Split page tour account mode users pay 100 yuan developers take up to three or four

disassembly page tour account mode

100 yuan users pay, developers take up to three or four

reporter Xu Ting Shanghai reported

in Asia’s largest game show ChinaJoy, the organizing committee arranged a web game summit, but attendance was less than 50%. "The first two years of the page tour forum, the audience are full of people, this year, how many people so little" IT for many years to participate in the community for the venue is quite deserted. Because logically, Webpage Game should industry is bull, 2009 began explosive growth, the market size of nearly three years over 7 times, the first half of this year the growth rate is still several times in the past traditional client game, not on the market Webpage Game online giants now have also joined the fray, immediate impact.

"does everyone in the muffled fortune, or the industry inflection point, began to ebb?" if the person is asked.

game developers can only take three or four into

said the "ebb tide" also seems to be very difficult to get the support of statistics.

according to the ChinaJoy game show released the 2012 China game industry report, the first half of this year, the actual sales revenue page travel market was $3 billion 820 million, an increase of 46.7%.

overall revenue is growing, but the money is getting harder and harder." A senior editor of the famous game site Wang Wen (a pseudonym) told reporters that this market is the 28 rule, the company can earn money less than 20%, or even lower.

if a user for a web game to pay 100 yuan, which is not all the money into the pockets of the game developers, like the movie box office, there is a separate issue of the 100." Wang Wen explained, "the game industry chain is" developers – operators – users ", but now a lot of operating platform, the majority did not make the brand effect, so a lot of users before entering the operator’s platform, but also after the 360, Baidu and other Internet traffic entrance."

Analysys International analyst Sun Mengzi said, "now the market structure is the channel for the king, the holding of user resources flow entrance off 20 yuan at least cut 100 yuan, can be said to be the biggest benefit of this wave of development in Webpage Game."

for these traffic entrance, Webpage Game business quite a bit of money sit, can not lose. However, in order to get access to the user and the flow of money into the entrance of the game developers and operators, the day is not so comfortable.

according to the "2012 China Game Industry Report", the promotion cost of each user of the web game has increased from 2-3 yuan to 5-6 yuan. Wang Wen said, 5-6 yuan is still doing well, and now there are a lot of game users to get the cost of 10 yuan."

10 yuan

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