Learn to understand the concept of internal Street Wisdom diary Wuxiang force

regrets in the first article "learning skills to understand the concept of Street Street Wisdom ten years of wisdom" in the part outline series put out, just to understand the operation analysis of signature book article on writing schedule, understand yourself and start in a diary from the end of active matter son signature book. You can go to read the diary on December 25th "really understand soil", as mentioned in the signature book project, then I started to say, by the way we can see in the "soil" really understand is how to respond to my first two series (understand this diary to write too, I have 2, 3 months have not seen, this time to see the real accident, look at the recent article, found a return to the original style of the trend, because the "true" soil, just as we offer a fantastic time, Internet circle of friends must not miss…


I would have guessed who understand will use this trick (the signature book project "invisible threshold" published in the journal, specific to "search" in the true soil), because this is to understand the wisdom of "classic" street moves "murdered" by heart trick.

who killed


is not a knife and stabbed a cracker, but took the knife and stabbed his! I stabbed my weakness, why are you still hold, you or


is so boring!

it’s too cold!

damn cunning


you give me comment, wow OOo…

that I was in the back of the series will fine, the launch at the end point of moral Challenger decryption, understand these years at least 2/3 of crisis public relations by the strokes of a smooth transition that goes: not in the new recruit, whateverworks.

I’ll fill in two sentences:

does not move in, by heart.

irren Practice makes perfect.

to understand what I want to say about the signature book project to say, so I can only delete most of articles to write, read the above "learning skills to understand the concept of ten years of wisdom is a street in Clipsal" you must understand the signature book project view at a deeper level of

?This is for

to understand the subtle use of borrowed by the tiger, tiger who

?The writer


do this thing after 10 years may not understand, in the diary "Earth" only really reveals the profit, and more angle did not write, such as the future trend of a certain cultural era (the cultural works with circulation of people in power will be the number of hidden profits, I won’t tell you, most) to work with sales scholars understand the crawling in turn.

For example,

must then understand the phenomenon will be more true literati in the works mentioned, now a grasp of a lot of so-called writers.

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