this trend, more and more attention by people, more and more people are using the Internet to view communication, learning. As a reference for their own home. I am no exception. read more

Forbes entrepreneurs do not lose in character

Sohu IT news Beijing time on July 24th news, entrepreneurship is the dream of every entrepreneur. "Forbes" patent writer David Dessoff (David DiSalvo) published an article that entrepreneurial success is common in personality, they have just perfect toughness, able to do what they preach, and do practical soul, also can have the strategy solution to crisis and take responsibility.

below is the article details:


calls "success" is "achievement". It is difficult to define whether the success of entrepreneurship, but defined as achievement is simple. Create a long-term revenue and profit growth of the company, for many employees to provide jobs, help customers create value, to help shareholders win a good return on investment, brings positive effects and so on, these are all have many entrepreneurs want to achieve. read more

Wang Shi what is entrepreneurship

2009, I and some friends in response to an environmental NGO international wildlife rescue (WildAid) call, together launched the initiative refused to eat shark’s fin, then a we pulled over to sign an entrepreneur said: I can’t sign, for example, I want to eat a meal with the minister, the Minister of fish fin, I can say that I don’t eat? I also want to do business? The entrepreneurs friends finally did not sign, but we have signed. Three years later, I have not heard of the signature of the boss because they do not eat shark fin and the business can not be done. Yao Ming returned to the wild rescue took Commercials: "no sale, no killing, now almost even woman and children all know. I saw some people on the internet. It seems that Yao Ming’s business is getting bigger, not affected. read more

Pulsation some matters needing attention in the operation of the new system

new code launch note:

1, the new code must be placed in the new system registration site advertising. During the operation of the old system, with the A part of the membership station registered as a member, and in B, C, D and other stations put its advertising code, and B, C, D station and not in pulse system for registration, then, the situation in the new system, B, C, D stations are not normal operation of advertising only B, C, D registration, the station to operate.

2, the meaning of the "certification status" of domain name management. Although the new system must be registered on the site can be thrown, but in order to allow new members to thoroughly understand this requirement, try to reduce unnecessary operation, so the use of the certification process state, completely secures the domain name attribute, and not by other website registration. read more

nterview with Xiong Xiaoge monthly investment 1 2 mobile nternet companies

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge

sina science and technology news on August 2nd afternoon news, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge (micro-blog) this afternoon to accept the interview with Sina Technology revealed that IDG now every month to invest 1-2 mobile Internet Co. He also suggested that China and the United States through dialogue mechanism to solve the VIE (variable interest entity) problem.

Macworld 2012 Digital World Expo opens today in. As an important exhibition of IDG, this year’s exhibitors and exhibition area increased significantly compared with last year. Afternoon, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge accepted an exclusive interview with sina technology. read more

How to make money in 2009 website builders

entered the 2009, for everyone should be more happy, the new year, new hope, new goals. I’ve seen a lot of my friends’ blogs and QQ space record their 08 year summary and the 2009 plan.

these days I am also considering a problem in 2009, we do the staff how to make money?

2008 economic crisis indirectly affected the various enterprises, in 2009 the crisis remains, how can we resist the cold winter, to meet the spring?

first station. As long as in the website construction work should get the money is to live in a few years ago, a corporate website also say there is a 3000 yuan, and now, the enterprise website is personal, Internet companies do bad, the market is chaotic. But these two years found that there is a lot of space to do. And companies or individuals are increasingly looking for individuals to do it, not the company. We do have several advantages: the price can be agreed, and the company cost high price we have no personal advantage; flexible service, of course this is for personal integrity, do not rule out the possibility of comparison was simple. Of course, these are mainly based on the introduction of friends, friends, customers on the basis of customer. For the novice, you can take the initiative to find a look. read more

The right of discourse of the grassroots has hurt the blog

Rise in the west of the Blog, after landing in China, many netizens praise. According to Baidu’s "2006 Chinese blog development authority report" shows that as of November 3, 2006, the number of Chinese blog sites worldwide reached 52 million 300 thousand, the blog (Blogger) the number of users reached 19 million 870 thousand, the average blog (Blogger) users have about 2.6 blogs, blog site number and blog users have a certain degree of growth than last year, per capita the number of blogs also increased slightly compared with last year.

grassroots voice is gradually deprived read more

Do GGAD try to replace the GB2312 UTF 8 try

try…… UTF-8 is indeed a little higher than GB2312


GB2312, Chinese

UTF-8 earth people can see

If you have the

site is e or related, foreigners see it, if it is GB2312, garbled directly off

if it is UTF-8, after all, some foreigners still know a few Chinese is not it? Probability a little bit more, just a little bit ha ha


google display advertising, although most are based on IP display, but some are not regional

so, with UTF-8, there is an advantage, because GB2312 is only chinese…… The Chinese advertising price is very low read more

70 tabloid practice business ideas before asking yourself 10 questions

10 questions to ask yourself before testing business ideas

when you think of a good idea, but don’t know if it’s possible, you need to ask questions to test the concept. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself:

1, who are my customers?

2, what can my idea replace


3, how can I best demonstrate this idea to someone else?

4, who will be needed in my team?

5, what resources do I need?

6, what is the buying cycle of my product?

7, what is the expected sales of our products? read more

From the monthly advertising think of advertising and advertising hits

This thing is purely accidental, is seeing a post thought. The post specific content is probably: "100 yuan Post Bar posted ads as a", said one hundred yuan monthly advertising every day to IP only three or four, webmaster should put three or four days on a monthly subscription advertising test. I think this is a topic and flexible, so simply write their own views (posted please QQ:24383997).

read more

Law of success of nternet entrepreneurs

the development of the Internet in different periods, the rules of their entrepreneurial success will change. In fact, the phrase itself is a false proposition, after all, for any one industry, never having successful rules inherent one, so the emphasis here is on an Internet entrepreneur who follow the trend of the times, the necessity of the development trend of the Internet to see. So the rule of success of the Internet today should be: to seize the core needs of users, improve the user experience of the product, everything revolves around the user. read more

China porn website enrichment revealed how to make her a addiction

    "erotic June day" boss Chen Hui by collecting hundreds of thousands of registered members, half naked chat chat room can make a profit of 3 million…… A huge temptation to promote internet porn industry chain, but also to the network pornography industry becomes very mysterious, but in fact, Internet pornography is very lucrative way of "diversification".

Wang Jianguo enterprises should also do a good job of innovation

five star Holding Group Co., Ltd. chairman and President Wang Jianguo (Sina Finance photo by Chen Xin)


financial news on July 27, 2012 -28, sponsored by the Qingdao Municipal People’s government and the "Chinese entrepreneurs" magazine "2012 (twelfth) China enterprises" future star "will be held in Qingdao in Shandong. The picture shows Wang Jianguo, chairman and chief executive of the five star Holding Group Co., Ltd. (micro-blog).

Wang Jianguo: distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Listen to the director Gu speech is very inspiring, as the enterprise must innovate. The title of my speech is in the Gu director’s guidance, from the perspective of business as a supplement, my topic is "back to the basic level of enterprise". read more