Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan resignation of the founder of 91 foreign networks

"the first network matchmaker

retire after winning merit?

"China Economic Weekly" reporter Li Fengtao Beijing reported


January 14, 2013, at 3:30 in the afternoon, the fog shrouded Beijing, a beautiful small woman in Wudaokou hualian. She was wearing a red jacket, her hands in her pockets, like a plain girl next door. She is the first listed dating sites Jiayuan (DATE.NQ) founder Gong Haiyan.

December 24, 2012, Gong Haiyan resigned as Jiayuan network CEO. There is speculation that she was investors emperor to abdicate, someone says she returns home, someone wants to talk to her cooperation. And the party seems to have disappeared from public view.

20 days later, Gong Haiyan accepted an exclusive interview with Chinese "economic weekly", and summed up their own Jiayuan 9 years, as well as new projects have been started.

"Gong" into the body back to

"if you break up, you can find a new boyfriend, I am the kind of person."

in late December 24, 2012 6, with the arrival of Christmas, Jiayuan in Nasdaq released the news of Gong Haiyan’s resignation.

CEO resigned after Gong Haiyan became the co chairman of "full-time official backstage. In addition to attend the general meeting of shareholders every quarter, she has no intersection and jiayuan.

December 25th, Gong Haiyan appeared on the network by investors forcing related reports. Gong Haiyan wrote the blog "put down", she said: "in the field of dating, I have done the peak, in my own terms, it is difficult to go up again. I began to hate myself become mediocre and do nothing, let me down this reflection made the decision."

The woman

surface tender heart bold. "For me, making a decision is simple and quick." For the past, there is no less. She said, if you break up, you can find a new boyfriend, I was the kind of personality."

9 years ago, she was in her founded Jiayuan online, met her husband — Understanding 53 days sat on his bicycle, get a marriage certificate. Now their children are three and a half years old.

January 4, 2013, tenth days after leaving office, Gong Haiyan returned to his alma mater in Hunan, Changde, a middle of the. 1994, 18 year old Gong Haiyan here to read high school, excellent grades, but poor family, she decided to drop out. Gong Haiyan opened a store, south of Zhuhai as a working girl, after college students return to school in 1998, touched Taoyuan in a first achievement was admitted to the Peking University Department of Chinese. In 2002, was sent to the graduate student of Fudan University School of journalism. At that time, her career was to be a reporter.

"your starting point does not determine you"

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