85 guy after the establishment of agricultural B2B platform the growth rate of 4 times the valuation

Abstract: an acre of farmland was established in 2011, is a large agricultural commodities trading platform B2B. Although in the past 4 years, the company achieved a growth of 2000%, but until this sentence in the social media fermentation, an acre of land was the first time the Internet circle known.

acres of land founder and CEO Deng Jinhong

three months ago, the Southern Weekend reporter walked into the first acres of farmland in the office, when the company has only 1300 people, is a large number of people. read more

The inevitable product of giants on chicken ribs start on the road

at noon news tepid to stimulate the nerve under the editor, "Nora" back?


called Nora back, referring to Nora’s original team set up a new company.

was officially closed 2014 since the flight of Wang Xin, was arrested, and all subsequent trial, even the trial judge the content of time has become a popular major media reports, its life and death are with vigour and vitality.

this "fast back", obviously, is a new brand, you want to take this chance must also be taking advantage of the marketing opportunities, according to Wei Feng Network "back to our" software testing experience, iOS version 5 is chicken ribs: our mandatory installation of advertising push again and again, all kinds of games and applications, content in order to not violate the big problem of copyright ", also provides the original video source, so that now the" fast "is a concentrated push advertising content, love, also bind the Soft Download platform. read more

Snapchat CEO for graduates entrepreneurship said these 3 words

24 year old

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel are not born a refined and cultured, the thoughtful gentleman.

last year, when he was sent to school in Stanford University, an e-mail was leaked, he said in the message with the word "gentleman" is not a test. Due to the content of the message is too indecent, we will no longer spread here, if you are interested, you can go here to take a look at yourself: link

in many people’s eyes, Spiegel is a very polite person, after seeing this message, you may be hard to believe that these words from his mouth. However, people are constantly mature, after several years of experience, Spiegel has become more stable and wise. Recently, he was invited to speak at a university graduation ceremony, to know that I did not graduate from school Spiegel. But in the circle of science and technology, did not finish the university is not like what shameful thing, sometimes even a bragging rights. read more

How do you get your first 1000 users Start with stupid things

story from hotmail. In 1996 two the engineer wants to go it alone on his own, but they are afraid of their own mail by the boss to see, so do a mail system based on Web pages, this is the predecessor of hotmail. The results of this free time to get out of the product immediately get the investment, but the real launch of the market when it was mediocre.

at that time most of the company’s promotional products are generous to buy large billboards and radio advertising. Hotmail did not use the usual way, but in each of the hotmail issued by the end of the e-mail, automatic signature: "dear, you can also use the same as I Hotmail free mailbox." This now seems very common action, viral transmission at the time but has the innovation significance. read more

Why O2O entrepreneurial survival rate of only 1%

Abstract: since 2015, many O2O project is also tragic fall, the bubble burst; but as the depth of fusion and Internet plus business, O2O will not end, but the transition from the O2O implementation of the traditional business enterprise as the protagonist, "thinking and practice of the store + mobile phone" as the main line.

in 2016, frequent online "O2O death list", some have donated a O2O project in which. As investors led by the famous Xue Manzi community in 001, Allen Lin founded by singer rice ye, multi point Dmall online supermarket also broke out, founder of turn by investors to offer commercial Wumart insider. Today, the survival rate of O2O innovation projects only 1%, the industry should be able to reach consensus. read more

Small and medium sized listed companies governance 50 list corporate governance can bring value to t

lead: good corporate governance on the one hand can reduce agency cost, on the other hand, it helps to protect the interests of investors especially small and medium-sized shareholders.

corporate governance is the basic factor that determines whether the enterprise can be healthy and sustainable development. Good corporate governance on the one hand can reduce agency costs, on the other hand, but also help protect the interests of shareholders, especially small and medium investors. In the past 20 years, has made some progress in corporate governance Chinese enterprises, but with the rapid development of enterprise needs, corporate governance is still restricted China company grew into one of the constraints of world-class enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the governance of Listed Companies in China, and sum up the gains and losses. read more

There is a kind of pain call the woman on the road she did more than you

Abstract: if the boys pull a female friend of her business, nine out of ten mutate. Once you turn her on the road, she will be more successful than you. Since then her heart has been occupied by career. Soft sister becomes tough, more difficult to fall.

next month is a month for dog abuse, whether you’re single or not.

I wish you had the perfect spring festival and Valentine’s day in the shelling of laws.

if you have a girlfriend, and you are or are ready to start a business,

you made today. read more

Thunder President Cheng Hao we missed the opportunity to venture 3

[Abstract] these 3 opportunities are browser, streaming media, mobile application store, one of the most regrettable is the application store.

thunder President Cheng Hao


technology news (Le Tian) September 1st news, thunder co-founder, President Cheng Hao today to talk about the thunder in the process of entrepreneurship sentiment, said any success is to stand on the shoulders of countless failures, the thunder missed 3 opportunities in history.


this 3 chance is app store browser, streaming media, mobile phone, the three chance, Cheng Hao believes that the biggest opportunity is the thunder but the opportunity is mobile phone application store, because the thunder in the mobile phone application store should be born. read more

Entrepreneurship in Beijing Zhongguancun entrepreneurs start to spend much cost

an Internet venture team decided to start the business, at the beginning of the first to pay some costs. 36 krypton, according to the survey, in Zhongguancun as an example, make a list of the initial cost.

in the actual operation, the entrepreneurial team may also be ", The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, find a variety of other low-cost alternatives, realize the purpose of" save money "on the basis of this, and can quickly start the product development. For example, in the product development period, the first rental homes or incubator station instead of office buildings. Even if entrepreneurs have their own resources, you can apply for government support entrepreneurship, preferential policies of the Industrial Park settled, or into some incubation space, can get free office space in the early. In office supplies, computers, office desks and chairs, which can be rented or bought by the collapse of the start-up company left second-hand goods. read more

Gong Haiyan readme failed second days left Jiayuan founded 91 aura is too heavy not enough focus

Abstract: the biggest mistake of my two venture is not focus, because I made some mistakes, to the end of these errors caused by the impact of the mentality. I have not the courage and determination to continue to adhere to the." Gong Haiyan looked lonely said.

grass root counter attack story happened again, this time is the 51Talk acquisition of 91 foreign teachers.

January 16th, 51Talk China World Trade Center store, scheduled morning 10:00 conference by Gong Haiyan 10:30 the time to be long in coming. read more