Google free promotional activities to benefit nearly half a million people

  as the largest e-commerce software and service provider’s ShopEx, B2C independent online shop platform "I shop" (, since July 27th, together with Google to push independent online shop, just half a month, the benefit of the owner has more than 8000 people, and is still increasing at the speed of more than a thousand people every day this, from another level reflects the desire for the promotion of independent shop owner.

my shop, the country’s first to provide late promotion service provider read more

Red tiger my Taobao make money Trilogy

, a philosopher once said that: "a person afraid to do anything, must go through three stages, the first stage, the mountain is mountain, water is water; the second stage, the mountain is not a mountain, water is not water; the third stage, the mountains or the mountain, see water or water." I like when the beginner painting process, in my childhood, perhaps not what the teacher taught me to paint, I also according to their own instincts and talents to draw, Xiaoyouchengjiu is small when the children take part in exhibition has made some achievements, grow up, draws to a certain stage, I want to draw better, which requires a teacher guidance and some methods to improve the painting skills, such as what the sketch and color techniques. As a master of painting to do until a certain level, painting skills and methods all already into your blood and life, can be completely without any skills and methods of the constraints, relying solely on instinct, arbitrary play and self-contained. (although I didn’t get it, I saw it). The reason to say that these three stages, mainly with the past few months, I have to make a lot of money to make a relationship with Taobao customers. read more

How to treat the huge Dailian industry

recently, a British study at University of Manchester showed that in developing countries, there are about 500 thousand people through the sale of virtual goods online game player to make money, this is called "make money online" industry is booming. The Chinese market accounted for 80% of the industry, employing full-time players about $400 thousand, the average monthly income of $145. Although the game company to crack down on virtual goods trading behavior, but the industry is still in the ascendant. read more

Car home to Qin Founder needs CEO

Li Xiang is grass roots, Qin is the returnees elite;

Li Xiang is the founder, Qin is airborne executives;

Li Xiang was the boss, Qin is now the boss".

everyone in the era of Founder, two men from the car home of the difference between the age of more than and 10 years, the interpretation of a period of incredible love".

Qin said, the car home this site is not my product,

but the car house is my product."

founder needs CEO

everyone is Founder, but the most missing is CEO. Qin Zhi, car home thirty-eighth employees, is now CEO. read more

From 2007 where is the way out

  I’m not afraid of you. I’m the poorest person in a personal station. From the beginning of 2004 to do stand, then can not say do not stand it. Every day on the Internet is not less than 8 hours, did not earn a penny. It’s a shame to say it! Don’t you know if you have this experience?

to make this year in February, was really out of the free personal home page (at that time in the webmaster nets see a free home page can also monthly income over ten thousand, don’t know is not bragging. Maybe I have little talent and less learning did not see,!) is China renamed to our poor webmaster such a chance, a piece of a domain name, I also get a note, because no money to buy space, but they do not want to give up their own do dreams, passions and dreams to yourself when the time the beggar, finally get a little PHP space in Witkey home. So webmaster career pace. read more

Peking University students drop out of business 26 years of age a few million profit

a young 26 year old founder of the company, a year earnings on tens of millions of yuan! He helped to improve the online game player speed, let 20 million people become his subscribers! This little-known company, has been jointly funded four domestic investment institutions, the total will reach 100 million yuan.

this is not Arabian Nights, but the real story took place in the Chengdu high tech Zone Incubator park. The 26 year old is one of the founders of the company, President Yuan Xu.

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Strongly recommended PPS price to 1 5 yuan


Hello everyone!

PPS Network TV on-line a week, made a commendable performance,

in order to improve the enthusiasm of everyone involved, since 2 2008, from the beginning of 1, PPS promotion price adjustment to $1.5 / day survival.

survival statistics unchanged.

installation requirements:

installation date, seventh days to open the software to watch the program for an effective seven day survival

strongly recommend big members actively put!!

dark horse alliance


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Survey half of the owners are willing to accept the virtual image show ads

In September 21st, the "2006 China Internet Conference will be held in Beijing, the conference will be the theme of" Innovation — opportunities brought by the Internet, as the General Assembly designated website, exclusive release of the Internet community survey conclusion.

The possibility of

According to the second

for providing a virtual image service for community users, 38.7% owners think that "to buy with the virtual image points forum articles" best; 24.6% of the owners can think of "commodity single charge (such as each garment charges 1 yuan to 2 yuan)". read more

Ali mother earn so simple

QQ online a lot of space each step on the league, I took a look at not know what, until a few days ago himself wrote a step on this but I also increased the mutual brush. It and what is the relationship between Ali and her mother. I slowly say.

each step is provided to each step the union was playing QQ increasing popular QQ space, I would like to QQ space can increase the popularity, the popular website can also increase. And I took the snacks each step the program again changed, and then brush in space but also under my brush the website. read more

Do stand before school life is not accidental should not blindly do Wangzhuan station

now many webmaster webmaster to join industry is to do Wangzhuan, I can only say that you are very clever, you have found the most money in this pluralistic society in the industry, but I have to tell that this industry is not good to make money.

I’m not very good at writing, will not tell you how to do traffic, only hope you have read what I write, can feel how to improve the method of flow. What others say is false, only found, that is true.

site is a commodity, so you can see yourself as a waiter, how to serve your users? read more