Dumpstaphunk, Fishbone, Miss Velvet Keep The Funk Going At NYC’s Sony Hall For P-Funk Afterparty [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images The funk was strong in New York City on Tuesday night. Shortly following the 10 p.m. completion of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic‘s headlining performance at Central Park SummerStage, the show’s opening acts, Dumpstaphunk, Fishbone, and Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf, all grabbed their gear and trekked a few blocks south for a  late-night afterparty at Sony Hall.The relatively new venue, located just west of Times Square in midtown Manhattan, slowly filled with funk fans and attendees who were at the Central Park show earlier in the evening. Fans hoping to dance into the early hours of Wednesday morning were able to do so with full satisfaction, as the three bands; after-party performances stretched out a little longer than their 20-minute sets a few hours prior.Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf started the night’s action, followed by high-energy sets from Dumpstaphunk and finally Fishbone as Tuesday turned into Wednesday.Check out photos from Tuesday night’s funk-filled afterparty, courtesy of Chris Capaci.Dumpstaphunk + Fishbone | Sony Hall | New York, NY | 6/4/2019 | Photos: Chris Capacilast_img read more

Christmas Cactus

first_imgIt seems as though every year since I graduated from Texas A&M University, I have been asked how to get poinsettias to rebloom. The gardener soon realizes the task is beyond formidable. However, the Christmas cactus, which is so rare in beauty, is actually easy to grow and rebloom, maybe even for the rest of your life. In fact, I often meet people who say their Christmas cactus is a hand-me-down plant from their mom or grandma.The cacti I had in my office in Raymond, Mississippi, were living, blooming proof. Although I had them for several years, they were abandoned for weeks on end during the spring and fall gardening season when I was on the road. If they got water or light beyond what they received sitting in a north-facing window, they were lucky.Every year, however, they rewarded me with their floral displays as if I were a long-lost friend or had been pampering them for months. It was almost incredible. I visited two garden centers before I wrote this column to make sure that this plant had not fallen out of favor, but they were there in several different colors. These plants were for sale at unbelievably low prices.The Christmas cactus is one of those plants that triggers fierce arguments over its botanical and common names. Is it a Christmas cactus or a Thanksgiving cactus?I am thankful for it when it blooms. Even though a store selling the plant on Dec. 19 called it the “zygocactus,” that name is no longer correct. Who cares, right? Botanically speaking, most taxonomic authorities say that Christmas cacti sold are Schlumbergera x buckleyi, which is a cross between S. truncata and S. russelliana. In fact, there are more than 200 named cultivars. Other reputable sources say that Christmas cacti are S. bridgesii.The bloom period of these hybrids may be controlled by the amount of uninterrupted darkness the plant receives. You can delay blooming by giving the plant more light. Once the plant receives 12 to 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness each day, buds will usually start to form.Most of you who have been reading my columns for the past 20-plus years have gathered that I’m a tropical plant “nut.” Guess where the Christmas cactus originates? This true cactus, minus thorns, is native to the South American rainforest. In Brazil, they grow on tree trunks and limbs alongside orchids and bromeliads, wherever rainwater quickly drains away. Their flowers are almost iridescent in shades of lavender, fuchsia, orange, red and white.Despite the neglect I gave my Christmas cactus back at Mississippi State University’s Central Mississippi Research and Extension Center, it is best to keep them in a bright, cool location. Keep the soil lightly moist, but never soggy. Don’t fertilize until growth begins in the spring.Once temperatures stay above freezing, you can move the Christmas cactus outdoors for the spring and summer. Keep it in a shaded area, especially in the afternoon. Feed it a diluted, water-soluble fertilizer every other time you water. Around the first of October next year, place it in an area where it will receive no light for about 12 hours in the late afternoon and at night. Buds should start to develop around the first of November and open between Thanksgiving and Christmas.You can start new Christmas cacti by simply taking stem sections of two or three segments and sticking them in very porous, moist potting soil. I actually prefer sand. They will root very quickly. These tropical cacti are fun to grow and, in my opinion, are the easiest holiday plant to get to rebloom. Buy some now and start a tradition in which your children or grandchildren see them blooming each Thanksgiving or Christmas. You will make lasting memories.Follow me on Facebook at “Norman Winter ‘The Garden Guy.’” For more about the University of Georgia Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens, go to www.coastalgeorgiabg.org/.last_img read more

Is Into the Wild’s Chris McCandless a Hero?

first_imgChris McCandless, also known by the pseudonym Alexander Supertramp, was an American hiker who sought an increasingly itinerant lifestyle as he grew up. He is the subject of Into the Wild, a nonfiction book by Jon Krakauer that was later made into a full-length feature film.We asked our readers to sound off on what they thought of the Chris McCandless and his adventure. These are their answers:“The dictionary’s definition of a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Chris McCandless fits this definition perfectly. Ability he did not lack, and he had an abundance of courage with anything he tried. Chris was extraordinarily talented. He excelled in almost anything he attempted and let nothing stand in his way. During Chris’s year and a half adventure around the Western United States he showed all of the qualities of a hero. He dropped everything he owned to take away the barriers that society had subconsciously imposed on him to discover who the real Chris McCandless was. A bold and stubborn risk it was, but more importantly Chris took the risk—something many people would never dream of even attempting because they can’t predict the outcome. That’s why Chris is a hero, because he did something so many can’t. He set out on an adventure to enjoy what little time he had on this beautiful planet.”—Austin Peton, Blacksburg, Va.“I think from a literary sense John Krakauer has made Chris McCandless an example of a hero. As a human being, I feel it’s a shame that McCandless’ life ended at such a young age. I wish he would have made better decisions in many of his outdoor pursuits and the way he dealt with his family, but as a character I believe he is an essential lesson in social progression. Currently in America, we are losing sight of the simple things through working too many hours, while we live among homogenized suburban trappings and big-box hell. Many times I have wanted to step away from it all and release my free spirit within. Reality inevitably prevents this. But every time I go back and read “Into the Wild” I can’t help but feel inspired to at least make small changes in my life, appreciate my natural surroundings, and embrace the purest things around me, even if they aren’t always easy to see. If McCandless can make me see these things, then personally I have no choice but to call him a hero.”— Jim Barry, Raleigh, N.C.Many, many people waste away their lives being a slave to something (career, debt, etc.), not really ever being free from its grasp. Chris was just someone who did what we all should do: follow your heart.“While many of the underlying principles by which he tried to lead his life are indeed admirable, I don’t believe he can be called hero. Like many of us, he found that the societal trappings of everyday life in America made him long for a more simple existence. The reason however that many of the rest of us choose not to walk away is that we have a responsibility to those we love and those that love us. There’s a point in a person’s life where they must realize that they do not just live for themselves. Christopher McCandless was unfortunately too selfish to ever come to this realization. He instead chose to put his family through what I could only imagine must have been two years of hell without so much as a whisper of his whereabouts. Could you do such a thing to your loved ones? A hero, in my mind, must be selfless—someone who puts the lives of others above their own. Christopher McCandless does not fit that description.”— Jeremiah Leroy, Asheville, N.C.“It’s cool that he went out and explored the world and didn’t get caught up in society’s expectations. That’s great—I’m all for it. Many, many people waste away their lives being a slave to something (career, debt, etc.), not really ever being free from its grasp. Chris was just someone who did what we all should do: follow your heart. This doesn’t make him a hero, but it does make him pure and true.”— Jon Livenood, Knoxville, Tenn.“Chris McCandless was a troubled young man who tried to live off the land in the wilds of Alaska and starved to death. He went into the bush without bothering to master necessary skills. He didn’t have a map, wore jeans (a real sign of a newbie), and carried 10 lbs of rice but no crampons. McCandless had no respect for wilderness, too much arrogance, or maybe he just wasn’t thinking. He was not a kid or a boy; he was a 24 year old man. If Chris had a map, he would have seen that the safe way out, the best way to cross the river was only a half-mile down where there was a gauging station built by the U.S. Geological Survey. That’s how Jon Krakauer, the author of “Into the Wild,” and his companions reached the bus. Chris wanted to go into Alaska as terra incognito but there was a bus there and cabins a few miles away. How incognito could it be? In a documentary about the movie, Krackauer explained McCandless’ thinking: “If the whole world is mapped, then don’t look at the map.” That’s suicidal.”— Danny Bernstein, Asheville, N.C.last_img read more

15th Circuit takes part in National Adoption Day

first_img15th Circuit takes part in National Adoption Day 15th Circuit takes part in National Adoption Day For the third consecutive year, the 15th Circuit Court along with the support of the Palm Beach County Bar Association join with more than 175 communities from across the country in celebration of National Adoption Day in November.“The purpose for the celebration is to encourage our community to adopt children in foster care,” said Joseph Ackerman, chair for the PBCBA’s Special Needs of Children Committee. “As a father of an adopted child, I hope this event will result in more children finding permanent, loving homes.”The local celebration took place at the main courthouse in downtown West Palm Beach and included adoptions for approximately 30 children, followed by a luncheon with activities and gifts. The Palm Beach County Bar held a fundraiser to help underwrite the event.“This is the third year our circuit has participated in National Adoption Day,” said Penny Martin, a member of the association’s Special Needs of Children Committee and a lawyer with the guardian ad litem program.“It is a great joy to see children in our community who have suffered greatly from abuse and neglect attain permanence with a loving family.”For more information about adoption, call the Children’s Home Society at (561) 868-4300, or volunteer opportunities with the guardian ad litem program, call (561) 355-2773.center_img December 1, 2005 Regular Newslast_img read more

Longtime CU CEO claims the NCUA owes him more than $300,000

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » James Perna, a 42-year credit union president/CEO, claims the NCUA owes him more than $300,000 after he lost his long-held job when state regulators conserved Detroit’s Health One Credit Union in 2014 and named the independent federal agency as the liquidating agent.The NCUA asked a Michigan federal judge last week to dismiss Perna’s lawsuit claiming it is based on misplaced legal arguments, false claims and misleading statements. The NCUA acted within its authority, the federal agency argued, by repudiating his employment contract and firing him in May 2014 when state regulators conserved the credit union for unsafe and unsound practices.Throughout Perna’s four-decade tenure, the $14.5 million Health One CU did not appear to have any financial challenges until 2013 when the cooperative posted a net income loss of more than $1.3 million at the end of that year compared to a net income gain of more than $139,000 at the end of 2012, according to NCUA financial performance reports.In 2014, the credit union continued to lose money and recorded a net income loss of $651,309 at the end of the third quarter.last_img read more

House approves health protocol proposed by KPU for regional polls

first_imgHe was referring to the pandemic, which began to hit the country in March.The KPU found itself under pressure to come up with special measures after the House and government decided in late May that this year’s regional elections should be held on Dec. 9 to elect 270 regional leaders, comprising nine governors, 224 regents and 37 mayors, even though the epidemic showed no sign of easing. The elections were pushed back by around three months from their initial schedule of Sept. 23, as mandated by a regulation in lieu of law issued by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in May.Despite their approval on Monday, lawmakers urged the KPU and Bawaslu to carry out their respective duties in accordance with the health protocols and to always communicate with the local task forces so as to protect election officials, voters and candidates from infection.“It is my hope that KPU and Bawaslu can be very careful in applying their health protocols during the elections,” Commission II member and National Mandate Party (PAN) politician Guspardi Gaus said during the hearing. The House of Representatives has approved a set of health measures devised by the General Elections Commission (KPU) for holding the Dec. 9 regional elections to protect election organizers and voters from the spread of COVID-19.House Commission II, which oversees home affairs, green-lighted the proposed health protocol in a hearing with the KPU, the Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) and Home Ministry on Monday.“Commission II and the Home Ministry approved the KPU’s election regulation proposal for holding elections of governors and deputy governors, regents and deputy regents, mayors and deputy mayors amid the non-natural disaster,” Commission II deputy chairman Saan Mustopa of the NasDem Party said. Critics have urged policymakers to push back the elections to 2021 over fears the outbreak could continue until late into the year. They also warned against low voter turnout.Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politician Johan Budi said election organizers had to ensure both public health and the quality of the electoral process.The KPU regulation, along with a similar regulation introduced by Bawaslu as an election monitoring body, state that health rules, for instance, the use of face masks and physical distancing, are mandatory for KPU officers, candidates and voters during all stages of an election, from the ongoing preparation to the final vote count a week after voting day.It also limits the number of participants of indoor election campaign events to 40 percent of the venue’s capacity. Campaign activities that involve massive crowds, such as music concerts, are banned.COVID-19 patients will be allowed to cast their vote after 12 p.m., an hour before voting booths close, at designated polling stations at nearby hospitals.KPU chairman Arief Budiman said they had drafted the regulation after consulting with the COVID-19 national task force, adding that the KPU was committed to applying strict health protocol without hampering the elections.“I think all are in agreement that it is important to implement health protocols during the Dec. 9 elections without reducing the democratic quality [of the elections]. That is our spirit,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

AVEO upgrade set for unveiling

first_imgThe first stage of Aveo’s $60m Robertson Park will be unveiled on Wednesday.THE first stage of Aveo’s new $60 million Robertson Park community will be unveiled on Wednesday.A grand event will mark the milestone, which includes the completion of two buildings featuring 34 independent living units.The new recreation area is also completed, and includes contemporary lounge and dining areas, a gourmet community kitchen, a bar, beauty and hairdressing salon, gymnasium, library, swimming pool and landscaped communal gardens. 34 independent units were being created in the two buildings. Bidder wins auction from departure lounge A third of Aussies retiring with two homes Brisbane joins global cities list Allied health and care professionals including an occupational therapist, physiotherapist and podiatrist will operate from the new building, as well as providing residents with visiting home care services.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus19 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market19 hours agoAveo CEO Geoff Grady said the redevelopment would help meet the changing needs of our current residents and Baby Boomers.“The new buildings in Stage 1 will boast almost 1000sq m of community recreational areas as well as contemporary and spacious independent Living Apartments, designed to enhance our residents’ retirement lifestyle without sacrificing on premium finishes, quality or security,” he said.Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 3:17Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -3:17 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels576p576p480p480p256p256p228p228pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenMichelle Hele’s May market wrap03:17“A variety of one, two and three bedroom properties offer spacious terraces or private courtyards, which is perfect for entertaining family or friends.“The community centre will allow residents to participate in varying weekly activities too.”Aveo Robertson Park was established in 1987 and the redevelopment was needed to upgrade amenities and providing the standards in apartment living expected by current retirees.Joan Barrett will move in to the first stage of the development in June.“I have lived in Sunnybank for 45 years and feel so lucky to be able to stay in a familiar area in my latter years,” Ms Barrett said. Retirees require homes that allow them to entertain friends and family.“My social activities in recent years have been centred around bowls, cards, Probus and my craft group — it is good to know I will still be able to continue with these activities plus I look forward to the new activities on offer at the new community.“Aveo Robertson Park meets most of my needs for the future as it is within walking distance of shops, restaurants, movies, buses, hospital, health specialists and the dentist.”It is anticipated the entire redevelopment will be finalised in 2020, with Stage 2 expected to begin this year. Apartments within Stage 1 start from $399,000.last_img read more

‘No secrets’ – Thiem, Zverev battle for first Aussie Open final

first_img Loading… Dominic Thiem says there are “no secrets” between him Alexander Zverev as they prepare for a battle of “small margins” to make an Australian Open final for the first time. The fifth seed faces his good friend on Friday after stunning world number one Rafael Nadal in the last eight, with a crack at either seven-time champion Novak Djokovic or six-time winner Roger Federer at stake. Dominic Thiem says there are no secrets between him and Alexander Zverev Thiem and Zverev have played each other eight times, with the Austrian holding a 6-2 advantage, including their last two encounters. They have never been forced into a five-setter. “We have no secrets from each other. I mean, we played so many times, also on very special occasions already, at the ATP Finals, semis, French Open quarters,” said the 26-year-old. “It’s a nice rivalry we have. It’s great that we add an Australian Open semi-finals to this one. Going to be a close match again.” “Same if two top-10 players play each other (in the) semis of a Slam. The deciding moments are very small, small margins. I’m looking forward to it,” he added. Thiem is better known as a clay-court specialist and has experience of the big time, making the French Open final over the past two years, beaten each time by Nadal. But this is the furthest he has got on hardcourts at the Majors and knows he is on the cusp of a crack at shattering the stranglehold Djokovic and Federer have had on the tournament, sharing 12 of the last 14 titles. “One of us is going to be in the finals. But it’s still a very long way to go,” he said. Read Also: Aussie Open: Zverev sweeps past Wawrinka to make first Grand Slam semi “But anybody else, this is your life. You do with it what you feel is right. All I’m going to say, I’m always going to try my best. “I am always going to do everything I can to win tennis matches, to at least do the best thing I can on the tennis court when I’m playing in front of people, just to have respect in front of the crowd.” Zverev has already gone a long way to winning over Australian fans, donating $10,000 for each match he has won to the country’s bushfire relief fund. If he claims a maiden Grand Slam in Melbourne on Sunday, he has vowed to also hand over his Aus$4.12 million ($2.78 million) winner’s cheque to the same cause. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MorePortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D GraffitiWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?6 Incredibly Strange Facts About Hurricanes8 Ridiculously Expensive Things Bought By Keanu ReevesCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now10 TV Characters Who Were Destined To Become IconicBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Playing Games For Hours Can Do This To Your Bodycenter_img Alexander Zverev is into his first Grand Slam semi-final Seventh seed Zverev has long been tipped for great things, but until now the 22-year-old has failed to deliver at the Majors. He is into his first Grand Slam semi-final after taking a more relaxed approach, admitting that in the past he was trying too hard to make his mark. – Bushfire pledge – “In a way, I was maybe paying attention to it too much, to the Grand Slams. You know what I mean?” he said. “I was just playing better tennis at the other tournaments. At Madrid, Rome, other Masters, the World Tour Finals. The Grand Slams maybe meant too much for me. “This year I actually came into the Australian Open with absolutely no expectations.” Taking the pressure off has worked wonders, with Zverev battling past former champion Stan Wawrinka and dangerous Russian Andrey Rublev en route to his clash with Thiem. Regardless of what happens on Rod Laver Arena on Friday, he is content with his tennis, and his life. “Do you have to prove a point to anybody in this world? Maybe to your parents, out of respect or something like that,” he said.last_img read more

First-Inning Rally Sparks Win For Bulldogs

first_imgThe Batesville Bulldogs jumped out to an early lead on Milan and captured a 10-0 victory on Thursday at Liberty Park.Nine runs in the first three innings allowed the Batesville Bulldogs to put the game away early.Seven runs in the first inning and an error in the second inning fueled the Batesville Bulldogs’ offense early.Jacob Wilson paced the Batesville Bulldogs at the plate. Jacob Wilson went 2-3, drove in one and scored one run. He singled in the first and third innings.Luke Forbeck recorded the win for the Batesville Bulldogs. He pitched five shutout innings. He struck out three, walked one and surrendered four hits.Schmidt took the loss for Milan . He allowed seven runs in one-third of an inning, walked four and struck out one.The Batesville Bulldogs scored one run in the third inning, and then followed it up with one more in the fifth. In the third, the Batesville Bulldogs scored on an RBI single by Jacob Wilson, scoring Werner. The Bulldogs completed the game in the bottom of the fifth, as Zach Britton scored home on a wild pitch.The Bulldogs completed another shutout at home this season, as they have yet to allow a run at home in their four games at Liberty Park.The win makes the Bulldogs 5-5 on the season.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Justin Tucker.last_img read more

IMCA Modified, Northern SportMod drivers chasing Ricochet Race Component prizes

first_imgBRUSH, Colo. – Second-year sponsor Ricochet Race Components has renewed an awards pro­gram rewarding IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified and Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod driv­ers.Sets of three shock guard covers go to each of the five Modified regional champions, all Modified special series champions, feature winners during the Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Tour and Haw­keye Dirt Tour, and winners of 10 designated Modified special events.The national Northern SportMod champion also receives three shock guard covers.Located in Brush, Colo., Ricochet is owned by Modified veteran John Hansen. Information about Ricochet shock guard covers is available on Facebook.“The Ricochet shock guard is a unique piece and one that addresses a need for our Modified and Northern SportMod racers,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder said. “Having some to give away at our biggest special events and at the national banquet puts that unique product in the hands of racers at a time when they can really see its benefits first hand.”last_img read more