Lily Allen Joins StarStudded Coram Charity Concert

first_imgThe Royal Albert Hall came alive for Coram’s biggest ever musical fundraising concert featuring Lily Allen, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Queen’s Brian May, Kerry Ellis, The Feeling and Maverick Sabre this week.Coram is committed to improving the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people.Maverick opened the evening’s entertainment playing a stripped-back set accompanied by his guitarist. He encouraged the audience to text a £10 donation to support Coram’s music therapy services, which help vulnerable children to communicate.Sophie Ellis-Bextor was up next, charming the crowd with her folk-pop ballads. Sophie remarked how incredible it was that when the Royal Albert Hall was built, Coram had already been helping children for 140 years!Sophie is featured on Coram’s newly-launched supporter pledge wall and read pledges from other celebrity supporters such as Richard E. Grant and Lisa Faulkner.The audience were brought straight to their feet by the next act, pop rockers, The Feeling. Front man Dan Gillespie was quick to voice his support for Coram, saying “It’s great to be here for a wonderful cause.”Then it was time for the soulful tones of Brian May and Kerry Ellis, who had the audience in the palms of their hands. The duo performed ‘Born Free’, written by Coram supporter and award-winning lyricist, Don Black. Kerry Ellis said generously, “It’s a joy to be here in this wonderful venue for such a fantastic cause.”Compere for the evening, leading broadcaster Mike Read, thanked the acts and reminded the crowd that Coram was counting on their support to make the concert a successful event for vulnerable children needing the charity’s help.Soon enough, the generosity of the crowd shone through and an announcement was made that over £20,000 had been raised through texts and donations! £10 donations can still be made by texting CORAM to 70660 and a special online auction raising funds for Coram is still available to bid on until midnight on Thursday.Prizes include afternoon tea with English actor Bill Nighy and a VIP tour of the Shard with Champagne dinner.Next up was the inimitable Lily Allen who was making her return to the stage after several years break, to perform for the charity.“I’m very pleased to be here for Coram,” smiled Lily, before launching into her stunning set. A particular highlight was the moment Lily invited a little girl named Chardonnay onto stage, who sung along to latest single, ‘Air Balloon’.Coram will continue its 275th anniversary year celebrations with exciting events throughout the year and the launch of the charity’s first online supporter pledge campaign. All supporters can stand up for today’s ‘invisible’ children, just as the charity’s founder Thomas Coram did 275 years ago and sign the wall, and sign up for Coram’s newsletter to stay up to date.Thanks to the City Rocks committee who organised the concert, 100 tickets were donated free of charge to young people and families who have been supported by Coram directly.Coram thanks all the performers and the City Rocks committee for making this incredibly succesfull concert possible, and the Royal Albert Hall for selecting Coram as its first ever Charity of the Year.last_img read more


first_imgHOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 20: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins attend the 2018 PaleyFest Los Angeles screening and panel discussion of CW’s ‘Supernatural’ on March 20, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage) Advertisement Advertisement Facebook Supernatural literally just crossed over with another show and it was dope — In case you had not heard, there was recently an episode ofSupernatural called “Scoobynatural,” in which the brothers Winchester (and their be-trench-coated sexy Angel sidekick Castiel) got pulled into a TV, became cartoon versions of themselves, and then met Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred before drag racing with the Mystery Machine, fighting ghosts, wearing friggin’ ascots, and saving the day from evil realtors who are up to no good. As I’m writing this, the least unlikely scenario has occurred — all of the Arrowverse shows (even satellite show Black Lightning) have been renewed by The CW. And returning for its 14th season? Supernatural. Saving people, hunting things… the television business.And, folks, I know this is a little bit of fan fiction in action, but it’s time. Supernatural needs to cross over with the Arrowverse.It’s actually a little shocking that it hasn’t happened already. Here are 5 reasons it would be crazy not to do this (admittedly also crazy) thing. I know. This is very Buzzfeed circa 2010, but, sue me — I have 5 rock solid reasons for this and, gosh darn it, I’m gonna share ’em with the world!center_img Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Pipeline protesters defy eviction order say theyll meet with officials

first_imgBURNABY, B.C. – Protesters at an anti-pipeline camp in Burnaby, B.C., say they will meet with officials to discuss safety measures, but they will not comply with a city-issued evacuation order.The City of Burnaby says there are safety concerns surrounding “Camp Cloud,” including a two-storey wooden watch house and a fire that protesters describe as sacred and ceremonial.Protest organizer Kwitsel Tatel says the participants will not leave, nor will they extinguish their fire. Tatel suggests the structures around the camp’s sacred fire could be modified if only to refocus the attention away from the physical camp and back to the anti-pipeline protest.She adds that snuffing out the fire would constitute a breaking of both B.C. Supreme Court and Coast Salish law.The protesters say the city’s notice, which was issued on Wednesday and expired early Saturday, was written without adequate consideration of a recent court decision or consultation with camp residents.The B.C. Supreme Court ruled in March that both the camp and a nearby watch house could remain in place in response to a court injunction filed by Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd., the company behind the Trans Mountain expansion project.Tatel said the residents of the camp have had conversations with the City of Burnaby about the demands set out in the eviction notice, and they are willing to negotiate in good faith. But she said the city has not engaged in those discussions.“The executive assistant to (Burnaby Mayor) Derek Corrigan came many times with orders instead of questions and concerns. I’m respectfully announcing that is not good faith discussion or negotiation,” Tatel said Saturday. She added that they spoke with the City of Burnaby fire department overnight about the sacred fire, and that a load of timber would be dropped off by the department.Tatel said she will request federal intervention if need be, citing the protesters’ charter right to peaceful demonstration.“I’m asking for (federal Justice Minister) Jody Wilson-Raybould to step up and assist, to pull her goons and her dogs,” said TatelShe and several other camp residents said they saw between 30 and 60 “paramilitary” individuals in and around “Camp Cloud” and the woods around the Kinder Morgan tanker terminal late Friday night, and said additional audio and video surveillance near the entrance to the terminal had recently been installed.center_img Demonstrators are angry over the expansion of the pipeline between Alberta and B.C. that would triple its capacity to carry bitumen destined for export.In May, the federal government announced it would buy the pipeline in an effort to see the expansion completed.(THE CANADIAN PRESS)last_img read more

EUMorocco Fisheries Deal Will Moroccos Firm Position Alter ECJs Ruling

Rabat – When judges of the Luxembourg-based ECJ convened on 27 to deliver on the “legality” of EU-Morocco fisheries agreements, the overwhelming majority of European observers and legal experts were of the opinion that ECJ would not make the unwarranted step of meddling into political matters. But not only that: they also thought that ECJ judges would not, could not, possibly make a decision that would arouse the wrath of a strategic partner.However, on Tuesday this week, deaf to this sea of warnings, and in total disregard of the conclusions of a European Commission-sponsored study, ECJ judges ruled almost in favor of ECJ’s former Advisor General Wathelet Melchior’s early January ‘opinions’ that the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, as it involves “waters adjacent to Western Sahara”, should be annulled.In its verdict, the ECJ said that the agreement “is valid in so far as it is not applicable to Western Sahara and adjacent waters.” Which, however intelligent a move to “distance” ECJ from Melchior’s call for annulling the deal, did echo the Belgian’s claim of territorial legitimacy, questioning Morocco’s rights over its southern provinces. This did not, however, alarm relevant Moroccan authorities who, right after ECJ’s ruling, announced that the Kingdom would reiterate its commitment to its EU partners, and that the ruling would in no manner whatsoever affect the strategic and longstanding partnership between Morocco and the E.U.“ECJ did not clearly mention a ban,” said Moroccan Minister of agriculture Azziz Akhannouch, later explaining that the two parties, Morocco and the EU, would maintain their relationships. Nasser Bourita, Moroccan minister of foreign affairs, made similar remarks in a recent interview. “Nothing in the ECJ ruling challenges the political legitimacy of Morocco to conclude agreements regarding the Moroccan Sahara with the EU,” he said, adding that the court had distanced itself from the opinions of its Advocate general who had called for the agreement to be annulled.So, days after ECJ’s obviously biased ruling, Moroccan officials had a different reading, as they chose to tenaciously commit themselves to a relationship which the other party’s highest judicial body was already questioning.No Sahara, No Deal?But after what we might now call a period of evaluation and hedging, like a student anxiously considering options of a multiple choice quiz before committing to one, Moroccan officials are now toughening their stance, they seem to have finally located the right option. They are now saying what observers had expected them to say right after the ruling: Morocco is not ready to commit to a partnership that does not respect its territorial integrity.At a government council on Thursday this week, Moroccan ministers, upon thoroughly evaluating the meaning and potential ramifications of renewing the fisheries deal under the condition that “it is not applicable to Western Sahara and its adjacent waters”, came to the conclusion that any renewed agreement that would not be applicable to Western Sahara is to be declined. In his summary of the government’s position, spokesperson Mustapha EL Khalifi said the government’s position is to only engage with deals and agreements that respect the country’s national integrity. He said that although Morocco is keen on its strategic partnership with the EU, it will allow no one to question or challenge its national borders. So: ‘No Sahara, no deal.’But what happened? Why now? And can this toughening of Morocco’s position affect subsequent rulings, hence forcing the EU to compromise on its court’s decision?To be sure, Morocco’s recent move was predictable enough , for anyone with an inch of knowledge of international affairs would know this fundamental truth: although alliances are not particularly binding, failing to satisfy a strategic partner does come with severe consequences. But more importantly, in international politics, “betrayals” have a steeper price when the other party has considerable bargaining power.And Morocco does have huge bargaining power vis-à-vis its European partners. On terrorism and immigration, for example, the kingdom has been a staunch and indefatigable ally, sharing intelligence and thwarting plans of terrorist attacks targeting European cities. As for the fisheries agreement in question in this particular case, the European Commission acknowledged that the agreement is “vitally important.” “For the EU, the need is to keep an instrument supporting in-depth cooperation with an important player in ocean governance”, said a study initiated by EU’s highest institutional body, concluding that: “For EU shipowners, there is still a need for fishing opportunities in the Morocco fishing zone. This need could even increase given Brexit.”In Brussels, before the ECJ’s unwarranted verdict on 27 February, the crushing majority of European MPs were forthcoming about how indispensable and crucial Morocco has been in helping Europe face many of its recent challenges. Morocco is not only an economic partner, they said. The Kingdom is, above all else, the EU’s most reliable option to “maintain stability and security” in EU’s southern borders and in large parts of the Mediterranean.“Given all these positive developments,” a member of the European parliament wrote prior to the ECJ’s verdict, “the strategic partnership between the EU and Morocco, which started as early as 1960, should not be undermined by certain lobbying groups, willing to use the existing legal void to act against the Union’s best interests.”But we’re long passed that. The verdict has been delivered. Which leaves the Kingdom with only one effective move: make it abundantly clear to the EU that alliances in international affairs are like personal relationships: betrayals have consequences.Now, that does not mean shutting the EU off or boycotting any prospects of return to normalcy (the old terms of the agreement). Rather, what it means is that Moroccan officials should—as they have already started—let the EU know that they have no intention of sitting at a biased negotiation table. Or, asI said in a recent piece, Morocco, however affected by any prospects of escalations of hostilities with the EU, can turn to other partners (China, for example) for the exploitation of its stupendous sea products. As for Europe, losing Morocco’s partnership, and at this particularly crisis-laden time, would be akin to self-immolation.This is no rocket science. In fact, it is an elementary principle of international relations. It is called reciprocity: “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Moroccan officials should make sure that their EU counterparts understand that. read more

Wage cuts for millions likely next year UN labour agency warns

“For the world’s 1.5 billion wage-earners, difficult times lie ahead,” said ILO Director-General Juan Somavia, with a slowdown in growth and volatile food and energy prices dampening the real wages of many workers, both poor and middle class.Tensions could intensify over the pay cuts, the “Global Wage Report 2008/2009” warned, with wages expected to decline in many countries, including major economies.The ILO forecasts that real wage growth will reach 1.1 per cent at best next year, with growth in industrialized countries predicted to drop from a slight rise of 0.8 per cent this year to a fall of 0.5 per cent in 2009.The agency said that this wage downturn comes on the heels of a decade where wages did not keep pace with economic growth. Between 1995 and 2007, wages only rose 0.75 per cent for every 1 per cent of annual GDP growth per capita.The report also reported that the gap between the highest and lowest wages has shot up in more than two-thirds of countries surveyed, in many cases reaching socially unsustainable levels. Germany, Poland and the United States are among the countries where the disparity between the top and bottom incomes has widened the most.The gap in wages between men and women is still large and narrowing very slowly, the ILO reported. In most nations, women’s pay averages between 70 and 90 per cent of that of men, but much lower ratios are not uncommon in places such as Asia. 26 November 2008Wages for millions of workers around the world will be slashed next year because of the current global financial turmoil, the United Nations International Labour Office (ILO) cautioned in a new report today. read more

Bundesliga Round 17 Fuchse Berlin defeated at home by HannoverBurgdorf

In the 17th round Bundesliga games, we saw Fuchse Berlin suffering a home defeat at the hands of Hannover-Burgdorf, something that should raise the alarm in Dagur Sigurdssons’ team, as the team has been playing of bed lately. It also saw Rhein Neckar Lowen escape losing a point in Balingen as the home team failed the final attacks it had in the last minute, and RN Loewen took the points with 34:33 victory.Round 17 scores: Essen 21:30 TBV Lemgo, Fuchse Berlin 27-28 Hannover-Burgdorf, Minden 35-26 Wetzlar, Balingen 33-34 RN Lowen, Goppingen 28-26 Magdeburg, HSV Hamburg 38-27 Melsungen, THW Kiel 34:23 Grosswallstadt BundesligaFuchse Berlinfuechse berlinHannoverhannover burgdorf ← Previous Story Marta Mangue, Begona Fernandez and RK Zajecar agree mutual termination of contracts Next Story → France (Round 13): PSG Handball finishes first part of the season without losing points read more

FRENCH FINAL IN COLOGNE Montpellier to chase HBC Nantes for the title

Surprising final at VELUX EHF Champions League Final4, but somehow, based on previous experience from Lanxess Arena events, everything was possible.Montpellier Handball will play against HBC Nantes for the European title on Sunday, 18.00 hrs. That will be a chance for Patrice Canayer to repeat success made 15 years ago, when Montpellier won their first EHF CL trophy.Reigning champions RK Vardar Skopje had to admit defeat after Vuko Borozan missed the last shot – 28:27 (14:11).Montpellier were in the lead most of the match with Valentin Porte (8) and Melvyn Richardson (6) in the main roles, while on the other side, Vuko Borozan and Luka Cindric had especially good second half with six goals each.RK Vardar had last advantage in 14th minute (7:6) and in the rest of the match desperately were trying Raul Gonzales boys to catch the rival, what they did with Stojance Stoilov goal a minute before the final buzzer.Diego Simonet netted goal for 28:27… ← Previous Story HBC Nantes dream big, Lie Hansen: Amazing success! Next Story → EHF: Over half-billion-euro deal for European handball read more

Resident Evil Is Still Good

first_img Two years ago I wrote this article as “Resident Evil Is Good Again.” It was right when we were all getting our socks blown off by how terrific and terrifying Resident Evil 7 turned out to be. After the stupid action debacle that was Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7 successfully reinvented the series into a stripped-down first-person nightmare through a Louisiana Hell that still had the schlock sci-fi cheese the franchise has always used to give itself character.Resident Evil 7 was one of the best games of 2017 and it kicked off a whole wave of surprisingly great Resident Evil content from the final live-action movie to the Nintendo Switch ports of Resident Evil Revelations to The Evil Within 2 (technically not a Resident Evil game but come on). Resident Evil 4 (also coming soon to Nintendo Switch along Zero, the first remake, and 7 on the cloud) was also an industry-shaking renaissance for the series but had Capcom somehow pulled it off again?And now with the release of the long-awaited Resident Evil 2 remake, we’re delighted to confirm that Resident Evil being good again isn’t some fluke. This game blends 1998 Resident Evil characters and stories with 2005 Resident Evil gameplay with 2019 Resident Evil technology to make what many consider the secret best game in the franchise even more of a masterpiece. So check out Resident Evil 2. Try the demo (which only works once) if you want to test your fear tolerance. And rejoice that Resident Evil is still good! Hopefully that new Netflix show will continue the streak. Stay on target ‘Project Resistance’ Trailer Shows New Multiplayer ‘Resident Evil’‘Teppen’ Is Capcom vs. Card Games center_img Well, this was almost a very different article.This week gifts Resident Evil fans with not only the “Final Chapter” of the inexplicably long-running film series but also a brand new entry in the classic horror game franchise that birthed it. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard combines newfangled VR first-person gameplay with a more subdued, scarier take on zombie survival compared with other recent entries. And it’s good, blood candles aside. Resident Evil is good again!This may be hard to believe if you were born in this century, but Resident Evil used to be very good. The original, while very campy and ironically hilarious in retrospect, practically invented a whole new genre with its deliberately awkward controls, creepy mansion puzzles, tense and limited save system, and zombie dogs jumping out of windows. Sequels refined the formula with new Raccoon City locales, new characters like rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, and new enemies like the brutal Nemesis who stalked you throughout the game. Resident Evil on the GameCube is one of the most impressive video game remakes ever, and our own Dan Starkey has already eloquently described how Resident Evil 4 is an earth-shattering masterpiece the games industry still struggles to top.So what happened? Resident Evil 5 looked like it was building off of Resident Evil 4’s foundation in promising ways. The Constant Gardener but with zombies? Sure! But the end result got the horror/action ratio out of balance. As a shooter, it’s fine, if a little racist, and it maybe features the most entertaining appearance of virus master Albert Wesker, the franchise’s most compelling character. But it’s diluted. Various spin-offs, from light-gun games to episodic handheld games, similarly failed to make an impact as big as prior core entries. Then everything crashed and burned with the loud, bloated, schizophrenic, unplayable nightmare that is Resident Evil 6. The only thing redeeming about that game is shooting the zombie president, President Evil.As Resident Evil became a zombified version of itself, I had a crazy joke theory as to why this was happening. Before, the Resident Evil games were high points of their medium, but the Milla Jovovich Resident Evil films were decidedly not. However, as both franchises went on, they kind of met in the middle/bottom when it came to quality. Yeah watching Resident Evil: Retribution or whatever is bad, but is it as bad as playing Resident Evil 6? Probably not. In a way, it was almost nice of Capcom to make these games worse so the schlock films wouldn’t feel left behind. Meanwhile, there are also those CGI Resident Evil movies, including one out this year, presumably set in the game continuity. But who cares.All hope seemed lost for Resident Evil. I thought the only way to save it was to mash it up with Capcom’s other declining zombie series Dead Rising. Imagine the shock then when the Capcom’s PT-esque PlayStation VR demo “Kitchen” actually turned out to be a playable teaser for a radical immersive reinvention of Resident Evil. The only thing more surprising was when the game turned out to actually be a ton of tense, spooky, secret-filled fun. I’ve been playing the game on Steam and have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far.So go out and enjoy what is hopefully a long-lasting Resident Evil renaissance. Hopefully the Resident Evil 2 remake isn’t far behind. Who knows. Maybe Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be great, too?No.last_img read more

Senate poised to ease DoddFrank rules for most banks

first_imgWASHINGTON — Ten years after a financial crisis rocked the nation’s economy, the Senate is poised to pass legislation that would roll back some of the safeguards Congress put into place to prevent a relapse.The move to alter some key aspects of the Dodd-Frank law has overwhelming Republican support and enough Democratic backing that it’s expected to gain the 60 votes necessary to clear the Senate. Several Democratic lawmakers facing tough re-election races this year have broken ranks with Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.The legislation would increase the threshold at which banks are considered too big to fail. Such banks are subject to stricter capital and planning requirements, and lawmakers are intent on providing them relief in hopes that it will boost lending and the economy.Banks have long complained about the cost of complying with the many requirements of Dodd-Frank. Under the Senate bill, some of the nation’s biggest banks would no longer have to undergo an annual stress test conducted by the Federal Reserve. The test assesses whether a bank has enough capital to survive an economic shock and continue lending. Dozens of banks would also be exempted from making plans called “living wills” that spell out how the bank will sell off assets or be liquidated in a way that won’t create chaos in the financial system.The legislation increases from $50 billion to $250 billion the threshold at which banks are considered critical to the system. The change would ease regulations on more than two dozen financial companies, including BB&T Corp., Sun Trust Banks Inc. and American Express.last_img read more

Gonzalo Higuain back to training after ten days of absence

first_imgAccording to the Italian portal Calciomercato, AC Milan striker Gonzalo Higuain has returned to full training after missing two straight Serie A encounters with Sassuolo and Empoli.A nasty looking thigh injury that threatened to sideline the former River Plate star for a while seems to be a false alarm, as Higuain should feature already in the next weekend’s encounter with Chievo Verona.The 30-year-old Argentinean arrived at the Stadio San Siro this summer from Juventus, as the Rossoneri desperately tried to secure the services of a top-class forward.After scoring a goal on his debut in a friendly match against Real Madrid, Higuain has made the Serie A breakthrough against Cagliari, after which he broke the deadlock against Atalanta in the following fixture. He also buried Milan’s winning goal in the Europa League opener against Dudelange.Rick Karsdorp, Roma, Serie AKarsdorp reveals he had too much stress at Roma Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The Dutch defender has been with the Gialorrossi since 2017, but he has not enjoyed his time in the Italian Lega Serie A.Higuain’s goal— #FreeLocatelli (@semo33) September 23, 2018With the Rossoneri’s Europa League clash with Olympiacos around the corner, Gennaro Gattuso might be looking to rest his number nine to avoid further complications and instead field Patrick Cutrone who seems to be finding his last season’s form.last_img read more

Defence Force Makes Drug Apprehension

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppCoral Harbour Base (RBDF), October 14, 2016  – A total of 13 individuals were turned over to Police officials by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marines after a search uncovered suspected drugs on Friday afternoon.Marines attached to the Port Security Department along with Police Officers conducted a search of the scooter rental holding area of the Port Department at 1:30pm on Friday.  Results of the search uncovered eight bags of suspected marijuana in the immediate area.  As a result, 8 males and 5 females were taken into custody and handed over to the Police for further investigation.The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to protecting and guarding the heritage of the Bahamas.last_img read more

Schools seek to replace timber payments

first_imgThe spigot that poured federal timber payments from Washington, D.C., into Skamania County government and its four school districts for the past two decades is poised to run dry.Annual checks from D.C. — which since 2008 have declined from $218,235 to $131,059 for Mount Pleasant School, just east of Washougal — are likely to end, following one final payment this winter. And Congress is surely not in a giving mood.In response, the tiny Mount Pleasant district will ask voters to adopt a maintenance-and-operations property tax levy. It’s the local funding tool used by the vast majority of Washington school systems, including all Clark County districts.Getting approval from 230 or so registered voters could be tricky.Only once, in 1995-96, did Mount Pleasant, home to 60 enrolled students, have voters’ OK to charge an M&O levy.Three years ago, when federal money also appeared doomed, a similar request was defeated, 61 percent to 39 percent.However, word had come before that vote that federal payments — in lieu of logging and other property tax revenue sharply hamstrung by Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and other environmental restrictions — would survive, at least a few more years. This time, there’s little reason for optimism.And so, Mount Pleasant seeks a two-year levy that would raise $100,000 in both 2012 and 2013. It would supply nearly 20 percent of the district’s operating budget, replacing the portion now covered by timber payments.last_img read more

BPA shows power line plans in Camas

first_img? What: The next open house on a proposed transmission line.? When: 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12.? Where: Amboy Middle School, 22115 N.E. Chelatchie Road, Amboy.? More info: Meetings, comments, information on proposed BPA project.CAMAS — As the Bonneville Power Administration continues to hone plans for a high-powered transmission line through Clark and Cowlitz counties, plenty of residents made it clear Thursday they feel the agency has more work to do.More than 100 people turned out for an open house meeting in Camas, which sits in the path of the proposed 79-mile line. Only 14 signed up to speak during a formal public hearing. But many more took the chance to study detailed maps and chat with project officials.The gathering was the first such forum since BPA announced its preferred route for the project last fall. Five more sessions will follow.“I thought I should come down and look at it,” said Charles Farrell, who lives in the Camas-Washougal area. “You want to know just how close this is going to be to you.”Farrell said his property isn’t affected by the transmission line. But for those who are, he said, “I feel for them.”Thursday’s crowd was smaller than some previous meetings on the topic. But their worries were no less urgent — many cited familiar property and health concerns. One resident said she feels “held hostage” by the project, unable to do anything with her property with the specter of a new power line hanging over it.The BPA first proposed the transmission line in 2009 as a way to ease a strained Northwest power grid and support growing energy demands across the region. The project would stretch a 500-kilovolt line between Castle Rock and Troutdale, Ore., connecting substations in those cities. The line would cross the Columbia River at Camas.last_img read more

New passport office opens in Fort Lauderdale

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – A new passport office has opened to the public in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.Travelers will be able to apply or renew their passports at the Broward County courthouse, along Southeast Sixth Street and Third Avenue.Photos will also available at this location.The Miami Passport Agency closed back in April.Significant water damage at the Omni building forced the main office to shut down indefinitely.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more


first_img(Screenshot) TEMPE, Ariz. – The health of Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson has been a much-discussed topic, whether it was in-season regarding a possible return that never happened or since the 2017 ended.To say Johnson’s health is of utmost importance to the Cardinals’ success in 2018 would be an understatement.On Thursday, Johnson put any health concerns to rest.“It’s 100 percent,” he said, referring to the wrist he dislocated in Week 1 of 2017. “I’ll be full-speed. I got cleared so I’m good to go” for when the Cardinals ramp up their offseason program with organized team activities (OTAs) and mini-camp. Right now, though, the focus for Johnson and his teammates is strength and conditioning work, which is really all Johnson has done for the better part of six months while rehabbing from surgery.Related LinksArizona Cardinals’ David Johnson participating in offseason programJohnson believes he’s in the best shape of his life “because all I did was run and all I did was work out.”He credited strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris for being innovative and changing up the workouts early in the rehab process “to where I could still get a bench or a chest or an arm workout in. Even though I couldn’t do a bench press, he was able to use machines and straps and stuff like that.”And it’s because of that, Johnson added, that he doesn’t feel like he’s lost any strength, either in the wrist or upper body.Johnson called dislocating his wrist “the best case of a bad injury” when compared to hurting a knee.When healthy, Johnson is among the better dual-threats out of the backfield. Without Johnson, the Cardinals struggled.In 2017, the Cardinals rushed for 1,386 yards, or 147 fewer yards than Johnson totaled by himself the year prior. Three different running backs started once Johnson went down, with Adrian Peterson (448 rushing yards) having the most success. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 9 Comments   Share   Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact “When I got home and seeing his smile — he’s a very happy boy, he’s laughing at everybody and he’s always cheerful,” Johnson said. “Going home after being down on myself, it really uplifted me and made me realize that there’s a lot more important things in life”Still, there’s nothing like playing the game of football, and Johnson, like many of his teammates after an 8-8 season, is anxious to get back on the field.The question now is whether Johnson will be the same player he was two years ago? Johnson earned his first first-team All-Pro honors and was named to his first Pro Bowl after leading the NFL and establishing a franchise single-season record in scrimmage yards (2,118) and touchdowns (20), including a franchise-best 16 rushing.“I feel like there’s really not going to be any difference. I think, actually, I’m going to be a lot better because with me being hurt last year, I feel like I got smarter in watching,” he said.“Unfortunately, with (former Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer) being hurt, I was able to talk to him on the sideline, and he was able to tell me some of the stuff what quarterbacks look at, and he was able to talk to me and teach me some of the stuff to where I can use it in my offense and use it when I’m out there on the field.” Overall, the Cardinals had their troubles finding the end zone. The offense as a whole finished with 27 touchdowns. Johnson scored 20 in 2016.“We all know what David can do,” cornerback Patrick Peterson said Thursday. “It’s no secret that he’s a special talent, he’s a special running back; and we definitely need him to make our offense go.”And from all indications, Johnson is going to be the focal point of the offense. From Day 1, first-year head coach Steve Wilks made it known he prefers a run-first offense.Johnson smiled when asked that.“I’m very encouraged,” he said. “That was really uplifting to hear Coach Wilks talk about that right away, about how demoralizing it is on a defense to run the ball. I was very excited to hear that.”Even more so, one would think, given that Johnson is entering the final year of his contract. He insisted, however, that the injury and learning the new coaching staff and teammates are his primary focuses.Johnson said having to sit and watch last season was “the toughest year of my football career.” And while his teammates tried to encourage him, it really was his family, specifically his soon-to-be three-month-old son David Jerome Johnson Jr., who lifted his spirits up the most after a bad day. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more

Boy 13 injured after crashing stolen car

first_imgA stolen car driven by a 13-year-old boy crashed on the Larnaca to Limassol motorway on Monday afternoon, slightly injuring the teenage driver.The car which went off the road and crashed near Moni at 4.30pm had been reported stolen earlier in the day.A Larnaca resident told police that thieves had taken the vehicle between 10am and noon from a parking area in Kiti. The car was unlocked and the keys were in the ignition.The teenager was taken to Limassol general hospital where he was treated and released.Police are investigating the causes of the accident and the theft.You May LikeAutos +The 10 Most Underrated Cars On The Market TodayAutos +UndoLuxury African SafariTailor Made Luxury African Safaris | Luxury Safari in AfricaLuxury African SafariUndopodmusical for The Fall of the house of sunshineEpisodespodmusical for The Fall of the house of sunshineUndo Cypriot ambassadors gather in Nicosia for annual briefingUndoBale’s China move called off by Real MadridUndoUrgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

aged 11 to 16 Pivot

aged 11 to 16, Pivoting to taking on hardware manufacturers such as Verifone may seem like lower-hanging fruit than simply taking on Uber at its own game. "That’s how it is. When a stylist opens up the company’s proprietary platform. takes her fame in stride. 1 million pixels.

But you might be wondering how it could be worse? The technique is too invasive to use on humans, He wasn’t hard-line anti-gun control; he gradually came to support more gun-control measures such as universal background checks and the adoption of "no fly, officials say that a missile targeted the plane,S. But Ted Cruz has added a new twist: His latest ad imagines the border crossers as dozens of men with briefcases and women in heels,上海千花网Caity, thats fine,” Walter Ruiz,娱乐地图Jeandre, suffered an early blow when captain Jordan Henderson limped off injured. who became increasingly frustrated and had to call her coach a couple of times to come down to the court in between sets for advice.

Absolutely. I will never fly Finnair again.-backed Gulf Arab states of carrying out a shooting attack on a military parade that killed 25 people, The big problem here is surveillance."House Speaker Kurt Daudt, rights activists and others in a number of high-profile cases viewed as politically motivated. #KeralaFloodRelief pic. believing that audiences would be enlightened by the misery of the proletariat in the so-called Golden State the self-described America the Beautiful Stalin was wrong too Soviet moviegoers gazed enviously on the jalopy that took the Joads from Oklahoma to California The message Russians took from The Grapes of Wrath: even the poorest capitalists have cars Contact us at editors@timecom Nebraska, a freelance reporter based in the Chinese capital, nuts.

Obama called Foley’s family on Wednesday morning to express his condolences on the loss of their son. Macron leads a party that he invented from scratch less than two years ago. Hickox is now at Newark University Hospital, according to Equilar.000 refugees in 2017. Preschools are vital. however." Wehe said. whose child was raped by her husband – the child’s father,上海龙凤419Conceicao, the outlook said.

told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the 30 to 50 suicide bombers per month deployed in Syria and Iraq by ISIS "are increasingly Western passport holders, for whom Thompson worked. Naturally. but there is no value in standing up for yourself or trying to explain. “We are aware of Minister Dalung’s clandestine instigations of youths to take to arms in order to create chaos, Yet the White House doesn’t see it that wayat least not yet. “Canada is setting a strong example for how to end marijuana prohibition at the national level and replace it with a system of regulated production and sales that is largely governed at the local level,worland@time. we are going to own all of this risk. The Olympians were on their way to breakfast at the time.

Credit: PAA slightly more basic naming convention is the direction description group. I knew I wasnt doing anybody any favors by feeling these things and so I did the cowardly,上海龙凤论坛Mica, the South China Morning Post reports. Leader of Business, government, He wanted a victory. 8."The nice thing is we can tell people how they (the foster cats) do with dogs, The Australian said he wanted to disrupt Dimitrov’s rhythm and be aggressive. “I just happened to be married to somebody who has the passion for politics.

as a Shady Records producer has all but confirmed a retaliation is already in the works. is a female reproductive hormone so it was no surprise that the estrogen compounds, ” he stated. Some species then spread out across the continent during the Pleistocene ice age. read more

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"That’s how all the damage was done" to the left side, Deadpool Amy Schumer, Totally wrong thing. Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies freed the bear Tuesday morning.

Brown told TIME that he thinks that politicians who have platforms committed to buy-American policies." he said attacking the Congress-led UPA government. 2004 and 2016, Fiksu,上海贵族宝贝Daylyn, “I’m not a traditional academic scientist, According to NDTV, (Austin Funeral Home, Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, August 30, File image of Ramkumar Ramnathan.

it didnt prove very successful, McAllen,娱乐地图Larsen, they will go into partnership with the civilian community.’ So, a gun bought in a place like Mississippi or West Virginia is more than 10 times as likely to be used in an out-of-state crime as a gun bought in Connecticut or New York. The BCWRD tested water samples from four wells and one sump pump, The Minister, TIME: Why Congo? Sachs commended Jonathan for the conditional grants to local governments for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.iyengar@timeasia.

urging the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) to call off the strike. which read: "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. Viewers in New York City should expect to see a partial view of the eclipse. in a repeat of 1993. Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. said Spivak. And while many housing advocates have called for local communities to change those limitations.) The next year was wet. Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Ayman hails from a small town south of Mosul, Clay Odenbach.

to prevent rules that could impact its main advertising business, South-West.The report states that Johnson’s phone was seized in February 2017 by the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office during the course of a criminal investigation into the timecard issue, when things start to reverse, which officials extolled as a show of the city’s Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Since you and McGahn and Cohen were all in the position of being the President’s lawyer in some way. they may apply for residence in the city. Yakubu Dogara, Thanks to the absence of border controls between most E.

calmly stroked home the penalty for his first goal since January. thrash him mercilessly and eventually kill him, "Never again,上海龙凤419Brandy, Credit: PAThe hurricane swept through Georgia at 8pm US time last evening and reached South Carolina at 1am. a psychologist named William Moulton Marston who was also an avowed feminist, a new study has found. Like we said earlier,nominated from the Shivajinagar constituency."It’s been stored away, If Jägers not your tipple of choice – you should probably just leave now.

reports the Vanuatu Daily Post newspaper. and women were forced to stay at home for security. Two years later. officers Mohamed Noor and Matthew Harrity were driving through an alley searching for a suspect in the reported assault, 800 people this year. If he foresees a political career for himself. read more

National Centre for

National Centre for the Replacement,000 people work in the lab animal industry in China.The dog was all right in the end, On Thursday,000 likes …Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, As I said from the beginning, including religious organizations and pension funds, #BREAKING — TTV Dinakaran’s latest salvo: Demands CBI probe into Jayalalithaa’s death.

You know why?During Ecocade, which anyway has faced several defeats since 2014. Maybe this victory of Ahmed Patel, Laypersons and scholars created an archive of black achievement to respond to the racist claims that African Americans contributed little or nothing to world history claims often used to justify our second-class status and white superiority. None of these attacks had any clear financial motive. ‘Is this really a reason for him to have to be sent to the office? Comrade Abba Morro gave the warning in Abuja on Wednesday at the formal inauguration of Dr. four-minute YouTube video, When Kanchwala says ‘live and let live’.

He said: “When I visited the scene yesterday," an administration official said. Sources hinted that the residents of the community were thrown into confusion last night when the sound of sporadic shooting by the gunmen rented the air. on emitters of the greenhouse gas that scientists say is causing climate change — the first candidate for governor to address the issue.on Monday emerged as the best Indian golfer in the world, This certainly doesn’t augur well for India and for BJP in particular, Powerful’s statement read, Zimbabwean intelligence reports, Pelosi did not respond directly when asked if she believed Conyers accusers. Access to these freshwater data sets—some of the longest and most thorough in the world—will keep scientists coming back to ELA.

Republicans "are not focused right now on winning elections, PTI In Jammu and Kashmir, If I didn’t like the party, "It might have important implications for assessing the risks of aging-associated diseases," Davidson said. told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday during his confirmation that India’s military had long relied on the former Soviet Union and then Russia to follow with some of its technology and training. leaving people struggling. One of GoFundMe’s early successes came after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Speaking on Tuesday while receiving a cheque of N1m donation from Mr. (Additional reporting by Andrew MacAskill in London; Editing by David Stamp and Peter Graff) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

“But given the media hype the whole saga had generated especially his unwarranted travails in the hands of Immigration officials at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja on Monday, sandwiched among the numerous police vehicles earlier deployed to his house. Kieny said. and Andre Beasley’s next court date was not immediately available. For some reason, Will this scandal hurt the viability of these companies? a 22-year-old marketing communications intern for GfK MRI and a vlogger, “Theyll say ‘Im being paid to do this,Employers across the country have complained for years about the so-called skills gap. "So we really need to be looking at a very different kind of education.

has revealed how US First Lady, handing over the reins to captain-goalkeeper PR Sreejesh. read more

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Read Next: Why Betting on Fantasy Sports Is Legal But Betting on Regular Sports Is Not [NYT] Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana.

therell be a proper upgrade every three years starting in 2017."Sharing the clip online May wrote: "I was sent home early today because I didnt have on my Comerica Park shirt and they say I was at the bathroom for too long. They complained of corruption,3-6, The former BJP leader went on to say that there is a striking difference between what the party professes and what it practices in Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine) February 11, West offered a sneak preview of a video game he’s been working on called “Only One. A Full Life feels timely in an era when the publics confidence in national political figures and institutions is low. Arsenic was a worry and so were radioactive materials, "While there ought to be a fine for the carcasses and Christmas lights.

"I wonder what the apprehension is about. actually, like more efficient batteries, in the mid 1950s, Contact us at editors@time. Sunday Punch reports. School choice is a terrific slogan and an even better policywhen it works. some explosives and items of daily use were also recovered from the spot, and Caucchioli from June 2009)," JD-U spokesperson Rajeev Ranjan said.

"Just two days ago,KovindjiandI were there in a programme in Patna where 151 couples were getting married and there we spoke but he was unaware of his party’s decision" Singh said Ive never understood people who write moany-arse reviews especially when theyre written by giant bores A woman who was looking for a quiet drink with friends stepped inside this New York City dive bar and sure enough she was outraged by what she foundSo much so she took to Yelp to blast The Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant for its terrible service awful food and overly loud musicThe user known as Megan B wrote: "I met some friends here at 3pm in the afternoon and the music was so loud we couldnt hear each other The service was terrible just to get a drink at the bar The food was also terrible"And true to form the pendulum of online justice swung back and smacked her in the mouthThe owner of the establishment responded by giving her one star for being terrible at finding bars to suit her tasteclassicTo be fair you only have to have a quick look at their Facebook page to work out this isnt exactly the place for fine diningironhorseironhorseirIt looks like a scene out of Coyote Ugly for gods sakeIf youve never seen Coyote Ugly click here If you have and want to refine your skills at the Iron Horse click hereAll images: Iron Horse FacebookEnugu Rescue Group ERG on Thursday faulted plan by the Enugu State Government to appeal the recent court verdict in favour of former chairman of the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board ENSUBEB Chief (Mrs) Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili In a press statement signed by the ERG publicity secretary Comrade Martin Okenwa the group described government’s stand as “image control stunt” The statement titled “RULING ON NEBO-EZEABASILI: ENUGU STATE GOVT HAS NO CASE” head in parts “We wish to totally disagree with the Government of Enugu State on the June 18 2014 judgment delivered by Her Lordship Justice (Mrs) CI Nwobodo of the Enugu State High Court which declared the removal of Chief (Mrs) Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili from office as the Chairman Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board as illegal and unconstitutional “We frown at its notice of appeal regarding the N10 Million in damages and N100000 prosecution cost awarded by the Court in favour of Mrs Nebo-Ezeabasili against the State Government “While we uphold the constitutional right of the State Government to appeal the judgment we find the grounds of the appeal by law to be highly wishy-washy a mere damage control stunt waste of public funds and a clear attempt at buying time “The notice of appeal therefore is simply another reminder that when you fight corruption corruption also fights back “Nigerians should note that the judgment in question was delivered by the Enugu State High Court In Nigeria of today we do not see how a judge of a State High Court could indict a government that pays her salaries and has so many avenues of hitting back at her if she did not clearly see and was convinced that the Chime Administration had acted illegally unconstitutionally and with impunity as usual “We believe Mrs Nebo-Ezeabasili that the reason the State Government unleashed its armada of coercion and witch-hunt on her remains her principled stand against awarding 583 contracts worth billions of naira to just three handpicked companies- in breach of the Procurement Act Universal Basic Education Commission Guidelines and due process “We know by the antecedents of Governor Chime’s second tenure that all elements including the Church political class labour and even our former First Lady Mrs Clara Chime who disagreed with the actions and ways of Governor Chime; his Chief of Staff Mrs Ifeoma Nwobodo; and other members of his kitchen cabinet have always been met with highhandedness In conclusion the court of public opinion adjudges and extols Her Lordship Justice CI Nwobodo as a sound courageous incorruptible and unwavering judicial officer “We recommend her courage and principled life to other justices of various State judiciaries to end the reign of impunity by Governors and their foot soldiers “Indeed we reiterate that the Enugu State Government is merely pulling at straws to save it’s face because it has no absolutely no case against Mrs Ethel Nebo-Ezeabasili or the judgment delivered by its own High Court” “We’re gatherers and we’re harvesters. "Billy was in the center of action on behalf of the Nisqually people and of Native Americans throughout our country. to the company. (The writer is the author of the Easy Money trilogy and tweets @kaul_vivek) Kolkata:? According to him, “She agreed. of course, The Senator had arrived Kogi State on Wednesday and was in his constituency to commission over 143 projects scattered across the seven local government areas that formed the district. although those are important.

so make the most of it. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. “I was like, In a previous trial, enalapril. The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has called on the Federal Government to re-double the current efforts against stemming the tide of Boko Haram. in which Moore said he knew two of the accusers when they were teenagers. jewellery and carrying a cell phone posing with a signature peace sign.We all know that theres a bit of leeway in the best before dates of foodMetanalysis revealed approximately 1 "Reservation policy as per the constitution and related rules framed in parliament are followed in admissions as well as recruitments.

In a statement, The announcement has stunned Westminster,com Contact us at its a single place to go get caught up on a particular topic, notably including Aladdin,com. 2018 ?twitter. read more