Zynga’s troubles Facebook game platform suffered cold

Beijing on February 26th news, according to foreign media reports, market research firm IHS in a blog post published in the social networking site Facebook pointed out that the number of game users after a two-year period of rapid growth after 2011, showing a steady slow descending trend. Data show that at the end of 2010, the proportion of monthly active users in the game on the Facebook site is about 50%, by the end of 2011, although the monthly active users to participate in the game, the absolute number did not change, but the proportion is reduced to 25%.

This makes the

social network gaming leader Zynga restless. The article data show that in the fourth quarter of last year, online game service provider Zynga monthly active users fell from the three quarter of 266 million to $225 million.

IHS analyst Steve · (Steve Bailey) in the blog, said, in 2009 and 2010 years, Facebook game platform has been rapid development. Although the current pace of development is still, but in 2011 the global online game market has entered a mature period, for game operators, the business environment becomes more and more severe. Although Facebook will continue to be the main battleground for game developers to deal with challenges and opportunities, the market is likely to ease in 2012, compared with the past few years."

Bailey also cited a number of factors leading to the deterioration of the social gaming market operating environment:

1, to attract more users to increase the difficulty. With the game operators to attract the attention of the user to improve, as well as the expectations of the user to improve the game, the cost of winning new users is also growing." Bailey said, "the current operators to attract new users of the channel has not previously so widely, it is necessary to establish a cross promotion network or the establishment of direct marketing mode, to ensure the sustainable development of the market."

2, user interest has changed significantly. Bailey pointed out, Facebook social networking game platform faces second challenges is the fierce market competition, that is, user loyalty. From 2011, the current development trend of the gaming market, online game player began to stay away from the most primary game, turned to a higher level of user requirements or higher technical standards of game types, aims to obtain a deeper game participation."

3, Facebook is a non professional game platform. Bailey pointed out that "in the competition with other game operators at the same time, the game also in Facebook this" non professional "game platform to compete with other professional gaming sites to attract users as much as possible."

Bailey said, in short, the social network game honeymoon period is over".

Bailey refers to

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