What are the basic skills to learn hand painted video marketing

hand video marketing was introduced into China from abroad, have a lot of friends have tasted the sweetness of hand video, whether it is your own hand video marketing from the media or the hand-painted video production as their own special skills, hand-painted video marketing in recent

will blossom everywhere!Since

hand video is so good, how should the introductory video production hand-painted hand-painted? Video production will also have a very high threshold? As a "hand Video University" two masters, I hope to put their own experience to share with you



1, learn to design a good copy

why do I want to emphasize this point? Because good copy is the basis for the preparation of excellent hand video, this is our building engineers when building the edifice, need to first draw grass house structure drawings. Your copy is not good, there is no creative, or simply can not draw a video with the viewer’s heart there is a place, you do not have much of the value of hand-painted video produced


2, learn to organize the material

hand-painted video production, do not need to have many years of painting skills, on the contrary, as long as we find the right material into the software, you can let the software automatically operate. However, in the domestic hand-painted video material is still very small, we use the material is basically rely on network resources, very restrictive. If you do not collect their own hand-painted video material, you can not let their own hand-painted video production arbitrary.

3, learn proper promotion

hand painted video itself is a good marketing tool, but why do we have to promote it because of the need to take the initiative to push the video marketing video. For example, in the "hand Video University" station, some friends in self hand video, they started to use hand video from the media, and some have been doing very well, and even got a video website recommended, so the popularity also went up, your hand video will face


above is my basic skills for learning hand-painted video marketing share, also hope in hand video learning, we can improve the initiative, do not have, only practice, hands-on in order to know the value of your hand video marketing to bring much


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