Electricity supplier product sampling pass rate of less than 80%

Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) silk yijiachongzhen, stockpot unqualified…… Love online shopping consumers, the online sale of the product quality to stay in mind. Yesterday, the national quality inspection administration law enforcement and supervision through the official website announced to the public from 5 e-commerce products law enforcement and typical cases, and the sales channel is "Tmall mall" and "Jingdong mall" or "shop No. 1" and other well-known business platform.

According to the

quality inspection administration law enforcement and supervision department, the "three noes" products, fake and shoddy products, defects of defective products filled with a lot of network, the country dealt with the illegal case of the electricity supplier product quality more than 400 pieces. This year, the 5 categories of e-commerce products of special checks, the pass rate is only 73.9%. Yesterday 5 notification from the electricity supplier product counterfeiting case, when the geological Supervision Bureau for investigation of manufacturers.

according to reports, these substandard products through Tmall, Jingdong or shop No. 1 external sales of electronic business platform. Yesterday, the reporter visited the above mentioned online shop site view, showing that the goods have been on the shelf or can not find".


] 5 typical cases of fake electricity supplier products

– Jiangsu Jiexiang down Limited production yijiachongzhen silk, and through the "Tmall mall" and "Jingdong mall" and other electricity sales.

– Suzhou Shunchi Textile Co. production of substandard silk, and through the "1 shop" business platform sales.

– China Tianxi Holdings Group Limited production of substandard soup pot, and through the "1 shop" business platform sales.

– Wenzhou Nanling Electric Co. Ltd. production of substandard sockets, and through the "Tmall mall business platform sales.

– Yuyao city in E electric appliance Limited company production of substandard electric fan, and through the "Jingdong mall" sales.

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