Let your site move up Mobile Network Guangzhou party

background: with the network market competition, as an important resource Forum – Internet market available, how to attract the attention of others to your site, let you divide a space for one person in the fierce network forum in the market


network Pioneer Network Technology Co. Ltd. held the party organization to unite familiar Dvbbs or love active network forum webmaster friends, discuss practical methods website, some methods, network marketing skills, strategies and cases. We provide network – as the subject of webmaster site resources, in the event that the real understanding of customer needs, at the same time, let us improve the quality of service, promote build multiple types of site features, thus forming a dynamic interaction between the network and the webmaster.

We will

the pioneer network as in the past, work hard, work hard, to provide more quality products for the majority of owners, to provide better service to our customers.

theme: how to make your site "move"

activity time: August 25, 2007 at 2 p.m.

activity location: Guangzhou NASDAQ (Southern China IT people gather)

activity address: No. 48, No. five, No. six, sports east road, Guangzhou, Tianhe District,

activity scale: the number of participants in about 50

registration method: please carefully fill in the following information, and then sent to the [email protected] mail Title marked mobile network webmaster registration". Thank you Please ensure that the following information is true and effective so as to be able to contact you in time (



> forum name:

(Note: due to the limited number of venues and, we will control the number of participants according to the actual situation, to confirm the success of the registration, we will have a special person to notify you by mail or telephone (


if you have anything else to do with this activity, please contact our campaign manager:

network Cartman        Cartman[email protected]

: contact the mail

mobile network – a source of         contact mail: [email protected]    contact QQ:31009061

registration time: from now until August 21, 2007 18:00 stop

activity fee: free to participate in

activity flow:

1. host to introduce party matters (your presence, our honor)

2. webmaster interaction (webmaster)

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