2015 global retail electricity supplier index China slowdown


] April 17th news billion state power network, Kearney management consulting companies in the United States (A.T.Kearney) recently announced the 2015 global retail business development index. Data show that in 2013 after Japan was the third and Chinese behind the United States in 2014 15%, growth of e-commerce, return to the top spot, Chinese and the UK are two or three.

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billion state power network to understand, the global retail business index according to the status quo and potential development of the electricity supplier, based on macroeconomic factors, consumer acceptance, consumer behavior and infrastructure of the 9 variables, the selection of the top 30 countries and regions.

Kearney released the results of the study shows that the continued growth of e-commerce in the Asia Pacific region, is expected to soon become the world’s largest electricity supplier market, but many Asian countries also showed a downward trend. Although China’s electricity supplier market is still expanding, but the growth rate slowed. The future of China’s electricity supplier growth mainly rely on the three or four line city pull, but there are still areas of infrastructure investment, logistics and consumer spending and other issues.

in Latin America, Mexico ranked seventeenth. By the limitations of infrastructure, Brazil and Argentina ranked significantly decline. Brazil logistics and transportation is flawed, Argentina government regulations need to be improved.

European countries, the United Kingdom, Germany and France have increased rankings, in third, fifth and sixth. It is worth noting that Spain achieved significant growth in the top eighteen.

Mike, one of the authors, said: "the growth of electricity supplier has brought great challenges to Moriarty. Whether it is a traditional physical store or pure online sellers should recognize that the future of the retail industry is not only online, but also to connect the line up and down the line, the entire channel sales."

addition, the report presents the current electricity supplier development of the four themes: internationalization, IPO, user stickiness, full channel sales.

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