Agricultural products plug electricity supplier wings to fly out of the mountains

products produced by the poverty alleviation industry.

Whampoa  District, Meizhou to help build electricity supplier demonstration base county

sit at home and then received the order, not the village received payment, the former Meizhou Fengshun County beekeeping households, is almost Arabian Nights. But when the fertile land of e-commerce and rural combination, a group of springhead with the Internet thinking of village cadres "dig" the villagers to get rich.

the past 3 years, Whampoa  district as their counterparts in Fengshun county poverty alleviation and development dual to work, to create "Fengshun county electricity supplier poverty alleviation demonstration base", let the e-commerce of agricultural products to catch the express, drive the cooperative sales amounted to 2 million yuan, many villagers become a monthly income of million owner.

at the end of this year, Guangdong will be fully completed the second round of poverty alleviation and development of the double to work. This area showed transcripts, nearly 3 years a total of 7 villages in Fengshun to help the capital of 39 million 406 thousand and 700 yuan, to achieve 100% poverty rate.

text / chart / Guangzhou Daily reporter He Ruiqi

correspondent Yao Xin,

nearly 3 years poverty alleviation development report card

Whampoa  counterpart helping Fengshun 7 villages, a total of 547 poor households, poor population of 2173. At the end of October this year, a total of 7 poor villages and invested 39 million 406 thousand and 700 yuan to raise funds of various types of aid for poor households, per capita income of 9447.1 yuan, an increase of 6607.20 yuan, the poverty rate was 100%.

villagers participate in electricity supplier training turnover rose 130%

Su Shan rice, Handa Mi, Tang Pu, eight Township Green Tea Nancai…… These are not well-known in Meizhou Fengshun Hakka native products, the recent rise in popularity, the order of the public. Mountain brook village eight village, beekeepers are cultivating "Honey Creek" brand has become a local electricity supplier of agricultural products sales champion.

"90" Zeng Wen marsh inherited the ancestral beekeeping base, once because of poor sales channels, with an annual output of nearly 2000 pounds of honey has been playing less overhead road.

since the mountains to Whampoa  District sent to the village cadres, the first time he touched the world of online sales. According to Lin Weizhong, deputy director of the poverty alleviation work group, they jointly Fengshun county social and Human Resources Bureau, six months ago to build a demonstration base of Fengshun electricity supplier poverty". In the first half of the study time, Zeng Wen marsh in the class to Taobao, WeChat, etc., micro mall sales model. The training of rural talents, poverty alleviation work group by providing funds to assist printed packaging boxes, helping the village established beekeeping cooperatives.

today, Zeng Wen marsh through online and offline marketing together, annual sales of the poor honey quickly opened the market. Only this spring a honey, he and fellow beekeepers have sold more than 6000 tons, the output value of 150 thousand yuan.

Cai Linhao is the second phase of the electronic business training class, in the training, he operated >

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