Network transmission QQ New Year red cooperative business exposure of young users into the focus of

January 11th, the official announcement of the Tencent QQ Spring Festival Red play, including a long simmering LBS+AR days red, brush a brush red and face red three. Among them, LBS+AR days to drop the red is divided into business red envelopes, star red envelopes and personal envelopes. It is reported that the new year’s Eve to new year’s Eve, Tencent will combine multiple brands and more than 20 star crazy and 250 million yuan in cash and $3 billion worth of gift card coupons, these envelopes will be distributed in the millions of location point.

only after a day, allegedly from a part of the Tencent QQ Spring Festival Red part of the list of cooperative business online exposure. It is understood that the red QQ companies involved in a huge lineup, in addition to platinum level partners (Supercell), the Royal war and the glory of the king, Pepsi, Chinese Eastern Airlines, Ctrip, Watsons, Wahaha, cold acid Ling, long QQ, second reading, money, notes, digging money, covering games, financial financial management, network services, transportation, tourism, FMCG, daily chemical industry.


this news soon attracted the attention of the industry and friends, but we are not surprised. During the Spring Festival last year, QQ launched a large-scale red envelope activities. On New Year’s Eve, QQ and L’OREAL, Maybelline, public comment, digging money, Ctrip, micro public bank, drops travel brands, at the same time to join the all-star cast for the majority of mobile phone users, QQ sent more than 200 million yuan in cash envelopes, and all kinds of gift full of sincerity. This year, WeChat red no big investment action, then businesses snatch war in QQ and natural focusing on alipay.

can see that in the Spring Festival in 2017, QQ partners have added many new faces. In this regard, the industry pointed out that QQ has become a red spring festival IP phenomenon, more and more industry businesses realize the value of brand marketing with red envelopes, which contains both the QQ traffic platform and community communication channels, and pay more attention on the QQ platform with the powerful influence of young households.

first, holiday marketing has always been an important marketing tool for businesses and businesses to seize the market. The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China, and is one of the most important periods for consumers. In many industries, the consumption during the Spring Festival accounted for 20% to 30% of the annual consumption, some industries and even up to 60%. If businesses can use this important marketing schedule and consumers connected to the sales of the products, has an irreplaceable significance and enhance brand penetration, affinity and influence.


secondly, the media advertising pattern is undergoing profound structural adjustment. From the global trend, TV is gradually becoming the second media, and with the rapid development of information technology in recent years, the value of the Internet for the market is gradually beyond the traditional

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