Adsense network broadcast Ma Yun on the bar on the 1 billion fashion electricity supplier how to bu

1.12 year old public comment not "made" to complete the transaction with the ambitions of   flash Hui;

public comment has been 12 years old, as a steady pace of Internet Co, after its local living services have been walking in front of similar enterprises in china. April 21st, with excellent results in 2014, the public comment and enlarge recruit, founder and CEO Zhang Tao said, will use the new model to create a closed loop service, to bring benefits to users and businesses. This is to buy mode revolution?

why public comment on the industry revolution to buy

Although the Wo Wo Group

has been listed, is packaged into "O2O first", but apparently the dismal performance of the industry and the market value can not be convincing. The former group purchase like a raging fire scene, has now become a U.S. group, Wo Wo Group and glutinous rice several sites struggling. Earlier reports said, the fourth quarter of 2014, the U.S. group group purchase business monthly loss of 100 million, average monthly loss of 250 million takeaway, which line of business loss of 100 million, human resources and other operating costs loss of 150 million, this series of data has not been officially confirmed.

2 how cold is it in Japan? It was only a month after it was discovered by  


recently, Baidu confirmed its Japanese website was closed in March 16th this year, while claiming that we will come back". But in fact, Baidu search back to Japan, is not easy.

search market in Japan, a tiger dominance

According to

data, Japan’s search share is ranked first in YAHOO, Google accounted for 56%, ranking second only 38% of the total, which accounted for 94% of the share! The rest of the Japanese local search Rakuten share only about 1%, while Baidu is only about 2%.

, 3 Ma BiWen Wang Jianlin: Wanda do O2O want to pay the price?  

sponsored by the China Entrepreneur Club 2015 China Green company annual meeting held in Shenyang. Green company annual meeting session, after taking O2O as the theme of the speech in Wang Jianlin, with Ma immediately asking him: "do O2O want to pay the price?"

Ma Yun said: "if you want to transition tooth, stop working, you have to bear the pain, you have to pay the cost of time and money, is a must! Your business transformation, must pay a heavy price, I do not know that you’re ready to pay the price, and the price of what, to you Wanda (transformation). Because I heard you make money (content), then you do not make money what is it going to do? "

4 single digital domain name quietly on the line: suspect re build  

single digital domain name is now "nine apps" APP online production flat >

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