Everyone subtitles were sealed responded that we have not yet been conquered

[Abstract] two levels of copyright departments to seize the film and television servers, private subtitles group copyright pressure increases.

reported in December 2nd Beijing Science and technology Tencent Teng

on the night of November 22nd, the official website of the official website of the official download subtitles off. Its founder Shen Sheng in micro-blog issued a document, with a "broken homes" – – from the existing network to the Internet era to the shooter.

the day before, the network had heard the news, saying that all the film and television network 5 servers were seized by the copyright department. Translated version of the British and American film and television subtitles known for all film and television network, to provide Chinese and English subtitles download, while the release of some British and American film and television resources.

technology to the Tencent, all video servers are seized, mainly because of copyright issues, by the state and Hunan province two copyright supervision departments joint law enforcement, part of the server has been taken away.

most of the folk subtitles group is for the purpose of making and sharing of non – profit subtitles, but it can not avoid the legal difficulties in the production process subtitles. Law pointed out that in the process of making subtitles group, download and upload video resources have already crossed the boundaries of the law, especially in the domestic video website to introduce genuine cases, seems to have stopped the parties expected.

everyone, Archer thrown off the chilling effect of

subscene farewell prelude to everyone in the movie can not access the site when it has been played.

November 21st, part of the network users found subtitles website can not access the film and television network. On the 22 day of the page to restore access to all television hanging out of the site is clean up the contents of the announcement.

announcement said: the site is cleaning up the content, thank you for your love and support, please pay attention to our micro-blog. The station since 2004 by a group of Canadian students has created more than 7 years, thanks to the way the company, we always keep learning, sharing attitude, whether it is good translation of overseas TV drama or the world elite open class, we hope these work to help, this is enough."

a few hours later, everyone in the film "on the content of the announcement again changed, the website announced that China site officially closed, leaving reminders to inform the user to access the international version should be cautious to choose according to local laws and regulations, have to bear the consequences.

network streaming once everyone video server was seized details. According to friends, seven celestial objects ang published graphic information, everyone in the film and television network on November 21st was seized 5 servers. The law enforcement departments put a seal on the server, the seal is marked "Copyright Bureau". "Seven celestial ang" Baidu "Post Bar YYeTs", but the friends said in an interview, also did not comment on the matter.

‘s famous subtitle download website is also subsequently closed. Shen Shen, founder of the night of 22 published entitled "broken homes"

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