Daily topic WeChat free transfer of the end of the era of the cost of the cost of geometry

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 26th news, recently WeChat transfer official description, the account transferred out of the previous 20000 yuan monthly fee is not charged, after more than 20000 of the amount required to pay a fee of 0.1%. This description of a caused a little discussion!

June 2014, WeChat launched the transfer service, together with the red envelopes, WeChat became the most popular after the payment of two functions. But so far WeChat did not disclose the details of WeChat’s payment transaction data. August, WeChat has said that the total number of users in the two quarter of the total number of transfers close to the first quarter of 5 times, the growth rate is evident.

in addition to the transfer, WeChat also pay red envelopes, shopping, life services, payment, recharge, finance and other scenarios and services. In June this year, WeChat has disclosed a report shows that its payment users reached 400 million. WeChat directly drives the consumption scale of 11 billion yuan, but the entertainment category, accounting for up to 53.6%, followed by 20% public platform, shopping and travel were 13.2% and 11.3%, catering for 2%.

WeChat stressed that the transfer of small and red envelopes are still free of charge, is not affected. As for why suddenly no longer provide free transfer feast, WeChat’s response is beyond the free quota to the monthly payment of user fees is not the pursuit of revenue to WeChat, but for the payment of bank charges.

Tencent official said, in fact no matter the amount, as long as the transfer of third party platform to pay part of the cost to the bank, and long-term free of charge to the third party platform has brought great pressure on the cost of. The beginning of the fee is mainly want to transfer resources to small transfers and red users, but also to offset part of the cost.

Internet veteran Luo Chao believes that WeChat had paid the fee, pay a certain cost, this measure is WeChat began to pay attention to signs of profit. The current 20 thousand yuan standard is just a test of WeChat, look at the user’s feedback to make the next reaction. He predicted that the future, this limit may be reduced, Alipay and other software transfers will join the ranks of the transfer fee.

and third party payment began to charge the difference is that the current bank transfer fee is moving towards zero rate era. In mid September, China Merchants Bank announced that customers through online personal banking, mobile banking transfer fee free. Then, the Bank of Ningbo, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank also announced a series of free mobile phone transfer fee.

analysis of the industry, consumers rely on third party payment platform has deepened, increases the cost of operation, plus the central bank to tighten the third party payment regulation, free transfer to become increasingly small cake. It is interesting that the major banks in order to counter the third party payment platform eroded, have launched online banking or APP transfer free temptation, in this user battle, >

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