Failed 16 times the grass root entrepreneurs the wise remark of an experienced person

James Altucher is a well-known American entrepreneurs and investors, and had the opportunity to close contact with Jobs. He is a managing director of Formula Capital, who has written 10 books. Despite the success, but the author thinks that belongs to the grass root for entrepreneurs, like Gates, Larry · page, people like Zuckerberg are very rare. Therefore, their experience is not necessarily suitable for others. To this end, the author summed up the ordinary entrepreneurs should have seven efficient habits. The following is the text Altucher James share, Sida sent ( slightly edited:

I started a lot of companies, but also invested in a lot of companies, but the success of a few, most of them failed. And the success of the case, the number attributed to luck and attributed to the efforts of almost evenly matched.

we can’t all be great visionaries. If you want to be able to do better, here are some of the most effective suggestions.



understanding of procrastination

procrastination is a sign of the body, reminding you that you need to stop and think about what you’re doing. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to spend some time thinking about what your position is. It also means that you are doing what you are not good at. Many entrepreneurs love hands-on, but sometimes the delegate will be more efficiency, lower cost (although there will be money costs). When I first started my career, I was not used to giving a piece of programming work to others, but it turned out to be much better than writing.

to find out the reasons for their procrastination: maybe you need a little more to improve brainstorming ideas; perhaps the original idea is not so good; you may need to entrust others to do; you may need to learn more; you may not love to do something; you might not love projects; maybe you need a rest. A. Most of the time you need to think twice before you act, and then use your creativity.

also procrastination may indicate that you are a strong signal of a perfectionist. From the aspects of check your procrastination. Your body is trying to tell you something. Learn to listen.

2, learn to accept zero task

One of the most common magical things about

is that they are able to multitask efficiently. But by definition, most of us are not great men (99% of us are not in the top 1%), it is best to do one thing at a time. When you are washing your hands, listen to the sound of water, feel the water flowing in your hand, scrub every part of it. When doing things wholeheartedly.

The success of the

grass root entrepreneurs should strive for zero mission excellence. Do nothing. We always feel like doing

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