How to pay for the rise of the nternet cloud financial development trend

April 21st, millet reached cooperation with China UnionPay, and jointly launched the design of mobile payment products. This is followed by Apple’s payment, HUAWEI payment and Samsung to pay another mobile phone brand, with banks and other financial institutions, the formation of flash pay". The emergence of flash pay, so that the courage to try new mobile payment users, in the way of shopping has more choice. Prior to this, Alipay and WeChat to pay the scan code payment as representative has to seize the market opportunities, with the rise of cloud flash pay, the mobile payment industry is gradually changing, how the financial development trend of the Internet


mobile payment industry changes

rapid development of mobile Internet, Alipay, WeChat and Baidu make payment wallet and three party payment gradually into people’s lives, giants, propaganda and subsidies, coupled with the rich life scenes of payment, third party payment is becoming more and more mature, people use the third party payment habits have formed.

According to the latest

enfodesk data show that in the third quarter of 2015, China third party mobile payment market, Alipay and caifutong can be described as "," planes side by side each occupy 71.51%, 15.99% share, while China UnionPay accounted for only 0.49%. In the face of the impact of the third party payment, banks and other traditional financial institutions to launch online payment onslaught.

February 2016, apple and the Bank of China to pay cooperation into the Chinese market. On the C side, even if not connected to the Internet, as long as the user will bind the UnionPay card account and mobile phone in the payment system in the application scenario, only need to be close to the mobile phone POS smart machine, the payment can be achieved, a few seconds can be. In addition to apple, other smart phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, HUAWEI, millet is also working with banks and other financial institutions, launched its own mobile payment function.

mobile payment industry changes, on the one hand, most of the mobile phone does not have the capacity to grasp the initiative and interest distribution right payment approach, apple through commercialization and vigorously promote the industry to change; on the other hand, Ali, Alipay and Tencent caifutong life scene ecological application rich, from online to the line, pose a threat to traditional banks, so the banks and other traditional financial institutions of all kinds of mobile phone payment function hopes near scene.

Internet financial development trend?

many people believe that Internet banking is the trend. However, if you do not have a healthy format, this trend is far away from us. Over the past few years, the rapid development of the Internet industry to produce a lot of bubbles, in addition, such as a Ponzi scheme and absconded events have also occurred, these are so that we prospect the future development of Internet financial doubt. A healthy financial industry, must have a secure payment environment, especially in the mobile Internet era, the huge development prospects of the mobile payment industry, but also should have a safe and convenient features. From Alipay, WeChat to pay nearly scene payment, what are the trend of Internet financial



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