Stationmaster net first laab Cup prize essay contest


station network on May 13th officially launched the first laab cup prize essay contest, the spirit of "fair, transparent, professional" principle, all the owners and operators can submit their entries in the forum "and Party activities section, and we share oneself in the site or open shop on the road all sour, sweet, bitter, hot story.


1, the contest for the participating objects webmaster or network;

2, applicants need to open accounts in the Forum;

3, participating in Party activities and submit an article title " plate marked" essay ", officially entered the race.

review criteria

1, the theme of the site around the personal experience of the story or open shop experience some memorable stories,

2, strong readability of the article clear;

3, positive, healthy;

4, works need to be original works, once found plagiarism plagiarism, cancel its qualification

                evaluation method

                the contest according to the principles of openness and fairness, to ensure all participants to participate in normal circumstances, after the event by the editors recommend 30 outstanding works, and then to the forum owners to participate in voting vote form.

awards set:

1 prizes for the first prize: cash + $500 + prizes for multi step Spirulina spirulina tablets grams of a bottle of

two prizes such as the prize: cash + $300 + Award for multi step Spirulina fine piece of 200 grams of a bottle of

three prizes such as the prize: cash + $200 + Award for multi step Spirulina fine piece of 200 grams of a bottle of

to encourage the award of 10 prizes for the more than 10 grams of spirulina essence of a film of a bottle of 200 grams of prizes can refer to the picture: (MAI official shop ah).

jury team:

1, the public vote every webmaster have the right

2, professional judges by the webmaster network set up a professional team figure Wang (Admin5 founder)         Zhu Zerong

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