Following Google China after the Chinese YAHOO next January offline music products


December 17th news following Google’s offline music search in China, YAHOO will also be offline in next year in January, YAHOO music".


China YAHOO bulletin

China YAHOO announced that, due to the adjustment of product strategy, decided in January 20, 2013 off the assembly line of YAHOO music, the product will no longer be external services. China YAHOO’s main products are web search, information, music, pictures, maps and e-mail.

this year, the domestic music products appear multiple adjustments. In September this year, Google decided to shut down the music search service in China, because the product’s influence is not as high as expected, so decided to transfer resources to other products. October, Baidu’s integration of many of its music products, into the new platform Baidu music, Baidu MP3 this ten year history of the product disappeared from the Baidu home page, replaced by Baidu music.

In fact,

online music market is entered from the free online audition to focus on copyright, the record company also has worked with the Internet Co to start the contest, including the charging system has been established. The news, from the beginning of next year, several major companies including Warner Music, universal, will join Baidu, cool dog, QQ music and other domestic music service implementation of a wide range of music download users will pay fees, can be downloaded to the CD quality comparable to high quality music.

and those small online music products, or from the cost of copyright and other aspects of consideration, had to turn off the music search and other products.

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