January 2013 nternet Adsense news review

1, hot interpretation: grab ticket software, who robbed the votes

in accordance with the Ministry of Railways announced the pre-sale time, January 21st can be scheduled for February 9th, that is, new year’s Eve train tickets. With the arrival of the peak booking, a variety of popular online software to grab votes, causing justice and security controversy. Experts pointed out that the software to disrupt the normal ticket purchase order, unfair to other buyers, but also the risk of leakage of personal information of users.

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hot interpretation: grab ticket software, who robbed the votes

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Ministry of Railways: using software to grab tickets like driving through a red light and retrograde

12306 network update software to grab votes


interviewed Kingsoft network or halted all spring to grab votes browser

Ministry of industry to stop the browser to grab votes plug-in: Jinshan said the product is still using

2, Jingdong easy fast open warfare fiery


buy expensive back to the difference, the lowest price of the whole network, to adapt to the majority of consumers online shopping advertising, these electricity supplier advertising is not accustomed to seeing strange. But at the beginning of the year, because it is similar to the slogan, triggered a Jingdong mall fast and easy to open the first two major electricity supplier. Due to the fast and easy network to Jingdong as a contrast to send you on the loss, Jingdong to Yi Xun made a unfair competition warning letter.

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suspected of illegal activities

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easy fast response Jingdong will adhere to the implementation and promotion of your loss service

easy fast attack Jingdong in three years to win or die

3, Facebook launched social search Graph Search


technology news Beijing time on January 16th morning news, Facebook on Tuesday held a press conference in Menlo Park headquarters, CEO Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced the launch of Graph Search (graphical search tool). Graph Search is a response to 1 billion users, a total of 240 billion photos and a 1 trillion page access to the Facebook, which is designed to provide users with answers to questions about people, photos, places, and interests.

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Facebook launched social search Graph Search

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