Network marketing bidding to play good gifts small abacus

in the delivery of Internet advertising, auction, gift is an art and your powerful weapon, it can be said that only after the role of customer service, you have to let customers feel the value of the happy, even your gifts, he satisfied, you may also drive the sales of the products, so now I give you about, about network marketing gifts skills, I’m here and share with you,

1 more value than free

say you search for "fast memory", will find this website, the page is highly personal propaganda, the whole is a very provocative article, such gifts, you may hit the banner is to attend the course, 100 dollars, I’ll give you value 1000 yuan or more materials and so on, all the customer’s attention several up, it can be said that this is a very effective way to divert attention,

2 will make the site traffic and customer service consulting volume increased by

Advertising – advertising page – customer service – transaction, which is a basic flow chart, in which can provide improved volume variable is the proportion of advertising pages to customer service, consulting the higher proportion of the turnover rate is higher. Consulting the people less, more like flow loss, opened a clothing store, the proportion of the customer and the clerk to the higher, so the proportion of turnover is higher, so if the user can improve the call volume, then it can improve the utilization rate of flow.

so under normal circumstances, the website will be written into the phone, then, a good gift to send. The purpose is to let people make a phone call, and call, will be to talk about customer service transactions, so it can greatly improve the consulting and trading volume, do the bidding, in general, advisory capacity is about 5/100, 100 people, 5 people really can contact customer service, take the gifts, can increased to about 30%, if the other party order, then tell him, and gave him some gifts, if the other party does not order, then tell them the gifts need to pay the cost of packing and postage, so the other party can not.


model is very high on the telephone customer service requirements, the general can enhance the sales of 1/3, but also related with the type and value of the gifts, the core is by gifts, let you take the initiative to consult, to clinch a deal, the girls are very love zhanxiaopianyi.

so the site must highlight the free consultation telephone, the more people call, then the higher the income may be obtained.

3 can drive the two consumer

For example,

now is what free coupons what the purpose is to pull his consumption, many people experience once, likely will come next, this is called free, is the most expensive

do network marketing, there is a point when doing the bidding must choose a good gift, a good gift, will give

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