From the golden age downturn in the box office to see the two elements of network marketing position

Internet marketing

spare no effort a strong star cast, exquisite movie content, plus, still did not change the fate of the "golden age" box office slump, hidden behind this in the end what is the problem? To grasp the essence of art is not enough, marketing positioning, user participation has become a flawed golden age poor box office.

film position shift to the Internet: can you do the marketing will produce tens of millions and billions of

environment has been changed, then stop online, with a variety of word of mouth and posters advertising the line drive into the mass of the film at the box office, the Internet had collided with the hurricane, 10 million at the box office film may be transformed, become a successful case, the cases of ten billion. Similar to the "car" and "Thailand embarrassed embarrassed way" is an excellent example (the former, the latter ten millions at the box office box office), the Internet has brought the promotion channels of low cost and high efficiency, the box office will suddenly rose deadlines.

key is: the Internet channel will not play.

the golden age of literature and art, lonely cold style and commercial marketing Chong


"golden age" with the Internet marketing it? The answer is yes. In the "33 days" and using the Internet marketing film was born after the explosion of red, almost all of the movie theater will be with the appropriate network marketing, "golden age" and vice versa, occupy watercress and other movie reviews, and according to one of the pictures, Youku potatoes essence, combined with Baidu Baifa chips, using WeChat with the movie the pre-sale…… Can be regarded as "no need not its pole," the end, we all know.

style "golden age" content is tall, but the essence of art, the nature of membership by commercial movie marketing express, brought the successful marketing of others on Everything will be fine. obviously not?. "Release" golden age "indulgence" choose National Day this period, users looking for more entertainment and relaxation, and the first release did not have a controversial comment, but want to rely on to explosive, rapid iterative effect of viral marketing, viral marketing strategy is not in conflict with commercial art film of the usual, but the "golden age" of the content does not contain highly recognized or offensive cause, even said that the controversial topic to build out


lack of understanding of their own, resulting in the marketing positioning is not allowed, is one of the reasons for the failure of the golden age.

go hunger marketing, word-of-mouth precipitation route is


as the "golden age" of the art film successfully used the case of network marketing, "" art film tells us never ever meet again, also can successfully manipulate the network marketing mode, and the "golden age" failure to us a wake-up call: not all marketing can be used to.

for the deep content of the "golden age", select the refined "hunger marketing", driven by word of mouth, spread the "eternal" is the most suitable.

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