Pacific direct purchase MLM empire fell 6 million 800 thousand victims cheated 3 billion 800 million

development of about 6800000 members, personnel involved in the country’s 30 provinces, the deposit up to $3 billion 800 million…… Jiangxi life investment development limited company under the guise of e-commerce, with the development of offline receive rebates as bait, in more than three years to create a "network marketing empire".

August 30th, Jiangxi City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance to illegal organization, leadership pyramid selling activities on the wonderful Life Inc chairman Tang Qingnan and other 6 people were sentenced to 3-10 years in prison in Nanchang.

members, geographical, large amount: millions of people dream of becoming rich

in July 2007, when a member of the United States a company of Tang Qingnan and others jointly set up a wonderful Life Inc, and chairman. December 2008, the company founded the Pacific straight purchase official network, began its network marketing empire to create a dream".

then Tang Qingnan et al designed with virtual currency measure PV units member bonus points rebate system, trumpeted a new mode of "BMC" for the development of electronic commerce, the channel rebate rules with high profits as bait, through the network to attract people to join.

Tang Qingnan et al in formulating the "rules of the game", registered members pay 7000 yuan to buy the 1000PV will become the lowest level of qualified integrity of the channel, and obtain 20%PV rebate from the ordinary member to the top "global integrity channel", as many as 16 levels of membership level, pay 70 million yuan deposit to become the top member after receive 71%PV rebate.

to pay huge margin after the channel to recover it, you have to face two choices: one is consumer rebate; two is to promote the rebate.

according to investigators revealed that the consumer rebates, often less effective, the PV value is very little; if through the promotion of the rebate, as long as the development of a qualified distributors can get 20% or 1400 yuan rebate margin, the development of 5 people to recover the principal of 7000 yuan, with the cumulative performance level, also can obtain higher rebate.

consumer rebate is just to cover the essence of MLM promotion rebate." Nanchang City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment vice captains Chen Gang believes that the Life Inc will be wonderful network marketing behavior with "electronic commerce" coat, trumpeted its rich mythology, the participants often hand to see through the scam, on the one hand and stop the temptation of high returns and deeper.

"is the essence of the rebate behind channel deposit rebate to the old channel, according to this pattern continues, margin gap will only become more and more big, until the company capital chain." Some have had the "rich dream" member said, channel 80% of the profits from the "pull the head", to promote the rebate, is an out and out.

through the promotion of the rebate, wantonly.

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