Nora was revoked value added telecommunications business license website was closed

[Abstract] a commercial website can obtain a value-added telecommunications business license to access the Internet, and operate an advertisement.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 15th

national pornography office 15, informed Nora dissemination of pornographic content information behavior and the circumstances are serious, according to relevant regulations, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority intends to impose a value-added telecommunications business license revoked administrative penalties on the.

in accordance with the regulations of the People’s Republic of China telecommunications, the value-added telecommunications business license is a license for the use of the telecommunications and information services provided by the public network infrastructure. The State applies a licensing system to the telecommunication business.

operating telecommunications services, telecommunications business license must be made in accordance with the provisions. No organization or individual may engage in the business activities of the telecommunication business without obtaining a license for the operation of the telecommunication business.

value-added telecommunications business license is an important document in the commercial website. Well-known master Guan Peng told the Tencent of science and technology, commercial site license in order to access the Internet value-added telecommunications business and advertising business, value-added telecommunications business license revoked for commercial sites is a very serious punishment, Nora was pulling the line for terminal site".

Guan Peng said that the value-added telecommunications business license revoked the first hit is broadcast on the official website of the terminal, Nora and set-top boxes and other businesses have little effect, but many people will download software from the official website of Nora, Nora’s official website is now unable to open, will indirectly Nora player and set-top box business result effect.

"in the current situation, there is no telecommunications operators to allow Nora site access to the internet." Guan Peng pointed out that Nora site in order to re open the value-added telecommunications business must be re operating license.

technology Tencent was informed that at present our website cannot be opened normally, the home page displays a notice Nora, said that since March 2014, Nora has started a comprehensive transformation of business models, from the technical transformation of original genuine content. Nora is willing to actively cooperate with the relevant authorities in charge of administrative penalties, the initiative for the overall business rectification, and ultimately promote the successful transformation of Nora business.

currently affected by the national net net action, Nora is experiencing life and death". Currently Nora dissemination of pornographic information company acts alleged to constitute a crime, the public security departments have been on file for investigation, detention of a number of suspects.

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