Ali mother to give orders to ban personal webmaster

for a long time did not pay attention to Ali’s mother’s ad, and today landed in the background, received a warning from Ali’s mother: (originally intended to shoot, but actually said I can not upload JPG format picture)

please note that your web site has been banned by clicking on ads.

login mailbox after receiving a notice issued by Ali mother, attention, Ali mother temporarily freeze your site advertising revenue.

dear member: ([email protected]) Hello!

through my website system detection, found that your site click data appeared abnormal, please check the phenomenon, and please receive this notice within seven working days after the written description of the phenomenon.

if you think that after verification, the phenomenon is normal and in line with the actual situation in the period, please provide proof of data corresponding to our website, if not available, or provide information cannot prove your claim, I will carry on the website click trading income you since last month temporarily frozen, until you provide proof reasonable data.

thank you very much for your understanding.

actually received this email is not only Bo Ya nets ( a webmaster, in the forum N have many webmaster complaining this, be rather baffling to freeze accounts. Ask a few questions about their email system:

one, the site refers to the e-mail refers to the number of clicks in the advertising refers to the site or click Browse click

?Because of the earthquake

optimization, so the flow rises abruptly quickly, has been increased to seven thousand or eight thousand from the previous seven hundred or eight hundred, breaking the ten thousand mark, in June because of the earthquake and traffic flow keywords degradation, decline.

second, the message is called the webmaster verification and make a written explanation, and provide a reasonable proof of information. Ali mother has not considered how to let the webmaster check, how to prove the information can be thawed advertising fee? In fact, should be the mother of Ali to the webmaster to provide why the abnormal data to


third, the receipt of this mail is not a Bo Ya nets, many owners have been complaining about it in Ali mother forum. Are all the webmaster in collective fraud?


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