Phishing on the nternet CN domain name website is not easy to catch

renamed China ( August 3rd news, recent phishing sites showed a rapid growth trend, to cause the majority of users and corporate attention and vigilance, according to China anti phishing Alliance (APAC) released data show that the CN domain name website only minimal in the proportion of phishing sites, is one of the most trusted domain the main safety domain.

CN domain phishing sites accounted for less than


APAC deal with phishing site statistics

2010, China anti phishing alliance handled 23722 phishing sites, including the number of processing CN domain phishing sites for 1223, accounting for about 5.15%, while non CN domain phishing sites reached 22499, the proportion is about 94.84%.


alliance handled 40219 phishing sites in 2011, growth of 16497 over the previous year, which relates to CN domain phishing sites number 207, to maintain the low proportion, accounting for about 0.51%, non CN domain phishing sites accounted for more than 99.4%, the specific number is 40012.

The number of

2012 alliance deal with phishing sites declined slightly in 26672 in the.CN domain phishing site 83, non CN domain sites reached 26589, accounting for more than 99.68%.

in 2013 a year’s time, the alliance 66296 phishing sites, an increase of 39624 over 2012, of which the number of CN domain phishing site is 954, the ratio was 1.43%, and 65342 non CN websites accounted for 98.56%.

in the first half of 2014, the number of phishing sites to deal with the union of 24079, of which CN domain name website, non CN domain name website of 23438, accounting for the proportion of 2.66%, respectively.


CN and non CN phishing site trend chart

from January 2010 to June 2014, the number of China anti phishing alliance total phishing site is 157266, the average annual processing of 4493 phishing sites, the number of phishing sites involving CN domain remain at a relatively low share, and strictly enforce the CN domain name system work and continuous improvement are inseparable.

and.TK,.PW,.CF, CC,.TV,.PL,.IM and other non public domain phishing sites, occupy a larger share, mainly because some of the domain name is registered for free, which reduce the cost of crime criminals, is one of the most important causes of phishing sites widely used for this type of domain name.

Taobao site most often counterfeited "

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