The rebate website frequently exposure risk of consumption not rich

[news background]

this year, part of the shopping rebate sites continue to be exposed and punished, caused social attention and more and more questions.

July 15th, Beijing City Consumers Association issued a reminder to consumers shopping rebate risk, the investment must be rational consumption. Vice president of the Beijing City Consumers Association Secretary General Dong Qing pointed out that the shopping rebate is a hot social problem, but also a new problem, how to understand and regulate the need to form a consensus.

recently, the Beijing Consumers Association joint Beijing consumer protection law and other units at present and standard shopping rebate seminar, think the shopping rebate market there are five main problems:

: false rebates. Improve the so-called rebate commodity price, although consumers get back, and fleece".

false propaganda. Is to give the "sweetness" as bait, possession of funds for the purpose of rebate is "cop-out", without exception, not even time delay.

– risk is difficult to control. If the number of consumer sales late or not, once the capital chain rupture, the rebate cannot continue.

– suspected illegal. Rule makers do not rule out the original intention of pyramid schemes or illegal fund-raising suspicion.

– rights difficult. After the dispute is difficult to collect evidence, once the interests of consumers are infringed, rights difficult.

asked the rebate web site is not legitimate

"you consume, I return money, zero cost shopping", "how much return to consumption", "100% return"…… From the beginning of last year, shopping rebate mode began to rise, then popular in the country, a variety of rebate website for a time blossom everywhere.

it is understood that the shopping rebate site is based on CPS (Cost Per Sales: the actual sales into a business promotion mode), developed and matured in the United states. Specifically refers to the manufacturers or suppliers in order to stimulate sales, improve dealer (or agent) sales enthusiasm and take a normal business operation mode. Dealers are required to achieve the specified sales agents or based in a certain market, within a certain time, give some points reward, so called rebate or rebate.

reporter in Baidu type "shopping rebate network", immediately appear more than 47 search results. Open the "shopping rebate network preferred return net", the page displays back to 2% – 50%, VANCL back to 40%, when the return of 3.5% "advertising. In accordance with the requirements of registration, to enter the shopping website, such as "customer", "two red line to get the highest Eslite shopping, the equivalent of 40% cash (integral convertible into cash) is truly eye-catching!". At the same time annotated why will return, said the return of the network to introduce members into the major mall

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