Two dimensional code to pay the central bank to pay do not recognize its legitimacy



technology news (Le Tian) March 19th news, recently the central bank to strengthen the third party payment management, lead to Alipay and other products industry attention. Tencent, science and technology for "the people’s Bank of Chinese on mobile phone payment business development guidance", the paper points out that part of the payment mechanism for the mobile phone through the two-dimensional code and other ways to pay the associated bank account or accounts for merchants live trading entity, from the perspective of encouraging innovation, the people’s Bank may give it a certain observation period.


file is also pointed out that the business is still in the exploratory stage, diverse business models, has not yet formed a unified technical standards and improve safety risk control system, public acceptance and confidence in this class has yet to be paid by way of market testing, at the current stage of the people’s Bank temporarily not in the management system of its legitimacy to be admitted.

said the document for both practical and innovative security payment regulatory objectives, the people’s bank shall practice in the supervision requirements of the relevant market and strictly implement the existing innovative business filing system, supervision of Payment institutions for at least 30 days prior to the filing of its business plan, the people’s bank payment process, risk control measures, loss compensation mechanism, so that the people banks to better assess its safety, tracking and monitoring according to the development of specific business model, financial security and market products, to prevent accidentally cause harm to the public on the non cash payment instruments of confidence.

file for commercial banks and Payment institutions in carrying out mobile phone payment service request, prudent and practical management of customer identification and verification of the information based on a bank account or mobile phone based electronic cash loan note composite applications of commercial banks (hereinafter referred to as the hand machine composite electronic cash) to carry out mobile phone payment services, and Payment institutions to provide mobile phone remote payment services based on the customer’s payment account, should fulfill the requirements in accordance with the relevant provisions of the real name system management.

commercial bank mobile phone electronic cash is not based on the application of composite by credit accounts (hereinafter referred to as the mobile phone non composite electronic cash) to carry out mobile phone payment services, should cooperate with telecom operators, adding mobile communication network to verify customer information on the mobile phone, the non implementation of complex electronic cash order management, and should be used with a mobile phone terminal integration.

to encourage commercial banks to expand NFC mobile phone near-field payment applications, "guidance" also stipulates that commercial banks through the TSM platform, to air issuing way for customers to open a new bank account, if the customer has on our way to the counter had opened a bank account, you can take the non counter way to verify the identity of customers without then perform counter verification procedures; if the customer is not our way to the counter had opened a bank account, you must verify the identity of customers through counter.

of these Regulations on the one hand, adhere to the principle of supervision of the account name system management, combined with the actual business development, as appropriate in terms of the convenience of customers to consider, in order to further promote the application and development of mobile phone near-field payments.


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