02 to 07 years to do stand experience

      first, when the first

        as a result of the high school is the liberal arts, the university undergraduate course has reported the economic class specialty, but the heart is still very much yearns for the computer technology. A lot of free time, we often stay in the library, the beginning is frontpage, is usually a morning, then went to the electronic reading room exercises, because there was no computer, the only way to run back and forth, every time I met on Friday, the electronic reading room is always a lot of people queuing to the internet. After half a semester, also began to try to do a website, the application has some free space, but because the speed is too slow or unstable space has failed. Later in the NetEase that bought a 20M space, it seems to be more than 50 yuan, the space is still pure HTML, when it was 2002. NetEase that space with more than half a year, very stable speed is also very good, because there are a lot of NetEase website tutorials, during which learned a lot of basic knowledge, including the use of cuteftp.         pure static pages and NetEase have been unable to meet my needs, I also want to have a forum, and later bought a space, what is the name of already can’t remember, just feel very cheap, very cheap compared to the NetEase, also supports ASP, and he also wrote the bottom "this station is not for profit". Later bought after it is funny, I study economics major, actually will be what he gave to the highest purpose of enterprise is for the purpose of profit, but the selling space is not for profit, oh, anyway, is to make money, the price is not much, only is space occasionally hang up, and what was worse, in some places can not access. Remember one day to do a program, very excited for QQ students, the students said the site can not be opened, he ruled out where the network problem, can only say that the web site has a problem, because the students and I are in the same school, but in different reading room. Later in the hands of a little money, began to consider to buy a better space, because I want to do a good website, was only a personal interest, want to do a literary website, but the site did not do.

      two, the site began to gain

      inadvertently search to the present E move, where to buy the space of 200M, put a forum and made a paper nets, it was already in 2003, I have been a sophomore. The site name is "the Zhejiang" (now expired domain name has been registered, in Google search "Zhejiang paper net", is third http://s.google.cn/search? Comp… P; meta=& aq=null) the name was originally a girl I love the name.

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