CCTV2 today’s observation Google incident in the United States premeditated

CCTV2 "observation today": the network infinite free bounded

this time, Google, the world’s largest Internet search engine company, announced to withdraw from the Chinese news, much raise a Babel of criticism of. Today, Google exit event, and even have evolved into a diplomatic incident between China and the United states. The day before, the U. S. Secretary of state Hilary · Clinton, alluding to China events by Google interference Internet free speech, Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement, the United States against unreasonable accusations. Business of a Internet Co, why would turn into a diplomatic incident? Internet freedom, what is freedom, whose freedom? CCTV financial channel host Chen Weihong and well-known financial commentator Zhang Hong, Huo Deming common comment.

Google event warming, the Ministry of foreign affairs responded to the new China, according to the law to rectify the order of the Internet, can not blame other countries accused.

Zhang Hong: behind the Google incident, the U.S. political demand is the U.S. Internet diplomacy

(commentator for today’s observation)

a lot of people are wondering why a company has become a matter of two countries. Let’s take a look at the development roadmap, when Google began to say when to quit Hilary · Clinton began to support it, Google said it resumed normal operations, Hilary · Clinton put this in front of the incident as a case to blame Chinese. So we look back, maybe at the very beginning, it’s not a company.

Hongkong’s "Daily News" said, Google this time is outspoken, because it is behind the strong support, because Google is when Obama ran the fourth pillars of business, and Google’s chief executive is Obama’s campaign adviser, which is typical of the soldiers first, coach in the post. Britain’s guardian also said that although Google challenges China, but it certainly has commercial considerations behind, it actually acts as a proxy for the U.S. government. "The Wall Street journal" said more directly, this means that the Internet policy is likely to become one of the priorities for future American foreign policy, this is called the new Clinton doctrine, so we see that although there is a commercial event, but it is in fact the flash from time to time behind America’s political needs, we can also call it America the Internet diplomacy.

Huo Deming: the topic of the conversion of the speech stiff Google event premeditated

(commentator for today’s observation)

this thing from the beginning of January 13th, vice president of the United States Google announced to withdraw from the China, confused in the media about the process, convened on January 18th Google announced Chinese office clerk put half of the false, and things in January 19th will continue to stay in the The path winds along mountain ridges., Google China, January 21st Hilary in his speech, the Google the event and again singled out in the middle of the speech.

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